SMOK Acro Kit Review: Adjustable Settings on a Pod Device


by Christina Matthews

Updated: August 16, 2022

SMOK Acro Kit Review

Review Score: 87/100

Price Range:
$25.99 - $29.99
Battery Capacity:
Wattage Range:
5W - 25W
Black, Grey, Silver, Coffee, Blue Purple, Cyan Pink, Red Gold
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Lightweight build and design
  • Great vapor production
  • Well-thought out design


  • Coils are not removable
  • Pods leak a little

Starting Price: $ 25.99

The SMOK Acro features an exceptionally lightweight build with its zinc-alloy construction that houses an internal 1000mAh battery. The internal battery lets the vape reach a high-power output of 25W, but the vape has fully adjustable settings. It has a range of between 5-25W, which users can adjust via the 0.69” OLED on the side of the device. As it has adjustable settings, the Acro has a single firing and operating button that acts as the adjustment button. The vape has, however, both automatic, air-activated functioning as well as button-activated settings.

Close-Up With the SMOK Acro

The SMOK Acro is yet another entry into the world of pod devices that the company has dominated with its output. This SMOK vape shares some similarities with other SMOK devices, like its design and build. But what makes it stand out from the rest is its side-facing OLED that gives users more control over the device’s functionality.

There have been other SMOK pod devices with adjustable settings, but those were high-powered devices with larger battery capacities. The Acro has adjustable settings but still maintains a super-slim frame and has excellent portability. The vape also has dual-functioning that makes it versatile with its button and air-activated design.

Smok Acro Pod Design

The Acro not only allows for variable wattage settings up to 25W, but it also features an adjustable airflow control on the rear. This type of switch is reminiscent of the Vaporesso XROS, which also had the three-tiered horizontal button on the backside. Since then, however, many other pod vapes have copied that design to varying degrees of success.

The OLED on the side of the vape fits perfectly into its overall aesthetic. It is neither distracting nor overpowering. Looking at the device’s front, you even forget that the display is there; it is so expertly molded into the exterior. Underneath the side OLED are two adjustment buttons that let users choose their preferred wattage and control the device’s other features.

What’s In The Box?

The SMOK Acro kit is light on extras, but it has everything you need to get the vape up and running. The key thing is that they include two pods, except they do not have removable coils, so the whole pod needs to be chucked out when the flavor starts to go. Here’s what you should expect in the Acro kit:

Smok Acro Pod Design

  • 1 x SMOK Acro Device
  • 2 x 0.8ohm Acro Meshed Pod
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

The Look and Feel of the Device

The entire Acro has a spotless, sophisticated look. The paint job on the vape is very well-done, and it is neither too reflective nor a fingerprint magnet. The SMOK Acro comes in seven different colors, and each of them suits it perfectly. Even the more colorful options are not too flashy and have the right mix between bright and restrained.

The majority of the build is zinc alloy, and you feel it when you hold it in your hand. The Acro is not featherweight, but it still feels sturdy. SMOK gave the kit even more protection by encasing the main body in a rubber border that makes it less susceptible to damage if it falls. The extra layer makes it even more durable and ergonomic, so it has even more portability and can be taken everywhere.

Smok Acro Pod Colors

The placement of the controls – notably, the airflow adjustment slider and the adjustment buttons for the screen – are all well-done and easily accessible, so the kit is very easy-to-use and intuitive. The large, central firing button is also well-placed, but it hardly matters as users can easily switch to a buttonless draw thanks to the device’s versatility.

Battery Life

The vape features a pared-down 1000mAh battery that gives it a long performance life if used under the right conditions. The two pods and coils included in the kit are rated for 0.8ohms, but they do not require vapers to vape at the device’s maximum output, which is 25W. The coils themselves are recommended for between 12-15W, but the combination of low-wattage output and sub-ohm coils still makes for excellent vapor quality.

Another boon to Acro’s performance is the Type-C charging port on the bottom of the vape that has the benefit of giving users a faster recharge time. As the battery capacity itself is mid-range, charging from zero takes about an hour, as the amperage rate is still below the coveted 2A range. However, the Acro vape does not have pass-through charging, so remember to continually keep the battery charged if you want to continue using it.

The Acro Pods

The pods for the SMOK Acro are integrated with the coil, so they do not have removable coils. Some may see this as a disadvantage, while others may find it more convenient than having removable coils. The pods themselves are semi-transparent with just a slight tint to them so users can still peek inside the pod.

The pods are slim and are meant to fit into the equally slim build of the battery section. The pods have a side-fill port design that makes it somewhat easy to fill, even though it is a little smaller than other fill ports. The fill hole placement can also lend itself to leakage, and unfortunately, as if the pod is too full, the rubber grommet is not enough to hold it back.

Smok Acro Pod Pods

The pods have a circular airhole at the top for vapers to inhale, which gives it a more mouth-to-lung functioning than anything else, even though the coils are rated at 0.8ohms. The airflow adjustment switch also plays a small role in determining the kind of vapor you get, as the wider the control is open, the more clouds you’ll get from the device.

Getting It Started

Despite having all the trappings of a complicated device (adjustment buttons, OLED), the Acro is straightforward to use. It also features dual-usage styles – air-activation or button-activation – users can make it even simpler to use if they so desire. The button is still needed to switch on the vape with five clicks and switch styles from draw-activated to button-activated with three quick clicks.

The OLED is also easy-to-read and to navigate, as it has straightforward functions. Users can employ the two buttons to lock in specific settings and the device itself to prevent it from misfiring and saving on battery power. There are no secondary menus on the Acro pod, so users are restricted to only the variables they see on the main screen like wattage, battery life, ohms reader, puff timer, and puff counter.

Vaping Performance

To get the vape started, users should first fill up the pod and let it soak for about five minutes before installing it into the battery section. Given the coil and power configurations, nicotine salts are usually the best choice. After it’s installed, users can click the firing button five times to turn it on. They can then set their preferred wattage using the OLED and adjustment buttons.

As they take their first drag, users can also play around with the airflow control switch to find their preferred setting. Depending on their preference, they can opt to keep it wide open, semi-open, or fully closed to get different flavor profiles from their juice. The flavor comes through on the semi-closed setting, which captures all the notes in the juice while also delivering excellent clouds.

The Competition


The original SMOK pod, the Nord, still stands as one of the brand’s crowning achievements for its wealth of features and capabilities. The SMOK Nord has become so popular that it has four different versions, but the original layout still has fans across the vaping world.


The Nord’s specs are only slightly larger than the Acro, as the Nord has a 1100mAh battery and 3ml pod. But the most significant difference is that the Nord has removable coils, and the kit includes both a 0.8ohm coil and a 1.4ohm mesh coil that are interchangeable with other SMOK pod devices.


The SMOK RPM 40 is the latest version of the brand’s storied RPM line that has, up to now, had four different versions like the Nord.

VD Smok RPM40 Screen

The RPM 40 is the most advanced as it combines such features as an internal 1500mAh battery and a high-wattage output of 40W. The RPM 40 also features a 5ml pod that uses removable coils, specifically mesh coils with a range of between 1-40W. The pod, though, is compatible with all the coil options from the RPM family, so it has extensive versatility, unlike the non-removable coils of the Acro.

SMOK Acro Kit Specifications

Measurements: 103mm by 30.2mm by 11.2mm
Battery Type: Integrated 1000mAh
Pod Capacity: 2mL
Wattage Output Range: 5W - 25W
Resistance Range: 0.6ohm - 2.5ohm
Display Screen: 0.69” OLED
Colors: Black, Grey, Silver, Coffee, Blue Purple, Cyan Pink, Red Gold


The Positives

  • Lightweight build and design
  • Great vapor production
  • Well-thought out design
  • Variable wattage control on a pod system
  • Button and draw-activation

The Negatives

  • Coils are not removable
  • Pods leak a little

Conclusion: SMOK Acro Kit Review: A Great Pod for Beginners

Are you a fan of SMOK’s line of pod devices? Do you think something like the Acro would be a good starter vape, or do you have another idea? Let us know in the comments section below.

The SMOK Acro is the latest in the brand’s long line of pod devices, and even though it is a worthy entry, it is still well below the capabilities of devices like the Nord and RPM. Those other devices have several different versions and have many more capabilities and features than the Acro. But that is not to say that the Acro does not impress.

Its slim build and lightweight construction are a welcome change to the Nord and RPM’s square and bulky size. The OLED is also a perfect addition to the vape to give it that air of innovation and quality. The Acro has many features that are hard to find on other devices, like airflow control and variable wattage.

The pods could be slightly better-built, as the small fill hole and lack of protective barriers mean leaks do occur, but not on the scale that would make it unusable. Still, this pod system delivers on many levels, from its dual-use functionality to its airflow control and its fantastic vapor quality.

Published: July 10, 2021Updated: August 16, 2022

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