G-Pen Connect Review: A Reliable Connection


by James Bickford

Updated: December 7, 2020

g pen connect review

Review Score: 81/100

Price Range:
Battery Capacity:
Variable Voltage:
3.1V, 3.6V, 4.1V
Glass Adapter:
Works with:
  • Wax icon


  • Sturdy build and magnetic connections
  • The spring release carb cab delivers great airflow
  • Good battery life


  • Not compatible with dry herbs

Starting Price: $ 149.95

The G-Pen Connect is a hybrid device that combines elements of a dab pen into a single, portable e-rig. The Connect consists of three central parts: the battery section, the atomizer, and the glass pipe adapter. There are other elements to each of these parts that give the Connect a unique design.

The battery and carb cab features a magnetic connection giving the device easy usability. The heating element features an all-ceramic, donut-style atomizer and uses a patented reverse airflow system for better inhalation.

What’s Interesting about the Connect

The G-Pen Connect looks incomplete like it has parts missing. The only difference between the Connect and other portable e-rigs like the Oura or the Peak is that this device does not include a glass piece like those other models. The atomizer housing connects to any 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm glass spout with its glass-on-glass adapter.

The entire device consists only of three parts: the Connect battery, the atomizer, and the glass water pipe adapter. Each piece connects to the other with a magnetic connection, at least the battery and the atomizer. The water pipe adapter fits snug over the base of the atomizer housing, then to any compatible female water pipe.


The atomizer housing features the top-loading, all-ceramic heating chamber that also uses a magnetic top cap so it stays firmly in place. The battery section – all the parts feature a durable metal alloy build – has the only button on the device, which controls the voltage and power settings.

The parts all connect seamlessly. The square-battery section is very compact and fits into the palm of your hand. It has an all-black front section that belies the two control buttons on its surface – the power button and the selector button. The battery works on both an on-demand and heat-up function.

The Kit

The G-Pen Connect kit comes with all the essential parts of the device along with a few extras. The standard kit comes only with the 14mm adapter. The other sized adapters – the 10mm and the 18mm – are sold separately. Here’s what you’ll find in the G-Pen Connect Kit:

  • One x G-Pen Connect Battery
  • One x G-Pen Connect Tank
  • One x G-Pen Connect Housing
  • One x G-Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter (14mm)
  • One x G-Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter Connector
  • One x USB Charging Cable
  • Three x Spare O-Rings

How It Handles

The magnetic connection between the various pieces that make up this device is very strong. They attach even when holding them a few inches apart. The connection is also strong, and there is no play between the parts. The tank section fits into the top of the atomizer section with ease, and the top cap both stays in place but is easily removable.


  • One of the unique features of the entire Connect device is the spring-loaded carb cap located on the atomizer housing. Instead of a regular carb cap that you can place or remove by hand, the carb cap on the Connect lets fresh air into the chamber to clear any remaining vapor without letting it escape. The design is very efficient and it is unique to the Connect.


    The Connect has a very straightforward operation. The battery should be charged fully with the USB-to-USB charging cable. When the charge is complete – when the battery button turns a solid color – the device is ready to use. For a hands-free setup, users can first attach the atomizer section to a stable glass piece to make loading it easier.

    Place the glass piece onto the bottom of the atomizer housing, then attach the entire unit to the open joint piece of any 14mm glass pipe. With the atomizer secure, you can then lift off the magnetic top cap and load your material into the chamber. Secure the top cap once the chamber is loaded and attach the battery to the magnet.

    The battery section has only one button on its top-facing screen, which is also where the USB port is to charge the battery. Press the “G” button:

    • Five times to turn on the device
    • Three times to change between voltage settings
    • Two times to select the voltage
    • Users can also press and hold the “G” button to enable manual heating

    Once the heat-up time is over (about ten seconds; manual heating takes about fifteen seconds), the device will flash while heating and then turn solid to indicate it is ready to vape. The heat output lasts for about another ten seconds before it starts to cool down again. During inhalation, users can press the spring carb release to increase airflow and cloud production.

    Powering the Connect

    The G-Pen Connect features an internal 850mAh battery that can power the device for at least a day or two, depending on the frequency of usage and the voltage level. The three voltage levels consist of:

    • 3.1V (Blue light)
    • 3.6V (Green light)
    • 4.1V (Red light)

    Using the highest temperature level will drain the battery quicker, but it also provides for most cloud production. Users can choose how they want to use the device. They could also opt for manual heating, so they can control the length of the heating process, but they will still need to choose their power level.

    Vaping the Connect

    The G-Pen e-rig can output vapor as well as other devices in this class. The unit has a sizable chamber so it can fit a good amount of material, while the flat-disc heating element heats up slowly to allow for maximum flavor release. Along with flavor quality, though, the device is also capable of outputting a lot of milky clouds.

    The heat-up time is minimal, as anything faster would be too harsh and burn through material too quickly. The inhalation style is also loose and is almost effortless. The spring-loaded carb cab is the highlight of the Connect’s design, however, as it is an ingenious way to clear the leftover vapor in the pipe, as well as a cooling mechanism.

    The compatibility of the 14mm glass adapter could be a problem for users that do not have a glass water pipe with that size. They could order the other sized pieces, but there should have been more versatility with the choices. Still, 14mm is universal, but make sure you have a compatible water pipe before getting the Connect.

    The Competition

    PuffCo Peak

    The PuffCo Peak was the first salvo in the fight to create a portable, e-rig. The Peak is unique for its distinctive, pyramid-like glass water pipe that also features a few LEDs under it that illuminate when it is used. The Peak consists of this eye-catching glass piece attached to the battery base that also features the atomizer section that extends from it.
    Puffco Peak Dab Vaporizer image
    The Peak uses four preset temperature levels with a range of between 450F and 600F. The device uses an all-ceramic heating element and takes about two hours to charge.

    Focus V Carta

    The Focus V from Carta is a dual-use, portable e-rig so it can vape both concentrates and dry herb material. The Carta does this with its two buckets made of different materials. Users can opt for either an all-quartz or all-titanium heating element to vape either waxes and oils or herbs.

    The device has four, preset temperatures installed onto its battery, but the Carta can also pair with a smartphone and the Carta app to enable full temperature control.

    G Pen Connect Vaporizer Specifications

    G-Pen Connect
    Male Glass Adapter: 14 mm
    Battery Capacity: 850mAh
    Micro USB charger: Yes
    Variable Voltage: 3.1V, 3.6V, 4.1V



    • Easy-to-use
    • Simple controls
    • Sturdy build and magnetic connections
    • The spring release carb cab delivers great airflow
    • Good battery life
    • Good versatility with the voltage settings


    • Not compatible with dry herbs

    Conclusion: G-Pen Connect Review: A Solid Unit for Dabs

    The G-Pen Connect replaces butane torches as the main power source for using a high-powered dab rig. Users can simply attach it to any compatible water pipe and get an exceptional vaping experience. Of course, users will have to already have a water pipe, which means the Connect is meant for experienced users who have the requisite hardware.

    But, users who are interested in trying dabs can also enjoy the device. It has easy functionality, simple one-button controls, and only a few pieces of equipment so users do not have to mess around with so many different parts. The variable voltage settings give users enough range to either enjoy mellow, low-temp dabs, or high-power, billowy clouds of vapor.

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