The SMOK Mico Review: A Micro Pod System


by James Bickford

Updated: August 4, 2021

SMOK Mico desktop

Review Score: 90/100

Price Range:
Multi Colors
Battery Capacity:
Zinc Alloy
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Very easy-to-use
  • Quick charging time
  • Good battery and pod life


  • No airflow adjustment

The Mico is a tiny vape pod mod with a built-in 700mAh battery. The kit includes two SMOK Mico pods for vaping different types of juices. They both hold 1.7mL of e-liquid and have different coils. One is an MTL 1.0ohm cartridge, and the other is a sub-ohm, DL, 0.8ohm pod.

SMOK Mico desktop

The MTL pod in the kit has a traditional wire configuration, while the latter is a mesh coil. A ceramic coil that fires at 1.4ohms is also available for this device but is not included in the kit. The pod is draw-activated, but it has a power button that vapers need to activate before taking a vape. They come with attached drip tips and have side fill ports for regular or nicotine salts e-liquid.

Kit Contents

There are two versions of the Mico vape mod kit that ship out to different countries. One is a standard US version; the other is a TPD compliant package. But as the vape mod holds only 1.7mL of liquid, which is below the 2mL liquid capacity for TPD countries, the vape mod kit is practically the same no matter where you are.

SMOK Mico kit
SMOK Mico pod kit contents includes:

  • One SMOK Mico device
  • One 1.0ohm pod
  • One 0.8ohm pod
  • One lanyard
  • One USB charging cable
  • One user manual

A First Look at the SMOK Mico

A lot of reviewers have already made the comparison between the Mico kit and the Mi-Pod, and for a good reason. Side-by-side the two look the same, as they both have very compact frames, and use top-loading pods. The Smok Mico stands at just 56.3mm (2.2 inches) and only 14.8mm (0.6 inches) across.

Compare those measurements to the 51mm (2.1 inches) tall and the 13.5mm (0.53 inches) wide Mi-Pod, and the two seem like they are the same. The Mico has a zinc alloy chassis that gives a durable feel. It comes in seven different resin-based colors for its exterior. This SMOK product also features an exclusive line of five carbon-fiber-based colors for the pods.

SMOK Mico Pod image

There is a single power button on the side of the chassis, with a small LED indicator light right above it. A USB port for charging the 700mAh internal cell sits underneath.

  • The LED flashes green (more than 70% power)
  • orange (30-70%)
  • red (less than 30%)

SMOK Mico battery light img

You install the cartridges into the bay up top that has a small cutout to be able to see your e-juice level. So, externally, the device does have a lot in common with the Mi-Pod, but internally there are a few differences. The Smoking Vapor vape has a higher-capacity cell at 950mAh, and it uses only a single 1.3ohm pod.

The exterior of the Mico also has a small hook to attach the lanyard included in the kit. The device also has a higher power output, although there are no adjustable power levels. The power range for the 700mAh cell is between 10-26W, so it can get up there, more so than other comparable vape pod systems.

Main Features

One unique thing about the device is the two different pods, rated at different ohms, in the kit. Whereas something like the Mi-Pod had only a single above ohm coil and can vape mostly nicotine salts e-juice, the Mico allows for greater versatility with its two pod types. Unlike with the Nord however, the SMOK coils are not removable and are built into each pod.

The SMOK Mico is an MTL vape, but it also has DL capabilities, thanks to the 0.8ohm cartridge. Each cartridge has a side fill-port stopped by a rubber grommet that you need to pull off to fill. The grommets are hard and will not break off too easily; don’t pull too hard or you might rip it off the port.

Despite their flimsy look, the pods do not leak even at full capacity. They come with their mouthpieces attached, like with other types of cartridges. They have an ergonomic shape, but they are not so different from other similar configurations.

SMOK Mico Pod Mod

The air hole is a bit wider than usual, and the draw resistance may not be so tight with these types of drip tips. There are no airflow vents on the pod, although there is an airflow hole under it to allow for the draw-activation feature.

Also on the bottom of the pod, are two gold contacts. There is no magnetic connection between the cartridge and the battery, but it manages to stay in place rather well, despite this.

SMOK Mico pod pic

The battery section also features a power switch that turns on the battery and enables the draw-activation method. It also helps save battery life, as you turn it off when you are not using it.

How does SMOK Mico Work?

The two options for each of the Mico vape cartridges do make a difference in the vapor quality, albeit a slight one. As there is no regulation to the Mico (no adjustable power or airflow), the direct output of the 700mAh cell can make some tasty vapor, even though the airflow is a bit looser than usual.

The plug-and-play operation of the Mico is also a draw. These mini-types of devices are sometimes the easiest to use, and this one is no different. The pods are very easy to fill, even though side-fill ports are sometimes bothersome, they were not a problem with the Mico.

SMOK Mico filling img

Despite the non-existent vapor path or the lack of adjustable features, the vapor quality was still high, even as the battery level started to go down. And speaking of battery life, the fact that a 700mAh battery can also fit in such a tiny shell is impressive enough, but for it to last as long as it does, on a full charge, is equally astounding.

SMOK Mico battery image

How Long does a SMOK Mico Pod Last?

Depending on how much you vape, the Mico battery, as well as the pod, could last you a whole day. If you are a chain-vaper though, the battery might need a midday charge. As for the life of the pods, it’s hard to say how long they last. Some vapers have gotten up to a week of use with a single pod.

Does the Smok Mico Use Salt Nic?

Using a nicotine salts e-juice with the regular type gave off a quality vaping experience. But the combination of nicotine salts and the mesh, 0.8ohm coil was also excellent and yielded both smooth, and flavorful vapor. While the 1.0ohm pod is ideal for nicotine salts e-juice, it is probably better to use a nicotine-salts e-juice with a concentration of less than 50mg, as that high nicotine content might be too intense for some.

The SMOK Mico vs. the SMOK Nord vs. the Suorin Edge

The SMOK Nord

The SMOK Nord is another auto-draw device from SMOK that uses 3mL cartridges with removable coils. The Nord battery has a 1100mAh capacity and features both draw-activation and manual usage with its single-firing button.

SMOK Mico Smok Nord Review

Two pods come in the Nord kit, a 1.4ohm, and a 0.6ohm cartridge. The cartridges each come with a drip tip attached, and the battery section uses a USB charging port to recharge its high-capacity cell.

The Suorin Air

The Suorin Air is an ultra-compact device with an internal 400mAh cell. The cell is draw-activated, but the outer chassis features a power button that you need to switch on to enable the auto-draw functioning.

Suorin air

The battery takes USB charging, and the pods can hold 2mL of e-liquid. There is only one coil option for the device, which is a 1.2ohm resistance coil.

SMOK Mico Kit Specifications

Dimensions : 56.3mm x 46.5mmx 14.8mm
Weight: 65 gram
Battery : 700 mAh
Wattage Output Range : 10-26W
Voltage Input Range : 3.3-4.2V
E-liquid capacity : 1.7 mL

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Well-made from quality materials (zinc alloy)
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Quick charging time
  • Good battery and pod life
  • LED battery life indicators
  • Compact and portable

The Negatives

  • No airflow adjustment

The Final Word on the SMOK Mico

Are you a fan of pod vapes? Do you have a favorite or are you still waiting for the perfect device to come out? Do you prefer pre-filled vapes or refillable devices? Let us know your thoughts on pod mods in the section below.

The pod is the latest, and not the last, in a line of ultra-compact pod mods geared toward MTL and nicotine salts vaping. The device has high functioning, as it is very easy to use and set up. The fill ports are very wide and make filling super straightforward.


The exterior and build quality of the pods and battery section are fantastic. The device does not feel cheap or flimsy like other mods, and the superior design of the unit can also be seen in the vapor it produces. Both pod combinations, the regular and the mesh, work perfectly well.

The absence of airflow adjustment makes for a loose draw, but the vapor does not suffer and remains warm and tasty, no matter the type of liquid inside. The tiny shape and size of the vape mean you can take it anywhere while also feeling secure, thanks to the eight-second cutoff time and short-circuit battery protection.

Published: May 9, 2019Updated: August 4, 2021

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2 comments on “The SMOK Mico Review: A Micro Pod System

  • Anna

    April 3, 2020 at 9:38 pm

    Myself and others I know have purchased multiple different mico. DO NOT get the black and white marbled one, every one in this color that myself or a friend has purchased craps out so fast, within two months. The other ones I’ve purchased last very long, idk what it is about the black and white ones but they suck.

  • Adam

    September 13, 2019 at 5:05 am

    The pods 100% do have a magnetic connection to the device. Other than that mistake this was a good review. The Mesh coil make this pod system leagues above the Mi-Pod.