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Black Note E-Liquid Review

black note e-liquids

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  • Overall Performance:60%
  • Quality of Flavors: 95%
  • Value for Money: 84%
Our Verdict: A bit pricey compared to other brands, Black Note justifies this with its unique tobacco extraction process that results in top-shelf tobacco e-liquid. Arguably they offer the best and most authentic tobacco flavored e-liquid on the market. Black Note may not have much in terms of selection, but what they do have is quality no one can match.  

Black Note’s Best E-Juices:


Sweet TobaccoPrice: $29/30ml

black-note-prelude-e-juice“Grown in the sandy alluvial plains at the foot of the Italian Alps, Prelude’s Virginia tobacco derives subtle flavors unique to the Verona soils. Once harvested, the leaves are flue-cured to release their natural sugars and resins, resulting in a light, bright taste and aroma.”

Black Note’s description of the Prelude above hints at the taste one gets when vaping this flavor. A hint of Virginia tobacco is prevalent with a slight earthy and smoky taste. This is complemented by a sweet undertone that gives a nice smooth tobacco taste. A great all-day vape due to its mellow and subtle taste.


Fruity TobaccoPrice: $29/30ml

blacknote-bravura-e-juice“Air-cured and naturally fermented, Bravura begins with the smooth, rich undertones of the finest red burley, using a centuries-old process to achieve deep, earthy notes with a subtle hints of fruit. The result is a complex, full-bodied vaping experience reminiscent of the world’s premium tobaccos.”

A very authentic tasting tobacco flavor, Bravura gives users a smooth earthy vape with subtle fruity and nutty undertones. Tobacco lovers will adore the Bravura for its complexity, and fruity flavor fans will appreciate its touch of sweetness.


Sweet and Complex TobaccoPrice: $29/30ml


“Originating in the 17th century, Cavendish uses a unique process of cutting and curing designed to bring out the natural sweetness of the tobacco leaf. Sonata uses only fire-cured dark Virginia tobacco, steamed and cured under pressure to allow the rich, robust flavors to fully develop.”

Puffing on the Sonata will give users a rich and complex Cavendish tobacco flavor with a sweet and nutty aftertaste. Even those who are not into tobacco flavors will love the sweet overtones while the slight tinge of alcohol gives everything a complex flavor that’s truly unique.


Cool TobaccoPrice: $29/30ml


“Solo begins with a fine, ultra-smooth Virginia tobacco to provide a rich, flavorful base, then incorporates a layer of natural menthol oils derived through a special extraction process. The result is a refreshing mint flavor without any harsh bite for a bright, cool vaping experience.”

An excellent flavor for menthol lovers, the Solo gives a beautiful Virginia tobacco taste followed by a wave of fresh icy menthol. Smooth and natural, without the artificial mint flavor e-liquids are known for, the Solo is as authentic as one can get for that menthol cigarette flavor.

Meet the Black Note E-Liquids

Brand: A relatively new brand, Black Note’s mission is to “help create a smoke-free world by providing the most authentic and enjoyable alternative to smoking cigarettes.” The choice of flavor names is also purposely non-descriptive to ensure that their products appeal to adults only and not minors. What makes Black Note special is its decision to stick with tobacco flavors only. There are eight flavors for now, and all promise authenticity in flavor above anything else. The way the company does this is by capturing the essence of tobacco through a natural extraction process that takes weeks to complete. Real tobacco leaves are used in a unique cold maceration process where a six- to eight-week steeping process is made without the use of heat. This results in the natural flavors and aroma of tobacco to be thoroughly extracted. Additionally, since no heat is used, the flavor and throat hit of the e-liquid is smooth and tasty, without the sour and bitter taste. Even the leaves used are hand-picked from the finest tobacco ensuring a top quality end product. It is because of this special process that Black Note can give users premium quality e-liquid that tastes as authentic as the real thing.

Bottles and Flavors: Black Note’s packaging is top-notch, with the bottles coming in cardboard tubes that are beautifully designed. The labels show users the flavor description, the PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, batch number, and the standard warning text. The bottles themselves are glass with a child-proof cap. Labels on the bottles are pretty much the same as the box it comes in, albeit the flavor descriptions are shorter. Droppers are included, which is a good touch, and are small enough to fill tanks easily. While the bottles are glass, they are sturdy enough to survive everyday transport, though one should take care not to drop them.

All Black Note flavors come in a 50/50 PG/VG blend. It is a right balance for providing excellent throat hit and voluminous clouds. However, cloud chasers and users who are allergic to PG might not appreciate this. Nevertheless, 50/50 is a good compromise and is pretty much standard.

Nicotine levels available are standard as well at 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. A nice range of strengths that will suit a variety of vapers, from new users looking for stronger hits, to advanced users who want a smoother, low nicotine hit.

While all flavors are nicotine-based, Black Note has a variety of variants to satisfy even those who do not usually prefer tobacco e-liquid. There are fruity tobacco blends, earthy tones, menthol, and even alcohol-based mixes.

As for the vape itself, all flavors give high-quality vapor that is dense, smooth, and delicious. Users who have not tried premium e-liquids yet will be surprised at the level of vapor quality Black Note e-liquids produce.

Additional Details

Black Note e-liquid is tailor-made for tobacco lovers. Users who just quit smoking and are looking for an authentic tasting tobacco e-juice to ease their transition will love it.

The price is higher than most e-juice though, but considering the quality and the process of its manufacture, it is worth it. The selection may only be limited to eight, but with Black Note, quality trumps quantity. Other brands may have hundreds of flavors, but only a handful can be deemed as good as Black Note e-liquids. When it comes to tobacco flavors, Black Note is arguably the best, and no other tobacco e-liquid comes close.

Tobacco lovers should try Black Note e-liquid at least once. Like a fine wine, the added premium in its cost is worth the experience. Users who do not care much about tobacco flavors should also give Black Note a shot, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Black Note E-Liquid
Vape Rating: 89/100 by

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  1. comment-avatar

    E Michelle

    February 25, 2017 at 7:30 pm Reply

    I have to honestly say I was not impressed with this company. I ordered
    the sample pack on my first order @ 18 mg and a 50/50 ratio. The throat
    hit was very harsh on all of them. I have no doubt it was because of the
    50/50 ratio and the hi nicotine but I was a 2 pack a day smoker and 18
    was necessary. I was determined however to quit so I stuck it out and
    tried and used all there samples till gone. I did manage to get off the
    cigarettes for a few months but then I ran out of juice and partied for a
    couple days with some friends that were in town and started smoking
    again. Since I used this product to quit the first time I re ordered 1
    bottle of prelude determined to quit again. I wasn’t looking forward to
    the product but I knew it would work. I placed my order and they debited
    my account immediately and 2 weeks later it still hadn’t been shipped. I
    finally contacted them and they sent it out 2 days later. It was just
    as harsh as I remember. I won’t be using them again and there prices are
    unjustified if you ask me. Way to expensive. If your looking for a good
    quality organic tobacco flavored e-juice I would start with Virgin
    vapor’s Best Damn Tobacco.

    • comment-avatar

      Dean Dessureau

      March 6, 2017 at 1:44 am Reply

      Best I’ve ever had. Many options as well as customizable pg vg ratios and nicotine mgs by 1 intervals (i.e. 24, 23, 22, etc). I love them so much.

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