Aspire Cobble Review: A Lightweight Pod for Mouth-to-Lung


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: December 9, 2020

Aspire Cobble desktop

Review Score: 84/100

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Mountain Mist, Wood Grain, Dark Marble, Carbon Fiber, Zebra Stripe
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  • Super-stealthy, lightweight build
  • Great for on-the-go, stealth vaping


  • No second pod in the kit

The Aspire Cobble is a tiny, open-system pod device designed for mouth-to-lung vapers with its 1.4ohm pod inside its refillable 1.8ml pod. The Cobble uses a 700mAh battery that uses direct voltage operation to power the coil.

The device is air-activated so there are no buttons or firing mechanisms. The pod comes with a tapered mouthpiece up top, while it takes bottom refilling. The entire device is a single piece with the pod being the only other removable section.

The Aspire Cobble pods are plastic, as well as the entire battery section, which makes it very lightweight and portable. The device takes USB charging and has a small USB charging port on its side.

A Closer Look at the Aspire Cobble

The Aspire Cobble has that fat, tear-drop shape as many other pod systems. The dimensions of the pod are 70mm tall (2.7”) while it is only 16mm wide (0.69”) making it incredibly portable. The all-plastic build of the device also adds to its featherweight. The device comes in five different color options, which all show-off the two panels on either side of the unit.

Aspire Cobble desktop

The pod is top-loading and there are two gold battery contacts inside the bay. As the pods are bottom-filled, there tends to be some liquid and condensation that builds up on the contacts, but it is easily wiped away without affecting the unit’s performance. There is a USB charging port on one side of the device, while an LED indicator sits on the other side.

Airflow comes in through the USB port but also through small openings along the pod’s edge, where it touches the battery section. Users can cover up or leave open these small openings, although they do not make much difference to the vapor quality. The pods are semi-transparent so users can easily gauge their e-juice levels when taking out the pod.

What’s in the Box?

The Cobble device comes with a single pod in the package. The fact that there is no second or replacement pod is something that should not be overlooked.

VD Aspire Cobble Starter Kit

A replacement pod is essential, especially if the pre-installed pod is broken or defective. Regardless, here’s what you will get in the full Cobble kit.

  • 1 Cobble AIO Device
  • 1 Micro USB Cable
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 User Manual

The Look and Feel

The Cobble pod device is all plastic so it has a barely noticeable weight and profile. Despite its all-plastic build, the Cobble pod and battery do not feel cheap or flimsy. The plastic has been hardened and is not delicate or fragile.

The device is definitely for active vapers who like to vape on-the-go and discreetly. The pod is self-contained so the coil inside is not removable or interchangeable with any other coil system. The coil is a BVC made of NiChrome so it can withstand the full power of the battery when in operation.

Power Source

The Cobble pod system uses a direct-voltage operation so there is no regulation of the battery’s output. The vapor quality of the device does diminish as the battery’s charge reduces with use. This means that the more a user vapes with the Cobble, the more its vapor quality changes. The lower the charge on the battery, the less vapor is produced.

VD Aspire Cobble colors

Users can check the charge on the battery via the LED indicator on the side of the device. The 700mAh capacity battery acts on draw-activation so users do not have to press a firing button.

A fully-charged battery could last at least a day or maybe less with heavy use. The USB port gives the device universal charging ability so users can charge it wherever they find a compatible USB port.

Inside the Pods

The Cobble pods can hold 1.8ml or a little less, as the pods allow a lot of air to enter the pod, which means liquid can spill out even when filling the pod.

There is a single, tiny fill port on the bottom of the cartridge that is plugged with a silicone stopper attached to the bottom. The single fill port is too small for use with regular bottle-tips.

Even the most narrow-tipped bottle would flood the compartment with air and liquid, squeezing out both. The best way to fill the pod would be with a syringe-tipped bottle that could easily fit into the opening and not lead to messy leaks or spillage.

VD Aspire Cobble Pods

The drip tip attached to the plastic pod has a wide-bore opening that lets plenty of vapor escape. It also pairs well with the device’s overall compatibility with mouth-to-lung vaping.

The pod does not have a definite expiration date, so users can vape on the pod for as long as it can last between one or two weeks.

Instructions for Using the Cobble Pod

The Cobble pod is air-activated so users need only fill the pod, attach it and start taking puffs. There is no power button or other battery activation switch so users can start vaping the device right away.

There is an LED indicator light on the side of the device that shows the battery’s current charge level (red, blue, and green). It will also light up whenever you take a vape.

VD Aspire Cobble Grey

Removing and installing the pod is not that difficult either, even though there is no dedicated mechanism like a push-tab or cut-out to take out the pod.

Users can push on one side of the pod to push it out of place, or they can squeeze both sides and take it out that way. The pod does not use a magnetic connection and simply snaps into the place when installed.

It does not have a latch system, but when installed the pod stays firmly in place with little jiggling or flimsiness.

When the pod is in place, users can let their e-juice soak into the coil before taking a vape. After a few minutes of waiting, users can simply start puffing to create vapor.

The Competition

Aspire Spryte

The Aspire Spryte is an AIO device that is a little more advanced than the simple Cobble. The Spryte uses an internal 650mAh battery with direct voltage output, but it is a manual device with a single firing button on its all-aluminum frame.

aspire spryte all

The form factor of the Spryte gives it a more high-profile look as it comes with a visible drip tip and a plastic cover for the pod section.

The Spryte uses a 3.5ml pod that comes with two coil options (coils are built-in) a 1.2ohm coil and a 1.8ohm coil.


The SMOK Nord and Nord 2 are AIO devices that feature high-capacity, internal 1100mAh batteries that users refillable 3ml pods with removable coils.

The Nord is a manual-draw device so users need to activate a firing button to create vapor. The device comes in several color and material options so users can diversify their collection.

VD Smok Nord Starter Kit

The Nord takes USB charging and it can output as high as 15W. Users can install either a 0.6ohm Mesh coil or use the regular-style, 1.4ohm coil for mouth-to-lung vaping.

Aspire Breeze 2

The Aspire Breeze 2 is a follow-up device to the original Breeze AIO. The new version features an internal 1000mAh battery and uses removable coils in its refillable 3ml juice cartridges.

Aspire Breeze 2 Pod coils image

The pods use U-Force coils that are not removable but come in different resistances for different vaping styles. Users can choose from two coils types: 1.0ohm or 0.6ohms.

The Breeze 2 is also a manual-draw device and has a single firing button on its all-aluminum frame. It uses USB charging and stands at just under 100mm (3.9”).

Aspire Cobble Pod Specifications

Dimensions: 78mm x 41mm x 15.5mm
Battery Type: Integrated 700mAh Rechargeable
Coil Resistance: 1.4ohm
Pod Capacity: Refillable 1.8mL
Colors: Mountain Mist, Wood Grain, Dark Marble, Carbon Fiber, Zebra Stripe

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Super-stealthy, lightweight build
  • Great for on-the-go, stealth vaping
  • Draw-activated for easy use
  • Good vapor production
  • Fast charging time
  • Good battery life

The Negatives

  • No second pod in the kit
  • Pods are difficult to fill

Conclusion: Aspire Cobble Review: A Convenient, Stealth Vape

Do you love or hate pods? Do you prefer pods or AIO devices? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Aspire Cobble has a few things going for it like its easy usability, small size, and lightweight frame. It is not without its problems though.

The pods can be a little difficult to remove, but not so much. The same goes for the single fill port that can get clogged up with normal bottle tips. Users should fill their pods with a syringe-style bottle tip to prevent leaking and messy refills.

Other than those issues, the Cobble has a stealthy, lightweight frame that will appeal to on-the-go, stealth vapers. It has a draw-activated system for easy use, while its battery could last for at least half a day or more with light to casual use. The universal USB port for charging the battery makes recharging easy.

The vapor production is satisfactory for a device in this class. The 1.4ohm coil gives off good vapor and is ideal for use with nicotine salts. The vapor production does diminish with the battery’s life so users should always make sure to recharge the battery whenever it dips below 3.1V or if they see the red LED.

Published: November 12, 2020Updated: December 9, 2020

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