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Selection: 85%
Vapor Quality: 95%
Battery Life: 85%
Value for Money: 90%
Our Verdict: A company that started out in 2010, Apollo has successfully adapted and learned from the success and mistakes of their competition to become one of the top brands on the market today. They offer an impressive array of products for every budget and user-level.

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Apollo Cigs’ Best Products:

Oracle-X Kit

Apollo E-Cigs Starter KIt imageBeginnerPrice: $19.99

Overall Performance: 90%

User Experience: 88%

Value for Money: 89%
Our Verdict: The Apollo Oracle-X Kit is a basic starter kit that surpasses plenty of other kits in regards to usability and value. For beginners, the complete set works fairly well, but shows plenty of room for improvement. This applies to its longevity, which is a bit behind, due to the disposable tank, which can be replaced with something that is longer lasting and more durable. While it may not be the kit for heavy vapers, the Oracle-X is definitely a good buy for anyone who wants to start quitting tobacco for good.

First Impressions


There is boldness in the way the Oracle-X is designed. The black battery, printed with the Apollo logo, portrays an elegant piece of starter vaping kit, despite the plastic, replaceable tank. The metallic ring surrounding the button complements the overall design that undoubtedly exceeds expectations of an affordable e-liquid based e-cigarette.

Build Quality

This model has a disposable clearomizer/tank made of plastic, which should be replaced anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on usage. The rest of the unit is relatively compactly built, serving as a good starter kit or a reliable back-up for heavy vapers.

What’s in the Box

A complete kit contains 1 Apollo CE4 Clearomizer, 1 USB charger, and a 10ml bottle of Apollo’s US-made liquid. The Oracle-X also includes a superior 900mAh battery that lasts 8-12 hours of vaping time per charge.

Vaping Experience


The Apollo Oracle-X Kit makes an affordable and satisfying starter set for anyone who wants to quit smoking or simply wants to level up to e-liquid-based vaping. For heavy vapers, this limited edition vaping kit serves as a great back-up and gives a good share of flavorful vapor for occasional vaping that lasts the whole day. Most users are satisfied with its performance, given its inexpensive cost vis-à-vis and its elegant and compact-looking design.

The device is easy and straight forward to operate, with a push-button that initiates heating of the e-liquid at the correct temperature so that all the user has to do is puff once it starts producing vapor.

The kit welcomes a few improvements, particularly with the clearomizer, which is disposable and needs to be replaced anywhere from every few days to every two weeks. Then again, coming from a reliable brand that has released such an affordable vaping kit, this can be an acceptable aspect that is quite easy to resolve. Those who expect a longer lasting tank can invest in any ego-style clearomizer of their choice.

Vape Charging

Heavy vapers mostly classify the Oracle-X as a “back-up” rather than a “primary unit”, because it cannot be used while charging.

The USB charger makes charging convenient, as it can be used with any USB port or attached to a USB-compatible wall adapter. On the other hand, the cord may be too short for wall-adapter charging, and in some cases, for USB port charging. If you are using a PC to charge your unit, then you’re probably looking at a hanging vaporizer from your USB port. A longer USB charger cord will absolutely give it a higher score, and probably prolong the charger’s existence. A longer cord makes sense for units that have the use-while-charging capability, which most medium-to-heavy vapers appreciate.

Vapor Production and Performance

Compared to cigarette-style e-cigs, the Apollo Oracle-X Kit uses e-liquid to produce flavorful vapor that is good enough for starters. Obviously, with such a very low price, the unit is not expected to produce the same quality of vapor as more advanced models. Its flavor is average on the whole, but does a great job in helping those who want to quit tobacco smoking. Shifting from real tobacco to e-cigs can be challenging, but the wide array of flavors make it easier for any user to find what’s most suitable to his or her predilection. The unit works continuously for as long as the battery has power, giving more than enough vapor to any mediocre user who vapes at different times during the day.

Battery Life and Atomizers

One of the good qualities of the Oracle-X is its powerful battery that lasts for 8 to 12 hours after a full charge (which takes three to four hours). In total, you can get more or less 800 puffs of vapor per charge, which is particularly impressive for beginners. The downfall is the fact that the unit cannot be used while being charged.

A basic kit designed for beginners and unlike other brand cig-a-likes that sell for the same price, the Oracle-X is refillable, giving users the option to use any e-liquid they so desire.

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eGo Box Kit

eGo Box Kit photoIntermediatePrice: $29.95

Overall Performance: 88%

User Experience: 85%

Value for Money: 92%
Our Verdict: A perfect kit for beginners who prefer convenience over billowing clouds of vape, the eGo box Kit from Apollo has bridged the gap between starter vape kits that do the most basic tricks and advanced units that have longer-lasting batteries. The eGo Box works well for anyone who longs for continuous, uninterrupted vaping at a very affordable price.
First Impressions


Veering away from the customary cig-like design, the eGo Box Kit sports a more modern build with a box mod-style battery made of brushed stainless steel. Unlike other eGo batteries, the box-shaped battery, with 2000 mAh of power, feels more durable. It also uses a glass clearomizer (Evod) that has a first-class look, especially for something that is included in a box worth less than $30.

Build Quality

The eGo Box Kit has a premium build quality compared to other kits within the same price range. Based on user reviews, the whole kit lasts for 8 months to more than a year with frequent usage. The battery is quite long-lasting—even if it is used as a ‘power bank’ for other devices. It has a 20 second cut-off protection and added bottom vent that prevent it from overheating.

What’s in the Box

The neatly designed and arranged Apollo box includes: (1) Evod Glass Clearomizer, (1) eGo Box 2000 mAh Battery, (1) Micro USB Charging Cable and (1) Storage Case.

Vaping Experience


The eGo Box works as an entry level vaping kit. There are no complexities in using the kit—it’s as simple as fill-attach-press-inhale. Three presses of the button makes it work, and another three makes it stop. When you are vaping, the unit automatically turns off after 10 seconds to save on battery life and prevent the liquid from burning.

One good thing about the eGo Box is that it has a pass-through charging feature, which means users can vape while it is charging. The battery can also be used as a ‘power bank’ to charge other devices and batteries. It does have a couple of downsides, such as: there is no display on the battery and no built-in indicator of remaining power on the button, unlike other basic eGo batteries.

Vapor Production and Performance

The kit has no variable options, which is why users don’t need to adjust the voltage and wattage, since it works within the standard 4.2V-3.3V range. It does not deliver consistent voltage and dwindles down to the minimum level after some vaping. This means the quality of the vapor also lessens as you go. It does, however, keep you vaping for hours and hours, and if it’s just the thought of, rather than, the intense vapor you are after, this kit is a good choice for you.

Battery Life and Atomizers

The eGo Box-type battery from Apollo included with this kit is amazing. It can last for 2 to 3 days, depending on how much the device is used. Of course, that would change if it was used for charging a phone or tablet while on the go. For a cheap starter set and batteries this powerful, it is a good deal. This device will last for about a year on average and that is a definite plus.

The atomizer included is the Kanger Evod glass tank; a good option for beginners. It has replaceable atomizer heads that can be changed when they get worn down. It works on a bottom coil system, such that the coils that heat up the liquid is farther from the mouthpiece. The result: vape that is not too hot; just warm, and more flavor from the juice. Bottom coils are known to prevent dry hits (burnt taste).

The Evod glass tank obviously is made of glass, which lasts significantly longer than those made of plastic, and can withstand higher heat. It can hold up to 1.6 ml of e-liquid that light vapers can use for hours. The threading on this kit is eGo, with a 510 on top, such that 510 tanks will not look as nice when connected to the eGo Box. Then again, the name says it all—this kit is primarily made for eGo tanks.

Additional Details
Advanced users who want more potent vape with intense throat hit and volume may not find the eGo Box Kit very appealing. But for those who are willing to adjust to lighter vape and basic functionality in exchange for lasting batteries, this is definitely the way to go.

It works as a dual purpose device—a starter vape kit that lets you vape even while charging. It has no complexities and is very easy to use. It is perfect for using while driving or when in gatherings (you do not want to annoy your colleagues or friends with too much vapor while you talk). It is a convenient size to carry around and it is solid to the touch so that you can keep it in your pocket without worrying about breaking it.

The eGo Box Kit also works with a number of eGo tanks, but the battery is not for use with sub ohm clearomizers that need variable voltage and good protection from low resistance coils. Using it with sub ohm tanks will damage the kit.

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Valiant Kit

E-Cigarette Valiant Kit imageIntermediate to AdvancedPrice: $49.95

Overall Performance: 95%
User Experience: 94%
Value for Money: 95%
Our Verdict: The Valiant Kit is one of the best e-cig kits for intermediate and advanced users, due to its feature-packed character vis-à-vis affordability. Its variable voltage and variable wattage batteries are protected by safety features, which ensure optimized production of the user’s preferred vapor quality within the harmless range. With a Kanger Pro Tank 2 and a lightweight 1300 mAh battery, the Apollo Valiant is a powerful kit that delivers in terms of performance.
First Impressions


The Valiant Kit maintains Apollo’s stainless steel build that looks and feels completely first-class, although this model is available in quite a variety of colors: black, purple, red, teal, and stainless steel. The power button on the battery is stable and does not feel as if it would come off after a series of presses. For discreet vapers, the battery is quite long, although with such power and minimal weight, this drawback appears to be very minor.

Build Quality

As one of the leading e-cig brands, Apollo has constantly shown that strength and resilience are both among their primary concerns. With the Valiant Kit, they have yet again designed a combination of highly-durable materials—from the Kanger Pro Tank 2 that is made of glass and steel to the VV/VW battery with short circuit and low resistance protection. This vape kit is absolutely made to last for years.

The Valiant 1300 mAh battery in the kit also has an automatic voltage and wattage setting feature, which is great for protection against too high of voltage or wattage.

What’s in the Box

Inside the Valiant Kit is: (1) Protank 2 Clearomizer, (1) Valiant 1300 mAh battery, (1) micro USB charging cord, (1) 10 ml e-liquid bottle, (1) user’s manual and (1) vaping power chart.

Vaping Experience


For an advanced vape kit, and given its highly-enhanced features, the Valiant is pretty easy to manipulate. After filling the tank with e-liquid, tightening the end caps to make sure everything is set, just attach the clearomizer to the battery.

As it has the VV/VW feature, you can choose to set the voltage and wattage by yourself using the vaping power chart (to make sure you don’t damage the tank and the battery from too much current). Toggling the voltage and wattage settings is extremely easy.

For users who do not want to set these features on their own, they can choose to let the battery adjust automatically to the kind of tank they are using. Simply screw on the tank and the battery will automatically show the recommended ohms on the screen. This does not always guarantee optimized resistance and wattage, but is sufficient to give a satisfying round of vape.

Vapor Production and Performance

One of the most remarkable attributes of the Valiant Kit is the ability to create the most suitable vapor for its users. Since the Pro Tank 2 has a low resistance feature, it allows for higher levels of current to pass through the coil. The result is higher quantity and quality of vapor produced. Its variable options take this feature to another level, customizing the quality of the vapor to match one’s particular demands and preferences.

The Apollo Valiant Kit also makes use of a bottom coil designed tank, which means the coil that vaporizes the e-liquid is farther from the mouthpiece, yet allows for better airflow, thus producing thicker, more flavorful and cooler vapor. With such, there are also fewer dry hits and burnt taste. Apollo makes only the best USA-made e-liquid flavors.

Battery Life and Atomizers

The Valiant variable voltage/variable wattage battery is packed with 1300 mAh of power plus a couple more features that make it one of the best in the industry to date. Battery life depends on the voltage/wattage settings, but in general, lasts one to two days of heavy vaping after a full charge. Regardless, the LED screen will tell how much the user has left on the battery, and given it is 1300 mAh, there is surely a lot to use.

Apollo made sure that charging is effortless with the newly updated USB charging cord that can easily attach to a computer or laptop. Users who want to charge the unit using regular outlets will need to buy a wall adapter.

The atomizer in the Valiant Kit is low-resistant and is controlled by the battery’s protection feature, so that the unit allows more heat to produce fuller vapor while preventing overheating, burning the coil and wick, or short circuits.

Additional Details
Priced at $49.95, the Valiant Kit is a complete kit that carries a variable voltage/variable wattage 1300 mAh battery that you can adjust from 3-6 volts and 3-15 watts with automatic features and an LED display. It is easy to say that it is an exceptional deal that cannot be found elsewhere.

Plus, it has a sophisticated clearomizer that is made of Pyrex glass and aluminum with low resistance and bottom coil features and a nice airflow that creates the most flavorful, thick, and satisfying vape that is adjustable according to the user’s liking. The tank is not only durable, but it also holds 2.5 ml of e-liquid that saves the user from frequent refills. Its bottom coil is replaceable and the battery is compatible with any 510/eGo atomizer, further increasing its longevity to years of satisfaction and advanced vaping.

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VTube V4.0

Apollo V-Tube V4.0 ModAdvancedPrice: $139.95

Overall Performance: 97%

User Experience: 98%

Value for Money: 97%
Our Verdict: Apollo’s newest e-cig kit, the VTube V4.0 is close to perfection, being an advanced sub ohm e-cig with amazing power and customizability, plus top-quality vapor performance and a heavy duty build at an inexpensive price. This model is a monster vape kit for advanced users who opt for fully adjustable voltage and airflow that create vapor bursting with flavor and thickness that any user would desire.
First Impressions


The VTube V4.0 Kit depicts sturdiness through its stainless steel design. It is one of the few sub ohm vape kits on the market with a tube mod that is still capable of delivering such high power to create more vapor. Given such, the kit looks more discreet and tasteful compared to the usual box mod kits.

For a device that can shoot up to 50W of power, it is somewhat heavy weight compared to other tube mods. In fact, the weight is contributory to why it looks heavy duty and why it can survive unwanted falls and some hits.

The button, while fully functional and pretty responsive, produces a rattling sound when the device is shaken—a small drawback on the design that we believe can easily be improved. All-in-all, the VTube V4.0 represents tough elegance that puts some fashion into advanced vaping.

Build Quality

This kit is practically made of the most reliable and durable components in the industry. The Panasonic 18650PF Battery not only delivers in terms of variable voltage and wattage, but is also less prone to damage through time; better than the previous NCR 18650PB batteries. It easily fits into the stainless steel VTube V4.0 tube mod with spring loaded contact.

The Apollo Phazer sub ohm clearomizer is as neat as a new pin, with no leaks or other issues. With its build, it guarantees prolonged utilization for a small amount of money. Overall build quality is excellent, making the VTube V4.0 worth investing in for long-term advanced vaping.

What’s in the Box

Included in the box is: (1) Apollo Phazer sub ohm tank, (1) Apollo VTube V4.0, (1) Panasonic 18650PF Battery, (1) Carry Case, (1) Trustfire Dual 18650 Charger, and (1) bottle of any MAX VG E-liquid (30ml) of your preference. It also includes a user manual and comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Vaping Experience with VTube V4.0


Back in the day, advanced vaping took a lot of effort with an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) or RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer), because users needed to make their own coils. With the continuing enhancements in vaping kits, the invention of sub ohm tanks and powerful variable batteries has made it easier for vapers to advance to a higher and more satisfying vapor production.

The Apollo VTube V4.0 has a perfectly sized screen that is readable even under direct daylight. The screen shows practically everything one needs to know while the kit does its work—wattage settings, voltage output, resistance level, and puff count.

Simply fill the tank with the chosen VG e-liquid, tighten the caps and attach it to the battery/VTube V4.0, and then choose the preferred voltage and wattage settings using the side button. When doing so, make sure that you are within the right range, so as to avoid burnt tastes, short circuits, and overheating. A slight downside is that the increments in adjusting the voltage and wattage are too small, therefore, requiring a good amount of patience in pressing the button to adjust from low to high wattage and voltage levels.

Vapor Production and Performance

Vapor production, as expected, is massive. The 0.5 ohm coil used in the Apollo Phazer sub ohm tank produces a perfectly flavored and warm vape at 50W. Using the lower 0.2 ohm coil, more vape was produced at 60W. The maximum wattage at 70W made the tank and vapor hot, but came in clouds that are totally incomparable to low-end models.

Battery Life and Atomizers

The Panasonic 18650PF battery holds 2900 mAh of power, which lasts for varying hours, depending on the level of the voltage and wattage that is chosen. Nonetheless, it is potent enough to use for loads of continuous vaping with massive vapor production. It can fire the Phazer up to 50W of power with 0.2 ohm resistance. In simple terms, it allows the device to accommodate more current with lesser resistance, so that it produces more vapor from the chosen e-liquid.

Additional Details
The VTube V4.0 kit includes the Apollo Phazer, which has a 0.5 ohm resistance coil and 0.2 ohm resistance coil as reserve. All one needs to do to be able to use the lower resistance coil is to change out the one that is already on the tank. The spare coil does not have the metal sheet, so changing the coils will require the user to reuse the metal on the 0.5 ohm coil—a feature that makes replacements more affordable and eco-friendly.

This model also has an adjustable airflow that enables the user to choose whether to have lighter or thicker vapor. The VTube V4.0 comes with an eGo threading, and is therefore compatible with any 510 or eGo sub ohm clearomizer. Plus, it has a spring loaded pin to ensure a tight connection between the tube and the tank. The same concept applies to the spring loaded copper contact for the battery, which gives it more tension, thus making certain that the battery is always in place.

To wrap up, the variable voltage and wattage battery that sports the tube mod has incredible power to fire up the clearomizer at optimum intensity, so that the Apollo VTube V4.0 Kit truly conveys an advanced and valuable vaping kit for serious vapers.

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Apollo E-Liquids

AdvancedPrice: $5.95 and up Apollo-e-liquid-exoticblendspack-QuitDay.orgAvailable in singles or packs of five 10ml bottles, Apollo E-Liquid is made in the USA using USP Grade ingredients. A special in-house flavor team samples and analyzes each flavor to ensure a rich and flavorful vape that can produce clouds of vapor.

Popular flavors include Tobacco, Fruity, and Exotic Blends.

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Additional Details

From disposable e-cigs to advanced mods, Apollo Cigs’ vast range of products makes it a popular brand among beginner and experienced users alike.

The pricing tiers of their products ensure that there is a product for every budget; from $5 disposables to high-end devices that cost more than $100.

Aside from Apollo Cigs’ impressive selection, the company’s high quality e-liquid separates them further from other brands. US-made by a team of experts, Apollo E-Liquid is not your regular China-made e-juice that lacks flavor and punch. Apollo E-Liquid is flavorful and gives off huge amounts of vapor to satisfy both flavor seekers and cloud chasers.

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With something for everyone, it’s no wonder Apollo Cigs is one of the best electronic cigarette brands for 2015.


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