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MigVapor Matrix Review: the Matrix of Dry Herbs

The Matrix by MigVapor is one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market.

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MigVapor Matrix Review

Is Plastic Bad?

It seems that recently more and more vapes have been using plastic. While I would usually condemn this fact, it seems that MigVapor has made it work. For its price ($149.99), the quality of the overall build is very surprising. Its rubber coating allows for it be gripped so you don’t have to worry about dropping it.

The screen on the front of the Matrix is very useful. It allows you to see a number of things including battery, temperature, and others. Buttons light up when the battery gets low which is a nice indicator in case your screen isn’t working. The MigVapor Matrix gives you a 90 Day warranty so if your vape breaks, you can replace it without hassle.

Temperature can be controlled from 300° F to 435° F with more 135 settings, and heating time is a quick 30 seconds. If you prefer to go metric, the Matrix can be set to show the temperature in degrees Celsius as well. There is also a five-click on/off safety feature so you won’t accidentally fire the Matrix while inside your pocket or purse. Armed with Smart Memory Technology, the device remembers your last temperature setting so you won’t have to adjust it every time you turn it on

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Ceramic is The Way to Go

The ceramic cup in the Matrix raised a few concerns from me. I thought it would easily crack but that’s the opposite of what happened. It’s nearly as sturdy as most metal cups that I’ve used. Not only does it work better but it positively impacts the vaporization of herbs.
The ceramics seem to make the flavor of the vapor even better than usual, almost amplifying it. It also helps oodles with vapor production. Amazingly, I thought I was a steam train when I first tried it. Immediately, I knew that the Matrix was worth the price after that. You should also pack it loosely so can get through because otherwise, no air will get through. As a result, it will cause more problems than necessary.

If you don’t see the huge clouds you desire during your first session don’t worry. That’s normal though for no apparent reason. But after the second session, you should be getting big, dense clouds after every hit. If you prefer flavor to clouds, I recommend you put the MigVapor Matrix on its lower setting. This is because the clouds will be very minimal while you’re still getting that great flavor from the ceramic bowl.

MigVapor Matrix: More Power!

MigVapor Matrix Vaporizer Kit

The heat-up time is pretty great on this vape. With the ceramic bowl, cleaning is much easier than most vapes. You just dump out the herb from your chamber and use the cleaning brush, and that’s it, simple as that. You can get about 5-6 sessions out of the Matrix before having to recharge it. Unfortunately, there is no pass-through charging which is a bummer. This is considering almost every other mod comes with it. Therefore, you will have to plug the MigVapor Matrix in and wait before vaping it again.

You can get about ten draws out of a very little amount of herb. It is incredibly efficient. Even if you pack the chamber loosely, it provides for a very even burn. You can get about .8 grams into the chamber which in terms of portable vaporizers is quite a lot. You will not waste any herb with the ceramic cup because of the evenly heated chamber.

Price to Power

It is certainly one of the best values in portable vaporizers. This is when comparing the price of the MigVapor Matrix($149.99) to what you get. Ceramic chambers are a dime a dozen and getting one in a vaporizer that at such a low cost is great. You don’t even see ceramic chambers to in most expensive chambers, and you’re getting one for under $200. This is easily the best portable vaporizer in this price range.

MigVapor MatrixWith that said there are a couple of problems with it. But they aren’t a deal breaker by any means. They are just minor gripes that are stopping it from being the perfect vaporizer. You can’t disable the auto-shutoff. This can sometimes ruin your session when you’re trying to just space out. Now, you have to worry about your vaporizer shutting off.

The pass-through charging not working is also a bit of a gripe. This is barely a problem because of how small the vaporizer is. It is also because of the fact that you aren’t going to use this as a desktop vaporizer. Another thing that lowers the value just a little bit is the plastic components. The outside isn’t as bad because it’s covered by the rubber grip. The mouthpiece on the other end can sometimes get a bit hot.

I’ve seen a lot of people compare this vape to the GPen Elite vaporizer because of its price. I see where they are coming from. However, the Matrix is much, much better in almost every way. It is super lightweight and is almost nonexistent when you put it in your pocket.

The items in the kit sweeten the deal even further. You get four extra meshes and four silicone mouthpieces as well as a number of cleaning tools. You also get a dabbing tool as well as a pair of tweezers and oil wicks. They even give you a carry box which is very rare for vaporizer companies.

Pros and Cons of the Matrix Vaporizer


  • Tons of value, even for the price point
  • High-quality materials and design
  • Ceramic heating chamber makes the cleanest, crispest vapor
  • Can be used with wax, herb or liquid

  • May be too expensive for some people
  • Slightly fragile

Should you enter the Matrix?

Even though, I listed a couple of problems with this vaporizer, those are minute gripes and aren’t a big deal. Don’t think too much about whether or not you should grab the MigVapor Matrix. This is fully worth the $149.99 that’s on its price tag. Even if it was over $200, we would still say that you should get it. It is easily the best vaporizer in the under $200 class. Moreover, we feel it could go pound for pound with some of the big dogs as well.

Are you looking for a great vape for herbs? Do you have $149.99 to spend? I would 100% recommend that you buy the MigVapor Matrix. The ceramic chamber, a great informative screen, and amazing vapor quality make it easily the best for what it does.

MigVapor Matrix
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    WOW just got mine 10minutes ago, so now I have to wait 3 looooong hours until she’s charged up !! Everything looks great, I got the red one just to be different. Also picked it up on the web for, get ready, $89.99 delivered !! Yea I know that’s a super price !! Peace out !! If it works as good as it’s built there will be a high time in the old town tonight !!

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    Can you carry these onboard an airplane if it’s clean? No residue.

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    July 31, 2018 at 7:58 pm Reply

    Is this convection or conduction heating? Thanks!

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