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Review Score: 93/100 - 93
Price Range: Aspire Gusto Mini Starter Kit - $19.99 | Aspire Gusto Starter Kit - $34.95
Works with: E-Liquids
The Aspire Gusto Starter Kit is a closed system box mod, meaning it uses only pre-filled e-juice cartridges that slip easily into the connecting slot of the mod. The cartridges, depending on where you live in the US or the EU, can hold between 2ml for the TPD countries and more than 6 ml for non-TPD countries.

Aspire Gusto starter kits are available in two variants: Mini and just Kit. Mini has a bit smaller size, lower battery capacity 900mAh, and smaller cartridge — 4.2 ml pod of e-liquid. And that’s where their differences end. The coils in the atomizer are alike and take about 1.5 ohms of resistance. The mod includes 1.100mAh battery. The total output of the Aspire Gusto Starter Kit is 17W, which makes it a good fit for regular vaping but not for cloud chasing.

Aspire Gusto Starter Kit

As its prime selling point suggests, the Aspire Gusto Starter Kit has everything already inside to begin vaping. This AIO box mod is easy-to-use, as it has only one button, and there are no adjustable features on the mod. The first version of the Aspire Gusto Starter Kit came with pods made by Element. They used Nicotine Salts in its e-juices that have a little higher concentration of nicotine, which meant that you could get more nicotine satisfaction with fewer draws.

The Gusto uses a USB port for charging, and after you charge it for about two hours, the device is ready to use when the indicator light turns green. One button. Pre-filled disposable cartridges. No interchangeable parts. No coils to buy. No tanks to replace. It doesn’t get much simpler and straightforward than the Gusto Starter kit.

Halo Gusto Mod

Gusto Mini Starter Kit: Performance

This device is a mini pod mod from two top leading manufacturers in the vaping industry – Aspire and Halo. They collaborated in producing this mini-mod to be as simple, straightforward and still offers outstanding performance. So far, no reports on users experiencing dry hits, gurgling or leaking whatsoever.

The vapor production is not only good, but it also gives awesome flavor, which is on par with most top vape devices. It also has a battery indicator, so users don’t suddenly run out of power. The pod mod battery indicator features three minutes LED lights to show the battery’s strength – green and red. The mod gives great airy draw, making it more preferred for a restrictive lung hit to mouth to lungs.


Gusto Mini Starter Kit: Easy to Use

The device only weighs 78g making it barely noticeable when it is in your pocket. The pod mod body has a window for users to monitor the level of e-liquid without having to remove the door. It is effortless to get started, all you have to do is place the pre-filled cartridge, which is as easy and straightforward as placing a positive of AA battery to the negative of a lamp. Click the fire rubberized button five times to turn the device on and press the trigger to commence your vaping session. The device also comes with safety feature, ten-seconds automatic shut-off, to prevent the coil or your pocket from burning up.

The Aspire Gusto vs. the Kanger Togo Mini vs. the SMOK Priv One

The Kanger Togo Mini

The Kanger Togo Mini features a sturdy, built-in 1600mAh battery, and an internal 3.8ml tank, which is refillable, although the tank has much less capacity than the 6 ml, pre-filled cartridges for the Gusto. The Togo Mini has a built-in, adjustable airflow feature and can vape at sub-ohm resistance, neither of which are available on the Gusto. There is little difference between the price points of each; the Gusto is easier to use, but the Togo can do more.

The Kanger Togo Mini Vape Starter Kit image

The SMOK Priv One

The SMOK Priv One is a tiny, all-in-one device that has a decent 920mAh battery (much less than either the Togo Mini or Gusto). The Priv One has almost the same dimensions as the Gusto, both standing at close to 75mm (or 2.9inches), but the Priv can sub-ohm vape, and reach a power output of 25W. The price difference is negligible with the Priv One costing just $10 more than the Gusto, but offering a much more satisfying direct-lung vaping experience than the mouth-to-lung Gusto.

Smok-Priv-One All-In-One Starter Kit

Is Gusto Starter Kit The Best Portable Mod?

The Aspire Gusto Starter Kit delivers in almost every aspect. It’s easy-to-use, moderately powerful and fits great in your hand. Its cloud production is not overwhelming. This AIO kit has all the things you need to provide a great introduction to pod mods and closed systems.

Review Score: 93/100 - 93

  • Small size and discreet
  • 1.100 mAH
  • E-liquid level window
  • No leaking/gurgling/dry hits
  • Affordable
  • 510-compatible drip tip


  • Not a true MTL draw
  • Few flavors and nicotine levels

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