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Best Coffee Flavored Vape Juices of 2019

When it comes to morning routine over the years one of the constant choices that people have made is to combine coffee and nicotine. It may sound like a stereotype, but it’s the truth. Over the last few years, there have been some advances in technology though, the increase in vaping is one of them. Vaping allows for a multitude of flavors to be added to the daily nicotine intake, this, in turn, means that it is possible to combine both sides of the morning routine in one go. How might that be done?

coffee flavored vape juices

Coffee flavored vape juices allow for the morning coffee ritual to be combined with the morning nicotine ritual into one easy process. It doesn’t mean that the cup of coffee has to take a back seat either, it can still be enjoyed, it just might be a bit easier if the vape juice flavoring matches the drink. There are a wide variety of choices out there too, but which one is the best?

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Best Coffee Flavored E-Liquids

v2 platinum coffee e-liquid

#1 V2 Platinum Coffee E-Liquid

The V2 Platinum Coffee E-Liquid comes with a coffee kick that is approved by baristas, and it even has the flavor of cream and sugar to give that realistic touch. It offers a medium level of sweetness and has a mild throat hit, so it isn’t too harsh first thing in the morning. It ensures that it can either accompany or substitute for the morning cup of coffee without any trouble at all.

With the ability to get from 0% all the way up to 2.4% nicotine strength it provides different levels for different people, so it’s easy to get the right combination. The majority PG blend means that it’s not as efficient for sub-ohm vaping, so ensure that the coils being used are over 1.0 ohm.

If a real coffee taste is a prerequisite for the morning routine, then this e-liquid will provide a high-quality experience.


  • A real coffee taste
  • Many different nicotine strengths available
  • Mild throat hit


  •  Not suitable for sub ohm vaping
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bartender irish cappuccino vape juices

#2 Vape Bartender Irish Cappuccino

The Vape Bartender Irish Cappuccino E-Liquid provides a more Irish feel to the morning routine, offering a perfect combination of frothy cappuccino and just a hint of caramel. The medium to high level of sweetness is perfect to get the taste buds warmed up for a long day, and the throat hit is as mild as it gets so it won’t make that morning voice any worse. It gives a delicious start to the morning that can easily make that morning cup of coffee taste just that little bit better.

Only offering a choice of 0.3% nicotine, it’s no good for people who want a nicotine free option or for those who prefer a stronger kick first thing in the morning either. However, if a small amount of nicotine is the right choice for the morning routine, then the Vape Bartender offers a great morning flavor. With a PG/VG blend, the Vape Bartender can be used for regular vaping or sub ohm vaping so any type of coil can be used with this e-liquid.

The cappuccino taste is slightly different from most coffee e-liquids around, but it is rich and authentic meaning that it helps wake up that palette first thing in the morning.


  • It has a great taste
  • A mild throat hit
  • Can be used with any size coils


  • Only one choice of nicotine strength
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#3 Hazelnut Cappuccino E-Juice

This premium e-liquid provides a delicious, sweet cappuccino taste with a hint of hazelnut to set it off. It will help to provide a great start to the day with the strong but not overpowering flavor that it offers. The medium to high level of sweetness is perfect for those with a sweet tooth too, and the mild throat hit won’t provide anything too harsh for those early morning dry throat struggles. It provides an excellent morning pick me up that has great taste and a wonderful smooth feeling.

Offering 12 and 24 mg of nicotine it ensures that no matter what strength is required it can provide an option. That means that no matter what kind of nicotine kickstart is needed first thing in the morning this hazelnut cappuccino e-liquid can provide it. All kinds of coils can be used with this e-liquid too as it is a PG/VG blend meaning that it is perfect for sub ohm vaping and vaping with coils 1.0 ohm and above.

The hazelnut flavor offers a slightly different taste to this e-liquid, but it’s a pleasant taste that will make facing morning just a little bit easier.


  • Great tasting flavor
  • A wide variety of nicotine strength choices
  • Any size coil can be used


  • It may be too sweet for some people.
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#4 Double Espresso Vape Juice

Waking up in the morning is often the hardest thing to do. A quick hard shot of high strength coffee is usually how people deal with this problem. This e-liquid is for those people. Offering a choice of strength to help provide the perfect flavor for everyone, there are a single shot, double shot and even triple shot flavor on offer. It’s not sweet in the slightest so will only appeal to people who love the bitter taste of espresso and the throat hit can range from mild to harsh depending on the different choices that can be made with this e-liquid.

The level of customization with this e-liquid is incredible. It also allows for the use of any size coil because the level of PG/VG blend can be customized, from a 50/50 blend, a 70/30 blend or even a max VG blend there are plenty of choices. This means that this e-liquid can offer the perfect e-liquid to anyone who is a fan of espresso.

The way e-liquid is created will never be the same again after this e-liquid. It caters to the customer’s needs and provides exactly the right kind of e-liquid for each user.


  • The level of customization is off the charts
  • Any kind of coil can be used with this e-liquid
  • The strength of flavor can be changed to match the user’s requirements


  • Espresso can be an acquired taste, so this e-liquid might not be for everyone.
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grnd rsrv catch ya latte vape juices

#5 GRND RSRV Catch Ya Latte

Sometimes the more bitter tasting coffees aren’t to everyone’s palette. An espresso might do the job quickly and easily, but it might not taste great when doing it. That’s where a latte comes in. Offering the same caffeine fix, but without the harder taste due to an abundance of milk, a latte is the choice for many people in the morning. This particular e-liquid is for those people. Offering a delicious latte flavor with a hint of hazelnut and caramel it will hit those tastebuds perfectly. It’s quite sweet so it is great for those with a sweet tooth and it has a mild throat hit, so it fits in perfectly for people with a milder palette.

The nicotine strength choices with the Catch Ya Latte are quite extensive. Offering from 0 mg all the way up to 18 mg it allows people with many different requirements for nicotine levels to get what they need. The PG/VG blend is perfect for sub-ohm vaping, so it is easy to create huge clouds first thing in the morning with this great tasting e-liquid.

This e-liquid offers a slightly different taste to other coffee e-liquids on the market. It’s perfect for those who don’t fancy a harsher tasting coffee e-liquid.


  • Has a variety of choices of nicotine strength
  • Has a mild throat hit for early morning vapers
  • Allows for sub ohm vaping due to the high VG content


  • It might be too sweet for some people.
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Which is best?

The question of which e-liquid is best is a difficult one to answer. Each of these e-liquids has they’re own positive and negative aspects which means that it all depends on the user’s personal preference as to which one is best.

Name PG/VG Price
V2 Platinum Coffee E-Liquid 70/30 $29.95
Vape Bartender Irish Cappuccino 40/60 $29.95
Hazelnut Cappuccino E-Juice 50/50 $12.99
Double Espresso Vape Juice 50/50 $15.99
GRND RSRV Catch Ya Latte 30/70 $25.99

For people who prefer a more traditional coffee taste then the V2 Platinum will offer an excellent choice for them.

People who like the morning pick me up of espresso as well as being given lots of choice regarding how their e-liquid is made will prefer the Double Espresso e-liquid.

For cappuccino lovers, both Vape Bartender and Hazelnut Cappuccino offer different sides to the same coin regarding their choices. If a normal cappuccino is a preference, then Vape Bartender would be the way forward if a sweeter cappuccino piques the senses, then Hazelnut Cappuccino would be the e-liquid of choice.

If a weaker coffee taste is the desire then the Catch Ya Latte e-liquid would be the choice to make due to it having more of a steamed milk tang to it than just straight coffee.

Overall, all of these e-liquids offer excellent choices when it comes to providing a coffee flavored e-liquid for first thing in the morning, or at any time of the day if the mood is right.


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