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vaporfi lushberry e-liquid
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  • Available in a single 100ml bottle
  • Available in a single 30/70 PG/VG ratio
  • Available in two nicotine strengths

The Lushberry flavor from VaporFi fills the air with a sweet and robust aroma inspired by berries and watermelon. The e-juice has a tinge...

Lemon Blueberry Crisp
vaporfi lemon blueberry crisp e-liquid
  • Available in a single 100ml bottle
  • Available in two nicotine strengths
  • Available in a single 30/70 PG/VG ratio
Perfectly Pear’D
vaporfi perfectly pear-d salt e-liquid
  • Available in a single 30ml bottle
  • Available in two nicotine salts strengths
  • Available in a single 50/50 VG/PG ratio

The Best VaporFi E-Juices

The brand allows users to blend up to three different flavors for their one-of-a-kind creation. All e-juices are made with high-quality, FDA-approved ingredients and come in child-proof plastic bottles. The brand also allows users to sign-up for a monthly subscription to get deliveries of e-juice every month.

The new batch of VaporFi e-juices features nicotine salts and freebase versions of the same e-juice. Every flavor listed here has a different version, but the only difference is the style of nicotine inside. You can choose from two nicotine strengths for freebase versions and two for nicotine salts.

#1 Lushberry

A Burst of Bubblegum Flavor

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Lushberry flavor from VaporFi fills the air with a sweet and robust aroma inspired by berries and watermelon. The e-juice has a tinge of bubblegum flavor, too and the first inhale feels like chewing on a just-unwrapped stick of gum. The watermelon flavor is strong from the beginning, and the strawberry flavor slowly develops in the taste buds. The exhale gives way to a combined watermelon and strawberry medley that feels refreshing and soothing.


  • The fact that the e-juice comes in two nicotine styles (freebase and nic salts) gives it fantastic versatility so that you can use it in either a small vape pen and pod or a sub-ohm device
  • The luscious aroma of strawberries and watermelon is obvious from opening the bottle, and the flavor profile matches the uniqueness and sweetness of the smell


  • Even though the flavor tastes great, it does feel a little artificial and could use some different flavors to balance out the rest of them

#2 Lemon Blueberry Crisp

A Vape Flavor Straight from the Bakery

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

If you love everything lemon and especially everything lemon in a pastry, then the Lemon Blueberry Crisp e-juice is the perfect choice for you. It combines the simple pleasures of a freshly-baked pastry filled with a creamy lemon center. The inhale feels like biting into a warm lemon square, and the exhale feels like crunching down on the crumbly crust of a lovingly made lemon tart.


  • The lemon and blueberry flavor go well together in the beginning, middle, and end, so the flavor profile is consistent
  • The rich, satisfying aroma comes out from the vape, no matter if it is from a sub-ohm or pod device, so the cloud production is always on point


  • The lemon flavor can be overpowering sometimes, and the blueberry flavor gets lost in the shuffle

#3 Tobacco Topaz

Not Your Typical Tobacco Flavor

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Tobacco Topaz e-juice from VaporFi does what many tobacco-based flavors try to do: mask the tobacco flavor, but instead, this premium e-juice adds to it with new, exciting flavors. You’ll smell something different immediately as the aroma of bananas and caramel greet you. The two flavors are then mellowed with a robust tobacco flavor in the middle of the vape. The exhale leaves a vapor trail rich with complex, intense flavors.


  • The uniqueness of the flavor makes it stand out from the rest, including other tobacco-based flavors
  • There is a dessert hiding behind the tobacco label, and the e-juice is perfect for a savory, relaxing vape any time of the day


  • For a “tobacco” flavor, sometimes it feels like the tobacco taste takes a backseat to the more prominent banana and caramel flavors

#4 Perfectly Pear’D

A Tart Pairing of Opposite Flavors

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Some fruits are sweet. Some fruits are tart. The Perfectly Pear’D e-juice from VaporFi brings together these two opposites. It features the not-so-complementary flavors of tart peaches and the juiciness of a Bartlett pear that is perfectly ripe. Biting into this flavor cloud explodes the peach and pear flavor together to give you a cheek-sucking good time, but the flavors are mellow once you blow out the cloud.


  • The fruit-based flavor has a lot of appeal, even for people who don’t enjoy fruits like peaches and pears, which are hard to replicate in an e-juice
  • The flavor and cloud consistency is excellent, and the flavor never wanes even after two weeks of use


  • The biting tartness of a white peach does not come through, and it feels more artificial than natural

#5 Caramel Latte

A Delight for the Senses

8/10 icon-question Review score

Caramel Latte is a delightful and delicious e-juice that combines caramel’s succulent flavors and a whipped latte. Right from the inhale, you can feel the caramel drizzling over a freshly-made latte topped with layers of rich, milky foam. But aside from those guilty pleasures, the e-juice finishes with a robust layer of strong coffee flavor to give it a surprising finish after all that sweetness.


  • The e-juice copies all the best aspects of a latte and mixes in some more flavor profiles, so it becomes something one-of-a-kind
  • This e-juice would be a great way to finish off a fulfilling meal while having coffee and cake afterward, which is another flavor profile that is lurking in the cloud


  • Despite the many layers of flavor, they all seem to meld together after a few vapes, with each layer losing its distinctiveness

#6 Quartz Menthol

The Magic of the Tropics

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

What comes to mind when you think of the tropics? Sun? Sand? Drinks with umbrellas and skewers of fresh fruit in them? The Quartz Menthol e-juice takes all those sun-drenched fruits and distills them into this e-juice. It is a surprising medley of fruits like mango, coconut, and pineapple that dominate, with a slight minty taste to the entire cloud. The coconut flavor rises to the top, though, and gives you the feeling of drinking a shot of Malibu rum.


  • The exotic combination of flavors is surprising, given this is a menthol flavor, but it is a welcome surprise since they all combine well
  • The medley of different flavors gives you a satisfying vape since they all emerge in the vape cloud and finishes off with a refreshing blast of menthol


  • The coconut flavor does dominate, maybe a little too much, and it can be overpowering in aroma and sweetness

#7 Tropical Flavors Infused With Mint

Quartz Menthol

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

You would think that Quartz Menthol is only a menthol-based flavor, but it has many hidden and delicious secrets. The medley of different fruit flavors is obvious from the first whiff of this e-juice, as your nose is bombarded with sweet, tangy pieces of exotic fruits like coconut, mango, and pineapple.


  • You get a surprising amount of different flavors packed into a single e-juice that has a refreshing, minty finish
  • The nicotine salts version gives you a more potent sensation without having to vape a lot during the day


  • The amount of different flavors and profiles means the e-juice can be a bit overpowering in taste and smell

Nicotine Salts

#1 Lemon Blueberry Crisp Salt

A Perfectly Crafted Nic Salt Option

10/10 icon-question Review score

This nic salt version of the Lemon Blueberry Crisp e-juice from VaporFi features all of the savory goodness of the freebase one but is made for MTL and pod devices. The rich, fulfilling aroma of freshly-baked pastries oozing blueberry jam and a sugary crust comes out in every inhale and exhale.


  • The nic salt option of this delicious e-juice is perfect for MTL and pod vapers who want an all-day vape that they can savor
  • Good cloud and flavor consistency from start to finish


  • Only available in a single bottle size (30ml)

#2 Lushberry


9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Lushberry nicotine salts version of this e-juice packs all the sweet, juicy bits of the freebase version but with an even VG/PG ratio. This e-juice combines the combined yumminess of freshly- washed and cut strawberries with a mellow, soothing watermelon flavor to finish.


  • The sweetness and fruitiness of the flavor combination make it a perfect all-day vape option
  • The nicotine salts option lets MTL and pod vapers enjoy this well-balanced and consistent flavor


  • The blend of the two fruit-based flavors can make the overall flavor a little too sweet

#3 Perfectly Pear’D

A Peachy Pearing

9/10 icon-question Review score

Two fruits that everyone loves, or loves to hate, are together in this nicotine salts version of Perfectly Pear’d. The e-juice combines the tartness of a not-so-ripe white peach with the soft, juicy texture of fresh pears that leaves you salivating. The flavors come through in the first inhale and only grow bolder and more succulent on the exhale.


  • The unique pairing of two fruit flavors gives the e-juice a subtle flavor profile that is not overpowering or too sweet
  • The lightness of flavor and fragrance make it a perfect e-juice to vape all-day in a convenient and portable pod or AIO


  • Depending on the device (coils, voltage, etc.), the flavors of each fruit do not always emerge and blend

#4 Tropical Flavors Infused With Mint

Quartz Menthol

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

You would think that Quartz Menthol is only a menthol-based flavor, but it has many hidden and delicious secrets. The medley of different fruit flavors is obvious from the first whiff of this e-juice, as your nose is bombarded with sweet, tangy pieces of exotic fruits like coconut, mango, and pineapple.


  • You get a surprising amount of different flavors packed into a single e-juice that has a refreshing, minty finish
  • The nicotine salts version gives you a more potent sensation without having to vape a lot during the day


  • The amount of different flavors and profiles means the e-juice can be a bit overpowering in taste and smell

#5 Tobacco Topaz

Tobacco and So Much More

8/10 icon-question Review score

You don’t usually think tobacco can be mixed with anything else and taste good, but the Tobacco Topaz nicotine salts e-juice does just that. It has a surprisingly tasty profile that blends caramel and banana with a slight tobacco bite. The nicotine salts version of this VaporFi favorite is the best choice for any tobacco lovers who are also MTL and pod devotees.


  • The mellow flavor of tobacco makes this e-juice perfect for people who want only a mild tobacco taste mixed with others
  • The subtle introduction of the caramel and banana flavors is a welcome addition to the flavor cloud and makes this e-juice a great all-day option


  • The single VG/PG option means that this delicious e-juice is not compatible with sub-ohm or high-wattage devices

#6 Caramel Latte

A Frothy, Delectable Treat

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

Coffee lovers and people with a sweet tooth will love this nicotine salts version of the popular VaporFi e-juice. This version features the same captivating cafe smells of the original, like freshly-brewed coffee, a warm, crispy pastry with a savory caramel center, and steamed milk atop an expertly made latte.


  • A great all-day vape that is just as delicious in the morning as it is in the afternoon or the evening
  • A perfect flavor combination that is not overpowering or too sweet but has a good balance between both


  • The coffee flavor can sometimes overpower the others, and there is a noticeable drop in flavor sharpness after a few days

Best VaporFi E-liquids: Readers Choice of 2022

Product Category PG/VG Price
Lushberry Best tasting Vaporfi E-Liquid 30/70 $17.95
Lemon Blueberry Crisp Best Vaporfi E-liquid with smooth throat hit 30/70 $17.95
Tobacco Topaz Best Classic Tobacco Vaporfi E-liquid 30/70 $17.95
Perfectly Pear’D Best Menthol Vaporfi E-liquid 30/70 $17.95
Caramel Latte Best e-juice to feel fresh and awake 30/70 $17.95
Lemon Blueberry Crisp Salt Top-quality fruit blend flavor e-liquid 50/50 $16.95
Lushberry Best Caramel Tobacco Mix Flavor 50/50 $16.95
Perfectly Pear’D Best Sweet Peach Pear Vape Juice 50/50 $16.95
Tropical Flavors Infused With Mint Best Flavors Mix 50/50 $16.95
Tobacco Topaz Best Mild Tobacco Taste mixed with the Caramel and Banana flavors 50/50 $16.95

VG/PG Vaping Experience

Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the two main ingredients in all e-juice, regardless of the type of nicotine inside.

VG and PG are what:

  • Carry the flavor of e-juice
  • Preserve the flavor of e-juice
  • Hold the different elements (flavorings, nicotine) together

VG and PG are both commonly used items. They are found in many household products and processed foods like ice cream and desserts. Vegetable glycerin is made from natural and artificial fats like palm or coconut oil and is only commonly used as an ingredient in certain cosmetics, lotions, and balms.

Propylene glycol is a member of the alcohol family but has no intoxicating properties. It is commonly used as a food additive because it is soluble and retains moisture better than other typical food additives. These properties are what make high-PG e-juices more flavorful than high-VG e-juices.

High-VG e-juices are popular because:

  • They produce more significant amounts of vapor
  • They have high boiling points
  • They are more suitable for high-wattage devices

50/50 VG/PG e-juices are also popular, but for other reasons:

  • They retain more flavor
  • They do not need a lot of power (wattage, voltage) to create vapor
  • They are better suited for nicotine salts

What’s the Difference Between Salts and Freebase Nicotine?

Nicotine salts and freebase nicotine are the two main types of nicotine used in e-juices, but they are not the same and have significant differences. The main differences between nicotine salts and freebase are:

  • Freebase nicotine is much harsher to inhale in high quantities
  • Nicotine salts are less acidic
  • Nicotine salts are potent, even in a small amount
  • Freebase nicotine can retain more flavor
  • Freebase nicotine is best used with high-wattage devices

Many people love freebase nicotine and, by extension, high-VG e-juices. Many people love nicotine salts and even VG/PG ratios. It all depends on their preferences, the kinds of devices they want to use, and the experience they want to have when vaping.

The VaporFi Difference

VaporFi has been in the vaping business since the 2010s. It has grown to be one of the most recognized names in the vaping industry for its remarkable customer service, innovation in designing new products, and increasing reach in the global vaping market.

The brand has also made strides in developing new e-juices with the help of its master blenders and help from the vaping community as well. It lets users design and blend their e-juice at the VaporFi site’s online juice bar. You can mix and match different flavor varieties and use any type and strength of nicotine. You can also choose a non-nicotine option.

When you’ve completed your blend, you can choose the quantity of your order, and the more you order, the more you save.

The company offers discounts on bulk deals. For example, buying three 60ml bottles of your own blend can save you more money than only buying one. VaporFi also delivers worldwide, except for states with flavor bans or prohibit online vape sales.

In most other cases, VaporFi abides by all state and federal regulations governing the online sale of all vaping products, including ensuring that an adult signs for any delivery and presents a valid government ID to confirm their age.

Delivery Times

VaporFi uses the USPS for all its US deliveries, and wait times can vary depending on where the item is being shipped. In addition, several states prohibit the delivery of nicotine vaping products, and the company abides by those restrictions. Users should research if there are currently any restrictions in place in their state on receiving vape deliveries.

For those states where restrictions do not exist, VaporFi still requires an adult signature upon receipt as per the new regulations of the PACT Act, which came into effect this year. There is a small charge applied to every order required by the USPS, which must be paid to execute the order of the item.

The company also offers free shipping on orders above $65, although the $5 USPS fee still applies. Any purchases made before 12 PM EST will be shipped out same-day, and users who buy after will still get a fast processing time and receive their order within a week.

Vaporfi E-liquid Physical Stores

VaporFi is one of the few vape retailers to also have physical locations sprinkled throughout the country. The company has locations in various states, from Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and Texas. In addition, there is often more than one location in a single state, although it only has one location in North Carolina.

VaporFi is also international as it also has a location in Guatemala and Suriname.


Is VaporFi juice good?

It is hard to say whether the e-juice the company offers is good or not. Taste is subjective, but the company only uses high-quality, FDA-approved ingredients that ensure quality and safety.

Is VaporFi a legit website?

VaporFi is a legit website that has been in business for over a decade. The best part about the company is that you can always visit the store for in-person service if you live near a physical location. Many of their locations also offer a flavor bar where users can mix and match their e-juice and get it that same day.

Does VaporFi e-liquid use diacetyl and vitamin E?

The company does not use any diacetyl or vitamin E acetate in any of its products. Industry standards have banned the use of any of those substances from regular use in e-juices as they have brought a bad reputation to the vaping industry and cost lives.

What is the top-rated Vaporfi e-liquid?

It is difficult to say which is the top-rated VaporFi e-juice as it has hundreds of different varieties. But the tobacco-based flavors seem to be very popular as users like to add different flavors to them to turn them into something completely different.


VaporFi has always been a leader in creating new and exciting e-juices from safe, high-quality ingredients. This latest release of premium e-juice is another example of the company’s innovation since they use never-before-seen flavor profiles and combinations. Not only are the flavor profiles unique, but they are available in two styles of nicotine so that any vaper can enjoy them.

Published: January 29, 2015 Updated: November 14, 2022



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