//FireFly 2 Review – Worth the Hefty Price Tag?
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FireFly 2 Review – Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

FireFly 2 - A Good-Looking Expensive Vape
Despite its shortcomings, based on cutting edge technology, the Firefly 1 by Firefly Vapor was a revolutionary, trendsetting product. Its fancy design could go perfectly well with any fashion choice. The FireFly 2 offers more and improved features with a better design to take the vaping experience to a whole new level.

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FireFly 2 Vaporizer Review: Specs and Price Tag:

FireFly 2 Vaporizer

  • Released: February 2016

  • Manufactured By: Firefly Vapor

  • Designed For: Loose-leaf and Concentrates

  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 1.4 x 0.95

  • Price: $329.95

The high-end vaporizer costs $329.95. It comes with an unprecedented number of accessories including: two rechargeable batteries, a charging dock, a cleaning kit, and three concentrate pads.

Although it brings many new and improved features to the table, it also costs a pretty penny. As a result, we recommend that if you already have the Firefly 1 and are happy with it, making the switch isn’t necessary. Even though, it offers a peerless experience, we believe it’s slightly overpriced.However, if you want the best possible vaping experience, it’s a wise investment.

Who Is the FireFly 2 Vaporizer For?

FireFly 2 is an advanced device for those who have at least some vaping experience with herbs and waxes. While it isn’t complex nor hard to use, it does have a fairly steep learning curve. The only thing that the first-time users might probably be turned off by is the $350 price point which truly sets it a level above most.

Firefly 2 Video Overview

FireFly 2 Vaporizer Design and Usability

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer looks unique and compelling. It takes much of its design from its predecessor and takes it one step further. It doesn’t look factory made at all. It’s obvious that whoever was overseeing the facility does care how well the product came out. The vape is light and convenient and has a very nice and luxurious feel.

The battery on the original Firefly was a major issue and caused many people not to like it. They didn’t last long enough and failed quite often. This was fixed in the Firefly 2. Now, the batteries are higher in quality and last twice as long.

One of my favorite features from the vape, is the fact that it is relatively odorless and won’t alert anyone of its presence. For a herb vaporizer, it doesn’t produce a lot of vapor. This makes it an ideal choice for stealth vapers.

The Firefly Vapor app is pretty amazing. While a few other vaporizers also have apps, this one allows you to regulate the type of heat you use (concentrate or loose-leaf). The settings also allow you to change what the buttons do. It is also helpful in checking your battery level so you can charge it when necessary.

What We Liked about the FireFly 2 Vaporizer

The vape offers incredible vapor quality; something we expected from a high-end product. You will get the flavor of the concentrates or loose-leaf fast. It’ll feel like a punch in the face. Depending on the size of the leaf or how soaked your concentrate pad is, you can adjust the consumption of the herb: a short vaping session or over many sessions.

The steel wool concentrate allows for fast heat up time and allows the concentrate to be melted easier than others. Just don’t put large amounts in because it might not vaporize properly and can clog the device. The vape also comes with two removable batteries which are very convenient for frequent travelers and outdoor people.

The Firefly 2 also features a replaceable battery which prolongs the life of this product for longer than most. Compared to others, the battery charges very quickly. It charges from 0 to 100% in between 45 minutes and an hour. A full battery allows for a considerable number of draws, around 50, on a full battery. The heat setting and pull strength also allow you to tweak how many pulls you can get per charge.

The Firefly 2 is very quick and easy to clean. Just pop off the top, wipe it down with damp paper towel or cloth and put it back, and that’s it!

Things We Didn’t Like about the FireFly 2 Vaporizer

Although the Firefly 2 doesn’t have most of the flaws that we saw in the first version, there are still some. Firstly, the draw resistance of the vape is pretty hard and doesn’t allow for you to take big pulls easily. It’s a true mouth to lung vaping experience, and you have to take your time.

Secondly, the exterior can be easily scratched if you keep it in the same pocket as your keys or happen to drop it on an abrasive surface. Moreover, I would recommend a coarse grind as opposed to a fine grind because the fine grind gets caught in the vapor path and stop the airflow of the vapor. This can make the draw resistance even worse.

It doesn’t come with the pass-through feature so you can’t charge and vape at the same time. This is a feature that’s sought after by most vapers and is present in almost every new vaporizer. Although not as heavy as the Firefly 1, the buildup of the vape is also very heavy. This requires you to clean it often. It is easy to clean though.

Is It Worth The Price?

All in all, The Firefly 2 is a great vape and can be used by almost anyone with a little practice. It’s worth the price if you are looking for a high-end vape that offers amazing, customizable experience. Additionally, it also comes with numerous accessories and community to help you with any problems you have.

You could easily use this vape for many years as long as you take proper care of it. Despite some shortcomings, it would have to be my pick for the top vape in the above $300 category. The Firefly 2 Vaporizer will blow almost any vape out of the water with its design, strength, and convenience.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer
Vape Rating: 85/100 by


  1. taylor Rome
    taylor Rome December 9, 2017 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    the micro filter usually set within plastic mouth piece was missing when I received my new firefly2.

    I realize i could buy a replacement plastic mouth piece on line
    with micro filter already installed for 10. plus shipping but why
    cant they sell micro filters separately?
    Without that micro filter
    micro canabis particles
    collect in mouthpiece
    which means particles are reaching the lungs.
    Such a small relatively inexpensive part could be improved to protect the consumer’s health by supplying a pack of micro
    filters in the Firefly2 kit

  2. Eleanor Trainor
    Eleanor Trainor December 29, 2017 at 8:27 pm - Reply

    Is firefly 2 price in Canadian currency or US?

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