The Davinci Miqro Vaporizer Review: Da Newest Vape From Davinci


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: August 31, 2021

Davinci Miqro desktop

Review Score: 87/100

Price Range:
1.34" W x 3.13" H x 0.91" D
Graphite, onyx, cobalt, rust, amethyst
Heat-up Time:
39 Sec to 370° F
Works with:
  • Herbs icon


  • Portable, lightweight and discrete
  • Various temperature control options for added customization
  • Well-made from high-quality materials


  • Short battery life
  • Less vapor production than others

Starting Price: $ 99

The Davinci Miqro is a portable conduction dry herb vaporizer. It is smaller in size than famous the Davinci IQ but the two vaporizers feature the same quality materials. Miqro is powered by a removable 18350 cell. The right side of the vaporizer features a small three-button control panel.

Vapers can adjust the temperature on the Davinci Miqro in either “smart paths” or set the precise temperature using the up/down buttons, a function both vaporizers share. The Miqro has a small, bottom-loading ceramic oven with air vents on the bottom.

It is not the same size as the Davinci IQ weed vape pen, but it is the right size for a vape at this price. There is a 15 LED array on the front of the Miqro that shows battery life and the right temperature. The highest temperature on the Miqro is 430F, and the lowest is 350F.

The Davinci Miqro Vaporizer Review: Inside the Box

Davinci has made the Miqro available in two separate, differently priced, and differently accessorized bundles.

There is a standard kit for $149 that offers the following:

  • One Davinci Miqro
  • One USB charging cable
  • One 18350 cell
  • One extender mouthpiece
  • One accessory bag

DaVinci MIQRO kit
The Explorer Bundle costs a little more ($199), as other reviews have noted, but includes a lot more accessories for that price.

The higher-priced Explorer kit features the following:

  • One Davinci Miqro
  • One USB charging cable
  • One extender mouthpiece
  • One grinder coin
  • One Miqro silicone sleeve
  • One XL carrying can
  • Two 18350 batteries
  • One carrying case

Davinci Miqro Vaporizer Review: The In-Depth

The Davinci Miqro is small, lightweight and resembles the form factor of the IQ, which many reviews have pointed out, also from Davinci. It measures close to about 3 inches tall, and around 3 inches wide. The anodized aluminum construction resembles that earlier device, as both vaporizers have the same configuration:

  • A top mouthpiece section (leveled and extended)
  • A separate vapor path (made of ceramic zirconia)
  • A removable top-loading battery
  • A bottom-loading ceramic oven

There are a few small differences between the Davinci vapes though. The new vaporizer is smaller, it uses a lower-capacity battery, and is not Bluetooth compatible, so there is no app to further customize the vape like with the IQ. The price is different too.

Davinci Miqro desktop

Anyone familiar with the layout of the IQ will find the Miqro easy to operate. There are three small buttons alongside the edge of the unit, a power button, and two selector buttons. These buttons turn the device on and allow users to engage any one of the Miqro’s features.

Features include:

  • Precision temperature control between 370F and 430F
  • Four Smart Paths – Smart Path 1 = 350F-370F, Smart Path 2 = 370F-390F, Smart Path 3 = 390F-410F, Smart Path 4 = 410F-430F
  • Boost mode takes the temperature to its highest setting
  • Standby mode cools the vaporizer down saving material and battery life

The LED array along the face of the Davinci Miqro displays single-digit readouts. It also shows an arrow pointing up when Boost mode is activated. Users can also select the brightness of the lights through the side panel or engage the Stealth mode.

Hidden throughout the device’s compartments are features and accessories unique to Davinci vapes. Within the top shelf, next to the battery bay, sits a tiny stir tool, which was also in the IQ. Another holdover of the IQ’s accessories is the little adjustable bead that Davinci calls the pearl.

The Miqro “pearl” acts as an oven packer, so users can pack any load as tightly or as loose as they want to improve airflow and make more effective use of a small amount of material. Both the top and bottom lids are hinged, so they do not open easily, meaning they stay in place and do not rattle. They are also both magnetic, so they have added security.

DaVinci MIQRO all

Taking Care of the Miqro — Cleaning, and Maintenance

Despite its pristine, high-tech appearance, the Miqro can get dirty, over time, like any other dry herb vapes or weed vape pens tend to do. There are many different pieces in the Miqro so that it may need more upkeep than other units. But the best thing is that most of these pieces are removable.

For example, the ceramic zirconia vapor path needs to be clear at all times. It is the most vital component and also the part most likely to be clogged with resin. Fortunately, it is also completely removable. The best way to remove it is by using the included stir tool to take it out of its slot underneath the mouthpiece.

Both of the Davinci Miqro kits, the standard, and the Explorer include accessories like pipe cleaners and other cleaning tools to keep the Miqro in the best working order. Before using the device, it is always a good idea (not just with this one, but with vaporizers in general) to do a dry burn to eliminate any oils or contaminants that are on or around the device.

DaVinci MIQRO open 2

Dry burning improves any vaporizers performance, as well as ensuring a clean, great-tasting vapor. With the Miqro, engage the Boost mode, so the device reaches its highest temperature. Press and hold the control button, and release after about five seconds. Repeat the process for about five burns.

Users can also remove the leveled mouthpiece from inside the lid. The mouthpiece comes apart into two sections, and users can soak them in isopropyl alcohol to clean them. Vapers can also remove the tiny pearl on the bottom lid and clean it with soap and water.

Anyone can use the cleaning brush included in either accessories kit to clear out the Miqro’s oven. Use the included isopropyl tips and wipes to wipe away any excess material and clean up any sticky, oily resin spots.

Getting It Ready

The bottom-loading chamber of the Miqro may seem like a challenge to load, given its small size but it is surprisingly easy. The small size of the air holes at the bottom makes it so that vapers can make a fine grind of their material, without it going through the bottom.

DaVinci MIQRO open black

The unit stands perfectly still when placed on its opposite side, if the flat mouthpiece is in use, so you do not need to hold it while loading. The lid snaps open and stays open, so it too is not an obstacle.

The oven opening is centered and depressed into the interior of the Miqro, so any material goes straight down, like water going into a drain. Vapers need only drop their material into, even around the opening, and then pack the bowl.

They, of course, can also use the adjustable pearl to pack the chamber tighter, which is the best practice. Since the Davinci Miqro is a conduction vape, it is essential for the material to be as close to the internal heating element as possible, which is why the pearl is useful.

Packing the bowl tight also ensure less draw resistance, as the airflow is more restricted, and creates a better inhale. The vapes’ entire chamber could take about 0.25g of material, but filling it only halfway, and then extending the pearl to take up the rest of the chamber space is ideal most of the time.

The Vape

With a load in the vaporizer’s chamber, turning on the Davinci Miqro activates the heating chamber. The heat-up time for the unit is just under a minute, a slower time than the IQ. It heats up to the last temperature which was set. There is a haptic sensor in the device, so it vibrates when it is time to vape.

Smart Path mode is the default mode when someone turns on the device. To exit the Smart Path mode, users need only click the power button once, which switches to precision control mode. Vapers know what mode they are in by looking at the LED display.

  • Each Smart Path mode displays a row of LED lights, the lowest mode lights up only one row, the highest setting lights up all the rows.
  • Precision Mode lights up a single vertical column of lights down the center and displays each number of the chosen heat level
  • Boost Mode displays an arrow going up

To move between the four Smart settings, press the power button once. There is a range for each level. The Miqro starts at the lowest value, say 390F, and then heats up to the highest value, in this case, 410F, in five minutes time.

To switch from Smart Path mode to any of the other styles, vapers need only press the power button. Then, they can make adjustments either by lowering or increasing the temperature, like with most vaporizers. In Precision Mode, the array displays each digit in the setting. For example, 400F will show first a “4”, then a “0”, and then another “0”.

The ideal temperature depends on who is vaping. If flavor and subtly are what you are after, then the lower two Smart modes or even a setting between 350F and 400F can work. Only, even at the highest settings (either Smart or Precision mode), the Miqro does, as other reviews have mentioned, not produce huge vapor clouds.

The other downside of vaping at the highest temperatures is the heat transfer. The unit does not become too hot to hold, but the warmth is noticeable. There is a silicone sleeve that vapers can use to protect against such an annoyance, but the jacket has cutouts, so your hands are not entirely protected.

Still, there is nothing to complain about in terms of vapor production or quality. At lower ranges, the vapor is flavorful and densely layered. The vapor gets more intense, as the temperature rises, and the effects get headier.

The choice of mouthpiece does and does not affect the overall quality. The extended mouthpiece makes it easier to draw, but even the flat one offers little resistance. The flat one does make the vaporizer more discrete and offers a lower-profile vape, but it is also useful in making the inhale smoother.

DaVinci MIQRO brown mouthpeace

For each packed bowl, a user can expect two, five-minute time sessions. They can then use the stir tool mid-way, to make sure all the material gets vaporized. Keep in mind that the vapor output does not compare to larger, more powerful devices like the IQ or even the PAX 3.

The Miqro is a micro-dosing, personal vaporizer not meant for large crowds or to be passed around at a party. Taking small, quick hits is what Davinci intended users to do with the Miqro.

Battery Life

A smaller battery means less battery life, but also quicker charging. Charging the battery inside, with the included cable inserted into the USB charging port on the opposite side of the unit takes around one and a half hours. Using an external charger takes less, but only by ten minutes.

Since the Davinci Miqro uses a removable battery, users can pop in a new battery when the old one drains. This feature is what makes the carrying tube so handy, as it can safely store a cell, along with some material, so whenever you are out, you can keep using the device.

DaVinci MIQRO battery

A fully-charged battery can power the device for about half an hour. Then, if you have the spare battery handy and charged (especially if you got the Explorer kit), you can continue vaping worry-free.

The Competitors: the Davinci Miqro vs. the Davinci IQ vs. the PAX 3

The Davinci IQ

The IQ is a portable vaping device for dry herbs. It is larger than the Miqro and but it shares many of the same components. It features a removable 18650 battery, a large LED front panel to display temperature and battery life, and has a bottom-loading ceramic oven, covered by a hinged lid.

VD davinci iq vaporizer
The IQ also takes two mouthpieces, a flat one, and an extended one. Users can choose from the four Smart Path settings to a Precision mode and Boost mode. The IQ also has Bluetooth compatibility so it can pair with a downloadable app available for your smartphone.


The PAX 3 is a state-of-the-art personal vaporizer for both herbs and concentrates. The device-only version does not include the special pad for concentrates vaping, but the complete version does. The device-only package is also less expensive than the full kit. The PAX 3 also features a bottom-loading chamber, and dual mouthpieces (a flat one, and an extended one).

VD Pax3 colors
The PAX 3 has a central control button, but its Bluetooth compatibility and downloadable app allow the user full control over temperature, session length, and power usage. A 10-year limited warranty backs the battery inside.

Davinci Miqro Vaporizer Specifications

Temperature range: 300F-430F
Battery: Single 18350
Heat-up Time (to 370° F): 39 Sec
Charging Time: 1.5 – 2 Hours
Dimensions: 1.34″ W x 3.13″ H x 0.91″ D
Colors: Graphite, Onyx, Cobalt, Rust, Amethyst
Price: $199

Pros and Cons


  • Portable, lightweight and discrete
  • Various temperature control options for added customization
  • Well-made from high-quality materials
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Explorer Kit well-worth the extra cost


  • Short battery life
  • Less vapor production than others
  • Can get a little warm at high temperatures

The Last Word on the Davinci Miqro

Were you a fan of the Davinci IQ? Did the reviews convince you it was the best in its class? Do you prefer the power, and fast heat-up time of the IQ or do you prefer the stealth and portability of the Miqro? Send us your thoughts on both vaporizers in the section underneath.

The Davinci Miqro is a well-made, ultra-portable device with great customizable features and a sturdy, attractive build. It is a vaporizer for a different style of vaping. Users who prefer small, wispy hits of vapor will mesh well with the Miqro while those who prefer massive, cough-inducing hits might fare better with the larger IQ or vaporizers of that size and capacity.

Davinci made this unit to be very user-friendly. Loading the chamber is super easy, and removing all the parts that need cleaning is also straightforward. There is so much packed into the unit itself. The stir tool, as well as the pearl, are both signs of how much thought went into the design. They are still there, despite the micro Davinci Miqro.

As for the differences between the Explorer kit and the device-alone, shelling out the extra cash for the Explorer is worth it. The carrying tube, the spare battery, the grinder coin, even the heat sleeve are all perfect accompaniments to what is already a superior herb vaporizer.

Published: March 26, 2019Updated: August 31, 2021

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