KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer Review

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KandyPens have successfully ensured a prestigious position in the vape market, with their newest product: Gravity Vaporizer pen. It has all the most appropriate and necessary options. Click to know the reasons for Gravity’s thrive in the vaping community.

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KandyPens Gravity

Kandypens Gravity Vaporizer is a vape pen which is based on wax and fashioned as one of the most advanced types accessible in the market. It consists of 2 atomizers; quartz and donut, a temperature controlled battery, and finishing are done with noir-style sheen. And it also appears with a lifelong warranty.

The Gravity was examined by us for some time prior composing a conclusion about it. The analysis given below will make clear the traits, with how well particular operations worked for us.


KandyPens has already cast their greatly prosperous and perpetually sold-out Donuts. This time it advents with the Gravity Vape Pen Kit which consists of 2 coils;

  1. A heating chamber with no coil along with a ceramic dish which is equipped with SlowBurn technology to intensify the essence and aroma. The coil is bland-tasting and pleasing.
  2. A Quartz made Crystal chamber which comes including Dual Quartz Rods. This gives off enormous clouds and is sharper and starker.

Apart from that, the battery had the property of controlled temperature and concealed with a warranty of lifelong. A black smoothen finish made the Gravity Vape Pen splendid and lustrous in every way.

Temperature Settings and Ignition System

The Gravity Pen includes four temperature settings that is one more than the typical three sets in other pens. The color on the pen of the K logo achieved by LED specifies the current temperature. The color codes and corresponding temperatures are given below:

  • 300F – Pink
  • 350F – Red
  • 400F – Green
  • 430F – Blue

The temperature can be adjusted by pressing the K-shaped button three times promptly. The button shifts colors with sparkling of the light three times, ensuring the temperature transformation. When the pen is switched off and switched on again, the present temperature is blinked along the corresponding color three times.

In recent past, KandyPens changed the Gravity’s mouthpiece adding a carb hole to facilitate airflow and ameliorated functionality. The head was tweaked a little bit too, and a silky black finish was added, increasing convenience and augmenting the style.

We have to admit; it is thrilling to utilize this gadget. Along with the Gravity Battery, the atomizer’s execution is remarkable. The initial few draws are loaded with essence, with no risk of oil burning. Circulation of heat is also exquisite due to the disc that’s located in the chamber low enough to evaporate underlying oil.

The low temperature is truly comfortable on the lungs and at the same time preserves the flavor. If you are susceptible and likely to cough usually due to vaporizing, the reduced temperature framework assures satisfaction.

KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer

Size, Concealability, and Convenience

The Gravity Vape Pen is certainly made in a pen shape.  It is quite delicate and can be kept easily in all pockets and bags. You can even put it in a purse or a wallet. It adapts very perfectly in the hand and has a premium feel to it.

If you are looking for a vape pen or a vaporizer which is not only fashionable and shiny but also is easily concealable in a crowd, then you will be infatuated with this sexy Gravity Vape Pen. It truly seems like a typical pen, ensuring that it won’t draw undesired attention.

You will get a Gravity Battery, a Gravity Storage Case, a Ceramic Disk Atomizer, a Battery Charger, a Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer, a Dab Tool, 2 Alcohol wipes and an Instruction Card when you get the KandyPens Gravity Pen vaporizer.

Cleaning And Handling

Vapers are often troubled by the cleaning of the vaporizers. For some products, you may feel it is a deal breaker, but the KandyPens Gravity Pen will please you by its simplicity in maintenance and cleaning. The pen can be broken up into smaller pieces that give it the property of easy cleaning. You can clean it easily using a wipe plunged in alcohol.

The pen contains a durable battery. We did charge the Gravity Pen once with few days interval and did not encounter any low battery signal. Considering the time, it can be said that charging is slow because it takes approximately two hours to complete charging. However, it may be ignored since you can use it for a few days at a go.

The charger is convenient and handy which gives you the opportunity to charge your Gravity Vape Pen whenever you like.

Maybe the finest thing about Gravity’s temperature control battery is that it has a lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer. This assures that whatever happens to the battery, KandyPens is bound to retrieve it. To be honest, this type of warranty is not found, particularly in the category of the wax pen. The warranty is quite relieving not only for the customers who already bought it but also for those who are planning to buy KandyPens product.


If you are looking for a wax pen which is extremely easy in usage and has a reasonable price, the KandyPens Gravity Pen is the perfect preference. The price matches with other wax pen vaporizer, but it dominates over others in case of durability and warranty which is lifelong.


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