Puffco Peak Review — The Smart Handheld Dab Rig Device


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: December 22, 2020

Puffco Peak desktop

Review Score: 95/100

Price Range:
Average Battery Life:
30 dabs
17.7 x 7 x 7 cm
Works with:
  • Wax icon


  • Fast heating duration and long-lasting charge
  • Haptic feedback
  • It is shareable


  • No precise temperature controls
  • Cannot be utilized while charging

Starting Price: $ 299.99

The Puffco Peak belongs to the new kind of extract vaporizers known as handheld rigs. It is a smart e-rig that offers efficiency and convenience in a highly compact package. It is a breakthrough in the vaping device industry as it unleashes the full power of wax concentrates.

This vaporizer is flavorful, potent, and efficient with smart temperature calibration, four incredible temperature settings, fast charging, twenty-second heat up duration, and responsive feedback. It is a must-buy for consumers of cannabis concentrate who want to forgo conventional the time-consuming and messy dabbing process.

What Is in the Puffco Peak E-Rig Package?

The Puffco Peak is packaged in a sturdy box to ensure that it gets to consumers safely. Besides the sleek Puffco Peak Vaporizer device, the package also comes with a loading tool which heightens the level of operational convenience. It also includes a carrying case for easy storage and transport, an extra ceramic cup, a tether, carb cap, and cleaning swabs. The included micro USB cable and supercharger guarantees that the e-rig doesn’t go off when in use.

Puffco Peak Dab Vaporizer starter kit image

Build Quality

It is irrefutable that the design of Puffco Peak is interesting and smart. It is a vaping unit with a cone shape and an embedded water pipe, a vertical figure with a high peak. It is called a Peak because its cone design resembles a mountain in a way.

This unit is only 7” tall with a 3” width at the base, making it very easy to hold with a single hand while the consumer vapes. The build quality feels sturdy and solid, and the silicon base is incredibly durable without easily slipping or tipping. The large extent of the unit’s weight is concentrated at the base area, preventing accidents.

VD Puffco Peak Dab Vaporizer black image

The Puffco Peak is built with a hand-blown borosilicate glass ensuring that the unit is unsusceptible to cracking and also heat-resistant. Unlike the regular e-rigs where the water bubbler and the ceramic wax receptacle are both separate from the device, in the Puffco Peak, they are integrated, increasing the convenience. Its build is optimized for single-handed use as it has a single front button that is utilized for modifying the preset temperatures.

Temperature Flexibility

The Puffco Peak is known for its great flavors, and consumers enjoy experimenting with the settings and smart temperature calibration settings. The middle green and orange settings offer the most fun, and the highest settings of the unit create big clouds. Consumers can move through the different temperature settings pressing the button once.

Puffco Peak desktop

A low setting (450˚ F) with a > 20 seconds heat up time will create a small load, while a medium setting (500˚F) with >20 seconds heating time offers a medium load. On the other hand, consumers can get a large load with the high setting (500˚ F) combined with a >25 seconds heat up time, or an extra load with the peak setting (600˚ F) and >25 seconds heat-up duration.

Even more, there is a sesh mode added to increase the heating rate for a long 15-second vaping session. This can be used for boosting the heat or sharing with friends. Consumers can start the sesh mode by double-clicking the button during low vapor production.

How to Use the Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak unit is a simple e-rig with a fast and easy loading moving through the temperature presets. To use this unit, consumers simply need to:

  • Extract the glass bubbler from the bottom and fill it with water to a point just over the air holes
  • Connect the bubbler to the base, then click down on the power button for about three seconds to power up the unit
  • Press the front power button to go through the temperature resets
  • Lightly touch the wax into the base of the ceramic cup, then use the included carb cap to cover it
  • Double click the front power button to initiate the heating process
  • Start vaping by inhaling from the bubbler

Maintenance and Cleaning

This Puffco Peak unit is designed to require only little maintenance as the glass bubbler and ceramic are the major items that require maintenance, and both can be cleaned easily. To clean the ceramic, the user can simply dip the included cleaning swabs in isopropyl alcohol before using them to clean the bowl. To clean the bubbler, pour a little isopropyl alcohol into it, swish the alcohol around, pour it away, and then use warm water to rinse out the bubbler.

Puffco Peak Dab Vaporizer img

Vapers can also clean the gold connector and the atomizer with a cotton swab that has been soaked in iso alcohol. The base of the Puffco Peak is electric, so it must not get wet; otherwise, it can damage. Before removing the atomizer for cleaning, it is crucial to ensure that the bowl is cooled. It is best to clean the unit after every 20 uses. As the Puffco Peak is low maintenance, consumers are never bothered about sharing it with friends during a party.


The performance of the Puffco Peak vaporizer is truly exceptional. Regardless of the temperature setting, this unit heats up in less than thirty seconds, and consumers can start their vaping sessions immediately. As all the heat is focused on the ceramic, which is directly placed at the front of the device, users never have to be worried about the unit getting unbearable hot to touch. The positioning also means that users don’t accidentally touch the vaping bowl while vaping.

The performance of the Puffco Peak is revolutionary with advanced features such as the haptic feedback and smart temperature calibration that can’t be easily found in other similar vaporizers. Vapers can rely on the topnotch performance of the Puffco Peak to provide clean and smooth vapors whether they are home alone or partying with friends.

What’s more, the battery performance of this dab e-rig is also great as it is ideal for length; multiple sessions as it can be used for up to thirty dabs before recharging is required. Besides, it takes only about two hours for it to reach full recharge.

Vapor Quality

With the high-quality water filtration and ceramic, users can expect nothing less than the best from the Puffco’s vapor quality. The ceramic cup ensures that the concentrates are evenly heated without the fear of combustion. The potency of the vapors is preserved, and they remain flavorful. Thanks to the great preset temperatures, users can get their preferred flavor quality from the two middle settings, the max settings or the Peak settings.

Similar Products on the Market

Hyer Big E-Rig Vaporizer

The Hyer Big E-Rig is powerful and portable dab e-rig which doesn’t allow for combustion, and that is where the similarities end. It uses a ceramic heating element positioned directly under the quartz banger to guarantee continuous heat.

Hyer Big E-Rig Vaporizer image

It features a precise temperature control that allows users to choose their setting to the desired degree specifically. Unlike the Puffco Peak, it is completely cord-free and has a self-cleaning mode.

Mig Rig Pro Wax Oil E-Rig

This e-rig is similar to the Puffco Peak unit in terms of the performance as well as the design. However, it is sold with an attached case made with pine. The case includes a Mig Rig Pro 50 battery which allows up to 50 watts for the purpose of future coil.

Mig Rig Pro Wax Oil E-Rig Vaporizer image

The Twisted Bubbler and the battery base are also distinguished from the Puffco as they are hand-crafted.

Puffco Peak Specifications

Puffco Peak
Temperature Settings: 450°F, 500°F, 550°F and 600°F
Dimensions: 17.7 x 7 x 7 cm
Weight: 680 grams
Bowl Material: Ceramic
Heat-up duration: 20 seconds
Warranty: One year
Base: Rugged Silicon
Average Battery Life: 30 dabs
Glass: Hand-blown borosilicate

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Fast heating duration
  • Haptic feedback
  • It is shareable
  • Long-lasting charge
  • Cleaning is made easy

The Negatives

  • No precise temperature controls
  • Cannot be utilized while charging

Final Thoughts

The Puffco Peak is the top choice for the handheld dab rig vaporizers. It is ideal for consumers who desire the intensity and performance of e-nails, but with the convenience of a vape pen. It delivers superb vapor quality in a sleek and stylish package that can be easily held with a single hand.

Published: July 27, 2019Updated: December 22, 2020

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    May 13, 2020 at 11:43 am

    Peak is super cool when it works. Puffco support WILL leave you wondering if you will ever get a response. Probably going to have to file a complaint with my AG.