KandyPens Session Review — Powerful and Yet Portable E-Nail


by James Bickford

Updated: December 8, 2020

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Review Score: 97/100

Price Range:
Black and White
1,200 mah USB-C Compatible
6.4 cm Tall (2.5in)
Works with:
  • Wax icon


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent quality vapor
  • Ceramic heating chamber
  • Good battery with USB-C charging


  • Does not come with a glass rig

Starting Price: $ 199.97

The Session is a portable dab wax vaporizer that has many surprising features vapers will appreciate. It is a well built and designed product, inside and out, and made for people who want something portable and efficient.

The Session is not just well-made, but it also delivers a satisfying vaping experience, generating tasty vapor while evenly vaporizing the concentrates.

Vaping the KandyPens Session

Kandypens Session Review by vapingdaily
Vaping the Session was an amazing experience, hands down. The beauty of this vape is that it is easy to use and delivers tremendous quality vapor.

Loading the chamber is very simple, and all the user has to do is connect it to the glass pipe, click the firing button, and vape. There is nothing to it.

The vapor is of such high quality because of the well-designed chamber. Each puff is clean and pure, providing a full taste of used concentrates.

Session Vapor Production

Vapor production is one of the best reasons to buy this vape.

  • First drag heats the material to the most suitable condition,
  • Second blows a decent cloud to make the most of a dab wax.
  • Every next drag just polishes the feeling.

Sesh Mode and Voltage Settings

It has 4 temperature settings (with voltage output levels: 2.6, 3.0, 3.6, and 4.2 volts) and the most comfortable “Sesh mode.”

Tap twice to activate a Sesh mode that lasts for 60 seconds. It means automatic heating for a minute. With the powerful battery, this mode guarantees a respectable amount of vaping time before the battery needs to be recharged.

Session Safety Features

The Session comes with all the typical battery modes that come with these products, including overheating and short-circuit protection.

It also has a five-minute auto-cutoff feature that helps preserve battery life.

Opening the KandyPens Session Starter Kit

The starter kit comes with many excellent accessories:

  • There is a magnetic glass mouthpiece,
  • a 14 mm adapter,
  • and a key chain for increased portability.

The only thing missing is the glass tube. It should be bought separately.

KandyPens Session Build and Design Quality

Outstanding build quality was a necessity for this product because it is designed for portability. And KandyPens did an excellent job.

The frame is made from aluminum alloy, giving it a high degree of durability. Additionally, it is small and ergonomically designed, making it convenient to transport. With only 6.4cm tall (about 2.5”), it perfectly fits any pocket.
session e nail vape by kandpens white review

Battery Performance

The Session has a 1,200 mah battery that can last much of the day, depending on how frequently it is used. The vape also supports USB-C fast charging, which is a great bonus.

Meaning the battery will charge much faster than similar products.

Lights Indicators

Four light indicators are on the body that indicates battery life and the voltage level.

  • Four lights shining indicate a full battery.
  • The fewer lights there are on, the lower the battery life.
  • The lights also cycle on and off when the vape is being used.

Ceramic Heating Chamber

The heating chamber is another outstanding feature. Made of ceramic, the chamber evenly heats the concentrate, leaving no odd tastes or smells.
ceramic heating chamber session by kandypens review
Concentrates heat up efficiently, not too fast nor too slow. The efficiency with which this chamber works is the number one reason to be excited about this e-nail.

How to Use the KandyPens Session

  1. The first thing to do is charge the battery if it is not already charged.
  2. The USB port is located at the base of the vape. It will charge very quickly because it is USB-C compatible.
  3. Once the vape is charged, set up the rig.
  4. Do this by placing the rig-connector into the bottom of the vaporizer. Also, be sure to fill the glass tube with water.
  5. Put concentrate into the ceramic chamber, and then put the mouthpiece onto the vape.
  6. Click the firing button twice to activate the 60-second sesh mode. Once all these steps are complete, enjoy the Session!

Competing Vaporizers

Session vs. Oura

The Oura is a more powerful dab rig by Kandypens.
It has several more features than the Session:

  1. First, the Oura has a much more powerful 3,000 mah battery than the Session, allowing for double the dab vaping time.
  2. It also has pass-through charging, meaning it can be vaped while recharging.
  3. Additionally, it has a lifetime warranty covering USB-C fast charging, a “smart touch” power sensor, and all the parts.

The only downsides are that Oura is more pricey and bigger. The Session is a better alternative for those who want a good vape but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars. Portable design makes a huge advantage to Session in this comparison.

Session vs. G Pen Connect

The G Pen Connect is not much less expensive than the Session, making it another affordable concentrate vaporizer.
It is compatible with waxes and extracts, and it has three temperature control levels as well. The quality of the vapor is excellent in both G Pen Connect and Session, thanks to the ceramic coils included with the starter kits.

The Session’s main advantage over the G Pen Connect is its more powerful battery. The G Pen Connect only has an 850 mah battery.


Construction Material: Aluminum Alloy
Works with Dab rigs (male and female)
Height 6.4cm (2.5inches)
Output Voltage Range: 2.6 – 4.2V
Battery Capacity: 1200mA
Charging: USB type C



  • Excellent quality vapor
  • Ceramic heating chamber
  • Good 1200mAh battery with USB-C charging
  • Easy to use modes with automatic 1-minute session
  • Reasonable price


  • Does not come with a glass rig

Final Thoughts About the KandyPens Session

The KandyPens Session is sure to be a big hit with people who enjoy vaping concentrates. Most people will like the battery life and the outstanding quality of the heating chamber. The heating chamber produces some of the best vapor there is to be had. It comes out mildly warm and clean, enabling the user to get a load full of concentrates.

Other things to like are the amazing quality of the build, great accessories, the low price, and the ease with which the product can be used.

If you have used the Session, please let us know what you think. Leave a comment telling everything you want us and our readers to know.

Published: December 7, 2020

James Bickford

My way of understanding the significance of vaping came not only through the disruption of smoking but its effects on society as a whole. Now I bring people to vaping and bring vaping to people. I love using new gear, writing in-depth reviews and generally nerding out about vaping to like-minded people.


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3 comments on “KandyPens Session Review — Powerful and Yet Portable E-Nail

  • Austin

    December 22, 2022 at 7:22 pm

    This is unreal, I am a brand new customer and the session that was sent to me is useless right out of the box, I fully charged it and when i try and activate it the K just blinks red briefly?

  • Kat Barbato

    December 15, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    Hi. Just received the session and I can’t get it to heat up. The four choices for temp doesn’t show up. Was so excited to use this. It won’t heat up. Please help…thank you

    • James Bickford

      December 28, 2020 at 6:41 am

      Hi Kat, thanks for writing in and sorry to hear about your problems with the Session. There could be any number of problems with your Session and without looking it we can’t really recommend anything. Make sure it’s fully charged and all the pieces are installed as is so make sure to refer to the user’s manual. If the problem continues you should contact the vendor or KandyPens directly. Hope this helps, let us know how it goes. Take care.