Vaporesso Gen PT60 & PT80S Review: New “Gen Family” Pod Mods


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Updated: April 27, 2023

vaporesso gen pt60 pt80s review

Review Score: 96/100

Price Range:
$34.95 - $46.99
Battery Capacity:
Tank Capacity:
Dark Black, Light Silver, Matte Gray, Aegean Blue, Earth Brown, Alpine Green
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Compatible with the pre-existing GTX coil line
  • They have adjustable airflow capabilities
  • Comparatively premium battery life


  • The black and white OLED display feels out of fashion
  • Due to the pod's dark coloring, it is difficult to monitor juice levels

Starting Price: $ 34.95

The Vaporesso Gen PT60 and Gen PT80S are nearly identical all-in-one pod mods aimed at beginners and intermediate vapers. The PT60 can produce up to 60W, and the PT80S can produce up to 80W, as indicated by their model names.

Both devices are solid and sturdy devices made of durable zinc alloys. The diagonal markings etched on the body also provide a good grip. Additionally, they are both lightweight, making them easy to carry around.

Product Overview and Overall Vaping Experience

vaporesso gen pt60 pt80s review

The Vaporesso Gen PT60 and PT80S are designed specifically for direct-to-lung vaping and include the new Vaporesso XTank pods. And after putting both pod systems through their paces, we can attest that the anti-leaking technology in this device works flawlessly. Also, the coils’ wattage ranges are accurate, and testing shows that the best experience is obtained when the user stays within the recommended wattage ranges.

The pod is magnetic and effortlessly slides into and out of the body. When installing the pod, it must be rotated to lock it into place. This makes it simple to adjust the airflow and fill the pod. However, removing the pod does not require rotating or any other hack.

Vapor Production

For the Gen PT60, 50W is the optimal wattage for vaping. The temperature of the vapor produced at that level is ideal. Going down to 40W feels a little cold, and going up to 60W produces too much vapor. However, this is not a universal assessment, as some vapers may consider 60W or 40W the ideal temperature.

The devices can be set to “Smart Wattage (SW)” mode, which reduces the need for manual adjustments. The coils produce really good flavor and clouds when set to smart wattage.

Contents of the Vaporesso Gen PT60 Kit

vaporesso gen pt60 starter kit

The Generation PT60 product kit includes the items listed below.

  • Vapresso Gen PT60 Battery
  • Vapresso XTank Pod (4.5ml)
  • Type-C Cable
  • 1 MESH GTX 0.2 Coil (45 – 60W)
  • 1 MESH GTX 0.4 Coil (26 – 32W)
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual

Contents of the Vaporesso Gen PT80S Kit

vaporesso gen pt80s starter kit

The Vaporesso Gen PT80S kit contains the following items.

  • VAPORESSO Gen PT80S Body
  • VAPORESSO XTank Pod (4.5ml)
  • Type-C Cable
  • 1 x GTX 0.15Ω MESH Coil (60 – 75W)
  • 1 x GTX 0.3Ω MESH Coil (32 – 45W)
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual

Manufacturing Quality and Design

The Vaporesso Gen PT60 and PT80S are designed in the shape of a box-like pod system. They’re both lightweight and portable, with the PT60 being the smaller of the two. The PT80S is slightly longer to accommodate the required external battery. There is no dangling inside because the recommended 18650 battery fits right into the compartment. In addition, the battery cover is magnetic, so it locks into place.

They come in six full-body colors and have three buttons as well as an OLED screen display. The ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ buttons are located below the screen, while the ‘FIRE’ button is above them. Airflow can be adjusted by turning the top cap on the pod. The fill port is also located beneath this cap. Overall, the build quality of the Vaporesso Gen PT60 and PT80S is excellent.

Battery Performance

First, the coil and the vaping wattage will strongly determine the battery life obtained from these pods. Also, with the Gen PT80S, the capacity (mAh) of the external battery will play a massive role in the battery performance experienced by the user.

The battery life of these pods will depend heavily on the coil and the vaping wattage. With the Gen PT80S, the external battery’s capacity (mAh) will also play a significant role in the device’s battery performance.

The Gen PT60 integrated battery charges in about an hour and provides hundreds of puffs per charge. However, the battery performance with the 0.2-ohm coil is noticeably lower than with the 0.4-ohm coil. The higher wattage of the former is responsible for this difference.

OLED Display

The Gen PT60 and Gen PT80S have a matching 0.91-inch black and white OLED screen display. The screen shows your wattage, coil resistance, a puff counter, and the battery level, which is indicated by a battery icon. In the mode menu, you’d find VW, VV, SW, DEFAULT, and EXIT as the listed options.

VW denotes Variable Wattage mode, VV denotes Variable Voltage mode, and SW denotes Smart Wattage mode.

Pod Features

The PT60 and PT80S are equipped with Vaporesso’s new xTANK, a pod tank with a top airflow hole, and maximum leak protection. The pod integrates the top airflow and top filling into one system; hence, the manufacturers coined it the “double top system.”

The pods also incorporate Vaporesso’s proprietary “COREX inside” technology, which enhances the coils’ flavor and longevity. The PT60 and PT80S are compatible with all GTX coils manufactured by Vaporesso.

Coil Nature

The coils are usually the most important component of any pod device, and VAPORESSO’s recent pod systems have been excellent in this regard. Fortunately, the Gen PT60 and 80S coils meet those standards.

Their coil employs a unique innovation known as “Morph Mesh,” which allows for more uniform heating than standard coil mesh. The wick is also made of “cumulus cotton,” which Vaporesso claims are fluffier than regular cotton, delivering more e-liquid and better clouds.

As stated earlier, the XTank is fully compatible with Vaporesso’s entire lineup of GTX coils. Although removing a preinstalled coil in the pod is somewhat difficult due to how tightly it fits, installing a new one is simple. To install a new coil, simply align the flat sides of the coil with the grooves on the bottom of the pod.

Using the Vaporesso Gen PT60 and PT80S Pod Mod

The new Vaporesso Gen PT60 and Gen PT80S pod mods are beginner-friendly and do not involve any complexities. To fill the port, the user has to twist the top cap of the pod past the airflow hole to reveal the rubber gasket. Then lift the rubber, place the nozzle of the e-liquid can inside, and fill it.

When using the coil for the first time, allow it to sit for about five minutes after filling to allow the wick to be adequately saturated. A few droplets of e-liquid can be dripped in through the mouthpiece to aid this process.

After placing the pod back into the battery, using the device is pretty straightforward; one just needs to know how to use the buttons to navigate the device’s functions. The Basic Button Operations are listed below.

  1. Press the fire button five times to turn on or off the device.
  2. The wattage is adjusted by pressing the up and down buttons.
  3. Click the fire button three times: Locks in the current wattage setting on the device. Also unlocks the device if it is already in the locked state.
  4. Pressing the fire and down buttons simultaneously resets the puff counter.
  5. Press the fire and up buttons: Flips the screen.
  6. Holding the up and down buttons: Activates the mode selection menu.

Holding the fire button after turning on the device and selecting the desired wattage activates the device and releases the vapor for the user to inhale. Also, note that after locking the device, pressing the up and down buttons will not adjust the voltage unless the device is first unlocked.

What is the Difference Between Vapresso Gen PT60 and PT80s

The batteries are the most noticeable difference between the PT60 and PT80S. The PT60 pod has a 2500 mAh internal battery, but the PT80S, on the other hand, has a battery compartment for the lithium-ion rechargeable 18650 battery. Also, while the Gen PT60 has a maximum power output of 60 watts, the PT80S has a maximum power output of 80 watts.

Another significant difference is the size of the pods, with the PT80S being significantly larger than the PT60.


When compared to competing pod systems, Vaporesso’s Gen PT60 and Gen PT80S models stand out. Below is a comparison between the Gen PT60 and Gen PT80S and two significant competitors.

Vaporesso Gen PT60 Vs. VOOPOO Vmate

voopoo vmate image

The VOOPOO Vmate pod is a portable mouth-to-lung pod system. It has two pre-set wattage modes of 12W and 17W. The Vaporesso Gen PT60, on the other hand, has more wattage options and can heat up to 60W. Additionally, PT60 provides the option to adjust the voltage of the output power.

Vaporesso Gen PT80S Vs. OXVA XLIM V2

oxva xlim v2 review

The OXVA XLIM V2 is a vaping device designed to deliver maximum flavor. It is one of the few vaping pens with an internal battery with a 900 mAh capacity and one of the few with adjustable wattage functions. However, despite its apparent quality, the OXVA XLIM V2 falls short of the PT80S in terms of battery performance and wattage range.

Vaporesso Gen PT60 & PT80S Specifications

Gen PT60 Pod Dimensions: 112mm x 35mm x 28mm
Gen PT80S Pod Dimensions: 132mm x 30mm x 29mm
Battery Type for the Gen PT60: Integrated 2500 mAh
Tank Capacity: 4.5mL
Charging Current: DC 2 Amperes
Button Activated Firing:
0.91-inch OLED Display:
Charging Port: USB Type-C
Colors: Dark Black, Light Silver, Matte Gray, Aegean Blue, Earth Brown, Alpine Green


The Positives

  • Compatible with the pre-existing GTX coil line
  • They have adjustable airflow capabilities
  • Pass-through charging
  • The PT80S offers the convenience of quickly swapping in a new, fully charged battery on the go
  • Different vaping modes are available for the user to select from
  • Premium build quality
  • Comparatively premium battery life

The Negatives

  • Due to the pod's dark coloring, it is difficult to monitor juice levels
  • The black and white OLED display feels out of fashion


Overall, the two pods are excellent, simple, and user-friendly devices. The mouthpiece’s wide bore makes it ideal for direct-to-lung vaping, which is why the two pods were created in the first place. Ultimately, the choice between the pods will boil down to personal preference for portability and wattage.

Have you used the PT60 or PT80S? Kindly share your thoughts on the devices by leaving a comment below.

Published: May 1, 2023

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