KANDYPENS ELITE Review – Elegant Pen for Dab Lovers


by James Bickford

Updated: December 18, 2020


Review Score: 83/100

Price Range:
Works with:
  • Wax icon


  • Fantastic build quality, inside and out
  • Quartz Atomizer & Chamber
  • Adjustable Heat Settings


  • Gets quite hot
  • Expensive

Starting Price: $ 99.99

KandyPens Elite: Up Close


You can see the premium build quality with the KandyPens Elite, they’ve taken a step back from the more common wax pens and decided to revive the old vaporizer pen style, and it has worked well. Each of the components in this device is accessible and can be removed easily, making this device a lot more functional than you’d expect from a premium build such as this.

The pen comes in at around 4.4 x 4 Inches, making this device quite small. It does fit nicely in the palm of your hand and gives you a comfortable vape pen to hold. The weight of the device is pretty nice as well, coming in at around 0.50lbs; it has a premium weight to it, but not heavy enough to feel like it weighs you down. You can tell KandyPens have managed to mix the build quality, size, and weight of this device to hit the perfect overall structure.

KandyPens Elite Review: What’s Inside the Box?


KandyPens never fails to impress with its packaging. They reach back to simpler times and package their slimmer, pen-style vapes in a sleek, sexy cigarette-style carrying case.

Not only do vapers get a high-performing and versatile vape pen in the form of the KandyPens Elite, but they also receive an elegant accessory to hold the Elite’s two atomizers, its charger and the device itself.

The device comes packaged as follows:

  • One KandyPens Elite
  • One Quartz Atomizer
  • One Ceramic Atomizer
  • One Dab Tool
  • Two Alcohol Cleaning Wipes
  • One Travel Case
  • One USB Charger
  • An Instruction Card

KandyPens Elite: The Highlights


When it comes down to it, the KandyPen is a pen device; because of this, it’s hard to fit too many features in it. However, they’ve managed to add plenty; you’ll find all of the standard temperature control features used with the power button.

Many of the other features are actually in the components themselves.

Here’s a list of what you can expect:

  • Advanced Airflow – When looking into the chamber of this device, you’ll notice little holes around the base. KandyPens have added airflow to the chamber itself, giving you a nice mixture of air and vapor when pulling from this device.
  • Easy Components – Each of the components of this device, the Tip, Battery, and Atomizer tip can be removed and replaced easily. KandyPens offers each of these on their website separately, which is an excellent option if you somehow managed to break something!
  • Atomizers – As you could probably tell in the kit contents, this kit comes equipped with 2 of the highest tier and top-end atomizers currently on the market. Giving you the ability to pick and choose between your desired vaping style.
  • Adjustable Heat Settings – You can choose from 4 different temperature settings, this can be done by pressing the power button three times to cycle through each of the settings and matching the corresponding color to your desired temperature. You can choose from 300, 350, 390 and 430 degrees (RED = Lowest).

Getting the KandyPens Elite to Work


There is not much you need to know about assembling this device; it will already come pre-assembled. There are some things you’ll need to know about using the KandyPens Elite to make sure you get the most out of the device.

If you look at the device from the side, you will notice three different areas that can be disconnected. From the top-down, you have the tip, atomizer, and battery. Understanding this will make it a lot easier to use the device and get access to everything.

Loading the Chamber

  • Users must first remove the mouthpiece. This will give them access to the chamber so they can dab their wax onto the coil or coil-less atomizer. Reconnect the tip, turn on the device, and get vaping.

Replacing the Atomizer

  • Unscrew the atomizer from the device (middle), and you will have to remove the battery and the tip from the atomizer. You can then disconnect the chamber inside and replace it with the one you are choosing to use. Reconnect everything.

Replacing the Battery

  • Unscrew the battery (bottom). Reconnect the new battery.

When changing anything listed above, you need to ensure you’re not tightening the components too much. A common problem found with vape pens such as this is when something is tightened to a point where it can’t be undone. If this happens, you will have to damage the good looking exterior to get it disconnected.

KandyPens Elite: Performance Testing

Let’s face it, when you have a device with the build quality of the KandyPens Elite, you would assume the performance is terrible, and it doesn’t work correctly. Well, that couldn’t be any more wrong! This device packs one hell of a punch, providing a massive amount of power from the battery into the top tier atomizer you will be surprised by the vapor production and flavor you get from the device.

Using the Quartz or Ceramic Atomizer will both give you a highly intense flavor and vapor production. However, quartz as the latest chamber will perform slightly better, so consider that. The vapor production from the pen is amazingly dense; you’ll have no trouble pulling for more than 6 seconds while not affecting the flavor of the pull.

Battery Life

The battery life on the device is average; you’ll be able to get at least a full days’ use out of the pen. However, we would recommend charging the device daily. As mentioned before, the ease of access design gives you the option to have two batteries if that’s what you like to do; they are easy to swap out and easy to carry around.

Maintenance Instructions

When maintaining the device, you should always clean after use, making sure it’s always clean and can perform to the best of its ability. Due to the high power atomizer and battery, you will more than likely not have any residue leftover, but it’s still worth checking.

More Information

Any information on how to build the Elite or maintain it will be found in the instruction manual found with the device, be sure to check the instruction manual before doing anything. Make sure you fully understand the vape pen as it will ultimately improve your experience with the device.

The Competition: KandyPens Elite vs. the KandyPens Gravity vs. the Mig Vapor WASP

The KandyPens Gravity

The KandyPens Gravity is also a dab and wax pen from KandyPens. The Gravity, like the Elite, also comes with two atomizer types: one with quartz rods, the other with a flat, ceramic plate. The Gravity also features four pre-set temperature settings ranging between 300F and 430F, which is similar to the temperature range of the Elite. The Elite has a different exterior than the Gravity.

KANDYPENS ELITE vs.Gravity Review

The Elite has a glossy, gold-trim surface with several color options, while the Gravity has a less flashy, stoic exterior with its sandblasted, dimpled chassis. The two KandyPens’ also have the same capacity battery and a removable carb cap atop the chamber to control airflow.

The Mig Vapor WASP

The WASP from Mig Vapor is dab and concentrates pen with a temperature range far higher than the KandyPens Elite. The WASP can reach a high temperature of 455F – only a little higher than the Elite’s highest temperature of 430F. The WASP, however, does not have any preset temperatures and operates only on the direct power output of its 900mAh battery, which is much larger than the 650mAh of the Elite battery.


The WASP atomizer is also unique in its heating element material. Rather than quartz or ceramic, like with the Elite, the WASP uses carborundum rods and stainless steel coils to vape solid concentrates.

KandyPens Elite Specifications

Battery: 650mAh
Threading: 510
TC: 300-430°F
Voltage: 110V
Colors: Gold, Ceramic
Build Material: Quartz & Ceramic



  • Fantastic build quality, inside and out
  • Quartz Atomizer & Chamber
  • Adjustable Heat Settings
  • Ease of access


  • Gets quite hot
  • Expensive
  • The Kit Contents & Specs

The Final Word on the KandyPens Elite

Are you a fan of KandyPens, in general? Do you like their design aesthetic and branding? Have you ever used a KandyPens device before (e-liquid, dry herb, concentrates)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Coming in at nearly $100, the KandyPens Elite is quite expensive, but with the build quality it has, I can understand why. The design is outstanding; they’ve made it simple and easy to use while managing to provide a decent build and high-quality pen.

The performance is excellent, outperforming some of the other devices on the market. Hosting some of the latest hardware available, this pen is pretty great. Overall, the KandyPens ELITE is one of the best wax pens that I’ve found on the market. It has some of the latest hardware and some of the best performing components that you’ll ever see. It provides a decent amount of power to the atomizer and vaporizers everything instantly.

Published: May 15, 2017Updated: December 18, 2020

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