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Blue Waffle 120ML Flavor
10/10 icon-question
  • The flavors balance out nicely
  • Great blueberry taste
  • A flavorful blend of butter and berries

This premium q-liquid features the flavor of blueberry waffles, with a dollop of whipped cream on top. It’s like a hearty waffle breakf...

Fuggin Vapor Airbender Paladin Pods 4 Pack
  • An interesting mix of fruit flavors that create an exciting sensation
  • Non-refillable
  • A unique taste that will delight fruit flavor lovers
IndoorSmokers Original Vapesta OV
  • Premium taste over other juices
  • Delicious grape candy flavo
  • Finely blended and designed by Indoorsmokers’ Chris

Brand Overview

fuggin Vapor review

Fuggin Vapor Co. is a gourmet e-liquid brand that is home to some of the best-selling premium e-juices.

Handcrafted in Miami Beach, Florida by Hershey Jakob, Fuggin Vapor Co. first started as a small business selling products out of an old minivan.

Five years later, the company is one of the most popular online vaping stores available today, rivaling the popularity of its competitors such as Jimmy the Juice Man, ZampleBox and VapeWild.

It is easy to see why it is such a fast-growing company. They provide special offers regularly alongside their diverse variety of e-liquids, vape devices, and vape accessories available.

Because Fuggin Vapor doesn’t have a lot of reviews available online on Yelp or Trustpilot, it’s hard to know if they are worth the money until try. We tried out a few products by this shop.

Fuggin eJuice

There are a wide variety of vape flavors, such as the Strawberry Queen, Fuggin Donuts and Red Dragon, that can satisfy and delight every type of palate.

‘OH MY GUSH’ — these 3 words grew brand recognition. And no, we’re not that satisfied with the brand.

OH MY GUSH — is a product line that promotes fruit-flavored 120ml e-liquids like Green Goblin, Blooze, and Tropical. As the store doesn’t provide an option to buy a self-blended liquid, these tastes are also offered in a menthol mix.

Whether it’s dessert, fruit, breakfast or candy flavors, know that every bottle of ejuice is a creation of passion and dedication. The store provides self-branded and other brand’s juices and nic salt.

#1 Blue Waffle 120ML Flavor

Blue Waffle is a berryliciously sweet treat for taste buds

10/10 icon-question Review score

This premium q-liquid features the flavor of blueberry waffles, with a dollop of whipped cream on top. It’s like a hearty waffle breakfast in every puff.

This is one of the best waffles or pancakes ejuice available on the market. It manages to balance the different sweet flavors perfectly.

In general, blueberry is one of the trickier flavors to blend, and for most brands, it can be a hit or miss. Fortunately, Fuggin Vapor Co has got it right. The blueberry aroma is generous, with a taste of maple syrup and butter slathered on top.

Overall this is a well-crafted ejuice that is hard to put down until the next bottle arrives at the door.

This ejuice is made up of 20% PG and 80% VG, comes in 120ml bottles and is available in 0 to 18mg nicotine strength.


  • The flavors balance out nicely
  • Great blueberry taste
  • A flavorful blend of butter and berries


  • It runs out too fast

#2 Fuggin Vapor Airbender Paladin Pods 4 Pack

Exotically sweet and tangy flavor bursts in every hit

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

For anyone looking for an exotic and tropical pod sensation, the Fuggin Vapor Airbender Paladin Pods 4 packs should hit the spot.

Featuring an eclectic mix of tropical fruits from around the world, this 4-pack is a vape journey packed with apple, raspberry and blueberry flavors, with a smooth dragon fruit finish.

With every mouthful of vape, there is an energetic symphony of fruity notes that work together, bringing a sweet, tangy and mouthwatering sensation.

The Paladin Pods are fully compatible with the JUUL vape device. It features apple, raspberry, blueberry and dragon fruit as the primary flavors. Every pack comes only in 50mg of nicotine, so low nic vapers should stay away.


  • An interesting mix of fruit flavors that create an exciting sensation
  • Non-refillable
  • A unique taste that will delight fruit flavor lovers


  • Doesn’t come in lower nicotine strength

#3 IndoorSmokers Original Vapesta OV

An excellent grape ejuice to please grape vape fans everywhere

9/10 icon-question Review score

This is an ultra-sweet grape candy flavored e-juice that is rich and powerful. It tastes like chewing on a piece of taffy, and it is perfect for grape flavor fans.

From the first hit, there is a difference from other non-premium vape juices. This ejuice has a more impactful and smoother finish than most grape liquids that are available on the market today.

This flavor was an inspiration from Chris of Indoorsmokers, who owns a highly popular YouTube channel that covers vape reviews.

Chris was a regular heavy smoker for 20 years who switched to vaping and started the channel to help other people.

The original Vapesta is one of the flavors that Chris has personally designed.

Featuring an intense grape candy hit, it is a near-perfect grape flavor juice that offers a sweet sensation in every hit.

This juice comes in 100ml bottles and 0MG to 6MG nicotine strength.


  • Premium taste over other juices
  • Delicious grape candy flavo
  • Finely blended and designed by Indoorsmokers’ Chris


  • Might be too sweet for some vapers

Vape Devices

Fuggin Vapor also carries a selection of vaping devices on their website, making their online store a one-stop shop for all vaping needs.

Featuring starter kits, mod systems, and pod system kits, there is a vaping device for both beginner vapers and the enthusiast vapers. Coils, cartridges, pods, and special 120ml packs are also on sale.

They also give a short bullet point reviews to every device they carry to help buyers decide if it’s right for them.

Represented vapes follow the trend and user can stay updated with their variety. What is not really good, popular and new devices are fastly transferring to an “out of stock” status.

#1 UWell Caliburn Kit

Uwell launches its first pod system device, and it’s a winner

10/10 icon-question Review score

This sub-$50 pod system vape kit features an aluminum constructed body that is bigger than most standard pen shaped e-cig devices.

On the device, there is a single large button that activates and deactivates the LED display, which shows the remaining battery life.

The Caliburn kit has a 520mAh battery that will last a day of use. It uses 2ml 1.4ohm pods that are built with K1 Kanthal coils.

The pods have a magnetic feature that allows them to click firmly in place when switching pods. Pods are available in 4 packs.

This device can provide up to 11W output for resistances between 1.2ohm to 1.5ohm. Even with a relatively low power output than most mod devices, the Caliburn kit delivers a warm and satisfying vape taste for most juices.

The Caliburn kit has a weaker draw compared to most prefilled pod systems, which means a slower drag will release a more powerful flavor.

With the built-in auto draw function, the Caliburn kit can render flavors accurately without any loss in the vape consistency.

With such a fantastic flavor production in a small package, it’s no wonder that most places have already sold out their stock of Uwell Caliburn kits.


  • Light and easy to carry
  • Good grip design
  • Features an auto-draw function


  • It’s hard to find one

Fuggin Deals

Fuggin Vapors online store features deals where visitors can shop great deals before they are gone.

There are four main categories of deals, such as liquid deals and hardware deals for vaping parts and devices.

The deals are also categorized according to the price range, from $20 and below all the way to $5 and below.

There are also individual hot sale deals on display, under the section of Hottest Deals.

This page is an excellent place for shoppers to quickly pick up additional products to fill the cart with inexpensive accessories and e-liquids flavors that are going on sale.

For even more great deals, the brand has a page of discount coupon codes for shoppers to use during checkout.

Just head to the page, look for a code that matches the brand of choice and key it in during checkout, and the final total price will reflect the discount.

It’s a great way to save even more money when shoppers stock up on their favorite brand of juices.

With a dedicated deals page, Fuggin Vapor makes it easy to locate deals quickly without having to trudge through the entire site.


Fuglife is Fuggin Vapor Co’s lifestyle brand that features branded wear products.

There is a small selection at this time, but the store carries clothing such as caps, shorts, and tees.

There is a gallery section for brand supporters to show off their photos of branded juices and clothing. All submissions are eligible to win a $100 in-store gift card.

The Fuglife section also consolidates any recent reviews that Fuggin Vapor receives for the items they carry in their stores.

Fuglife includes a rewards program for loyal customers. Once buyers join the program, they can start earning points.

Every purchase in the shop entitles members for reward points. Once enough points are collected, members can use the points to exchange for exclusive in-store discounts.

Currently, the quickest way to earn points is to refer a friend to buy a bundle from Fuggin Vapor’s store. A referral is worth 5,000 points.

There is also a 3-tiered VIP program that will multiply the points earned, allowing members to collect points at a quicker pace.

The three tiers are Fuggin Bronze, Fuggin Silver and Fuggin Gold. At the Fuggin’ Gold tier, members can earn up to 50% more points for each reward.

Brand on the Big Market

Upon closer study of the vape market, it appears that these are the two companies that follow a similar blueprint as Fuggin Vapor Co.


VapeWild Vape Shop

The VapeWild is a very similar company to Fuggin Vapor Co. They both started as a small company.

From a small 3-man group, VapeWild quickly built a team of experienced experts in the vaping world with a similar cause to develop their own range of e-juices.

VapeWild prides itself as a business that gives its workers the freedom to express their personalities. They believe with untethered creativity; they become better assets to Vapewild.

The same philosophy applies to their juices. VapeWild understands that every vaper has individual needs.

They don’t want to simply flood the market with creative vape flavors and names. Vapewild wants to satisfy customers’ need for better flavors while making prices competitive.

VapeWild has an active YouTube channel and a Facebook group that serves to promote the VapeWild’s branding and lifestyle.

Jimmy the Juice Man

Another similar company to Fuggin Vapor Co., Jimmy the Juice Man started in Chicago.

As the demand for premium e-juice grows, the creator Jimmy started to make premium e-liquids for his own consumption. However, people want more, so Jimmy began to his own business.

At its peak, Jimmy the Juice Man juices were sold out in minutes after launch.

With the help of large online e-distributors, Jimmy the Juice Man is now a household e-liquid brand that is readily available in most vape stores.

The brand features some of the best crafted and well-thought flavors, such as Creme Brulee, Peachy Strawberry, Shurb, Caramel Pear, Strawberry Astronaut, and Raspberry French; which every vaper should try.

For anyone who is looking for sweet, dessert e-liquid flavors, or light and airy fruit flavors, Jimmy the Juice Man is sure to have something to satisfy the discerning vaper.


  • Popular and well-known brand among vape fans across the world.
  • Fuggin Vapor Co. plays an active role in the vape community, promoting the vaping culture and integrating a sense of identity into their branding message.
  • They also offer regular sales and deals to provide decent value-for-money for their shoppers.
  • To reward loyal shoppers and to encourage new vapers to try their brand, Fuggin Vapor offers a rewards program that offers potentially deep discounts.
  • Overall, these are the benefits of the store that is hard to pass up.


  • Track record has been marred by a couple of incidents of controversy and negative publicity that occurred over the years.
  • While nearly all traces of these events are gone, there are still remnants of these incidents hidden deep in subreddits and forums.
  • Still, despite all these incidents, recent feedback from vapers on Reddit seem to indicate that Fuggin Vapor has since “mended their ways,” providing the qualitative customer service.

Customer Service Rating

Fuggin Vapor Co has both negative and positive posts regarding customer service.

However, those criticisms might be mostly isolated incidents. Like the majority of vape brands in the market, Fuggin Vapor Co does not have a physical retail store.

Based on online feedback, Hershey who is the owner is friendly and answers all queries when a buyer wants to purchase a starter kit.

The employees were also polite and accommodating and quick to accede to buyers’ special requests, such as special pickup timings, without any delays.

Other positive feedback includes an extremely user-friendly website, wide vape flavor selections, and average value-for-money bundle pricing.

It is unclear how long Fuggin Vapor Co. will maintain this level of customer service, or continue to sell great value bundles.


Overall, Fuggin Vapor Co is an exciting brand that offers a great selection of juices.

The brand offers some great e-liquid at a fantastic price point.

Almost all the flavors offered by brand have a wonderfully smooth throat hit, and the vapor production from all of their juices was excellent, which is well within expectations of any standard 80VG/20PG blend.

Fuggin Vapor Co is also one of the few brands that carry juices with nicotine strength of up to 18mg.

This gives their juices a big advantage, for vapers who enjoy high nicotine strength and vape using the mouth-to-lung style.

Aside from some negative feedback from unsatisfied buyers, Fuggin Vapor Co. doesn’t have too much of any drawbacks as a brand.

Several years back, there was controversy surrounding Fuggin Vapor bribing people to rescind and remove their negative online reviews.

There was also another unrelated incident of poor customer service where a buyer received his package with all glass parts shattered.

Being a business with a high transaction volume, getting negative online criticism is perfectly reasonable, especially when the vaping community is small and closely knitted. It is up to the buyers’ discretion whether to trust such criticism or not.

Let us know about your experience and rate the Fuggin Vapor with stars below.

Published: April 3, 2019 Updated: December 23, 2020



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