SMOK Thiner Review: A Thin Vape With a Long-Lasting Battery


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Updated: April 27, 2023

smok thiner review

Review Score: 97/100

Price Range:
$24.95 - $31.99
Battery Capacity:
Wattage Range:
1W - 25W
Black, Gray, Silver/Red, Blue/Purple, Silver Blue, Silver Lake Blue
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Good flavor production
  • Durable build
  • Easy-to-use


  • Only one pod in the kit
  • Low vapor production

Starting Price: $ 24.95

The SMOK Thiner is a super-slim pod mod with an internal 700mAh battery and a removable, 4ml capacity pod. The Thiner uses draw-activation, but it has a small power button on its exterior and a 0.69” OLED screen that gives users control over the variable wattage feature. The device can output a maximum of 25W and offers users a range between 5 and 25W.

The Thiner also uses an integrated coil, which is installed into the pod and not removable. However, the coil does offer a good balance between MTL and DL vaping since it is rated for 0.8homs.

An Up-Close Look at the SMOK Thiner

smok thiner review

The SMOK Thiner is a pod device with an internal 700mAh battery and a single operating button on its side. Thin pods are nothing new since the Suorin Air and similar devices have come out, but the Thiner is unique for its power output since it can reach up to 25W. It also beats many other slim models as the slimmest since it measures 10mm in thickness, while the Air is 12mm.

The other important feature of the Smok Thiner is the fact that it has variable voltage control. In addition, the device comes outfitted with a small OLED on the side that gives users access to the controls and other vaping features. The unit is not only super-light but durable and has a zinc-alloy exterior to protect it from falls or bumps.

The Thiner has a semi-transparent 4ml pod with an integrated coil that attaches to the top section of the mod. The pod has a small opening on the corner that acts as the mouthpiece for the unit, and there is a red silicone tab on the bottom that stops the pod’s fill port. The coil inside is rated at 0.8ohms so that you can use both regular or nicotine salts e-juices.

There are also various protections and safety features included in the device since it has a chipset inside. The device has an 8-second cut off time and can also detect the resistance of the coil or pod installed. You can also charge the device using Type-C charging, as the battery can charge at 2A.

SMOK Thiner Kit Contents

The SMOK Thiner is a small package that comes in an even smaller box, but the device has everything a typical pod vape needs to get started. Only there’s one pod in the kit and no replacement.

  • 1 x THINER Device
  • 1 x 0.8ohm Smok THINER Meshed Pods
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

The Look and Feel

The SMOK Thiner pod has an incredibly low profile that you won’t even feel it in your pocket. It is super-thin and lightweight, but the hard edges of the mod make it a little uncomfortable to hold. The edges are slightly rounded, so it is not like holding an actual credit card, but the zinc-alloy exterior is still comfortable to feel and touch.

There is only a single power button on the side; since the mod is draw-activated, you don’t have to keep pressing the button. The OLED is also well-placed and is not difficult to read by turning over your palm to look at it. The screen and button make up the tiny user interface, and SMOK did an excellent job of keeping it simple.

The Pods, E-Juice Picks, and Battery Power

smok thiner pod

The pod has an integrated 0.8ohm mesh coil that strikes the right balance between flavor and vapor production. With a resistance like that (neither MTL nor DL), you can use a lot of different e-juices ranging from high PG or 50/50 e-juices. A high VG e-juice could be used, but it might gunk up the coil too fast and clog up the airways since the mod can only output 25W.

One drawback is that the pod’s fill port, while sizable, only takes a syringe applicator. Any other e-juice nozzle won’t work, so make sure you have a syringe around so you can fill the pod because no other nozzle will fit. The pod is semi-transparent, so you can easily check your e-juice level.

The Smok Thiner is variable voltage, so you have a lot of room to vape at different wattages, depending on your preferences. For example, you can opt to vape at 10W or 12W for a truer MTL experience and to prolong the battery life, or you could vape at the maximum of 25W. The pre-installed coil works with many different e-juices and can work well with high-VG, but a 50/50 VG/PG juice would work best.

The pod is disposable and has a vape life of about a week if you are not a heavy vaper. You have to buy a new pod every time, though, which is too bad since the Nord and other SMOK pods have interchangeable and removable coil heads, so you could swap them out instead of throwing out the pod.

Getting Started

The pod and battery section come assembled, so you only have to remove the pod and fill it to get started. You can also fully charge the battery since it comes with a half-charge. The charging time should only take about 45 minutes, given the small capacity of the cell. Once the battery is ready, you can attach the pod and make sure the magnetic connection is made.

To turn on the device:

  • Press the power button five times

If you want to change the settings or access the menu:

  • Press the power three times

The Competition

SMOK Thiner vs. Suorin Air Plus

Suorin Air Plus Kit Colors

The Suorin Air Plus is an update to the original Air pod device and has an extended 950mAh battery capacity and a 3.5ml pod. As a result, the Air Plus can last longer than the SMOK pod, but it can only output 22W, compared to the former’s 25W maximum. However, the Air Plus does succeed when compared to the Thiner in thinness since the former measures a minuscule 9.9mm compared to the SMOK device’s even 10mm width.

SMOK Thiner vs. SMOK Acro

SMOK Acro Kit Review

The SMOK Acro is another 25W pod from the same brand but has a slightly different user interface, even though most of the specs match up. The Acro also has draw-activation paired with a power button like the Thiner.

But the Acro does outshine the other SMOK pod with a huge 1000mAh battery. The larger battery comes at the cost of a bulkier device while still being svelte, portable, and sexy. The Acro also measures 10mm in width but stands over 100mm in height.

SMOK Thiner Specifications

Battery Type: Rechargeable Integrated 700mAh
Wattage Output Range: 1W - 25W
Construction Material: Zinc-Alloy Chassis
Draw-Activated Firing Button: Yes
Display Screen: 0.69” OLED
Wattage Adjustment Button:
E-Liquid Capacity: 4mL
Mesh Coil Pod: Integrated 0.8ohm
Colors: Black, Gray, Silver/Red, Blue/Purple, Silver Blue, Silver Lake Blue


The Positives

  • Easy-to-use
  • Good flavor production
  • Durable build
  • Well-made from high-quality materials

The Negatives

  • Only one pod in the kit
  • Low vapor production

Conclusion: SMOK Thiner Review: A Sleek Pod Vape You Can Control

Have you used SMOK’s other pod devices like the Nord or Stick? Do you prefer pod vapes with variable settings or without? Let us know in the comments section below.

The SMOK Thiner is a unique pod vape with variable wattage control while maintaining a super-slim frame. The device is easy-to-use and has no problems getting set up since it uses draw-activation. It has Type-C charging, so it charges super-fast, while the variable wattage feature lets you vape at lower levels to save battery life.

The vapor production is good for an MTL device because there is a small air inlet on the side of the battery section. It does not change the draw resistance much, but even without proper airflow control, the draw is good, but maybe not the best for die-hard MTL vapers. The flavor off the coils is delicious, though, so the vape would be great for starters or new vapers.

Published: May 10, 2023

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