The Mega Vape Disposable V2: An Economic and Delicious Product


by James Bickford

Updated: April 23, 2023

mega vape review

Review Score: 95/100

Price Range:
$12.95 - 16.95
Puff Count:
Liquid Capacity:
Number of Flavors:
More than two-dozen
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Excellent line of flavors
  • Nice mouthpiece
  • 10 vapes per pack


  • No coffee vapes

Disposable vapes are pretty bland. Half the reason why they are so dull is that they do not have any tobacco flavors. The manufacturers realized they could solve half the problem of getting people’s attention by putting a tobacco vape in their inventory.

There are plenty of other reasons to choose these disposables. Read on to find the reasons why.

Mega Vape Review

mega vape review

This is an excellent little product that is perfect for someone coming off cigarettes. It is small and easy to pocket, and it has a very nice build quality that makes it dependable. It also is easy to use, the battery is excellent, and it compares well with its competitors. Most importantly, it comes in a lot of delicious flavors.

These vapes stand out because they come in packs of 10 that are available for around $15. That is a lot of bang for your buck. The only thing is that all the vapes in the pack are the same flavor. It would be nice if they could make packs with ten different flavors or a box of nine with three flavors each. They also have single devices available for under $10.

Mega Vape Flavors

The best thing about these vapes is that they have a ton of different flavors. They have nine different frozen flavors like frozen blue razz, frozen grape, and frozen tangerine. There are four different ice flavors, too, like mango ice cream and pineapple ice. Finally, they have 17 regular flavors, including strawberry cream and . . . wait for it . . . tobacco!

Tobacco is the one flavor all disposable brands should include because so many people using them are ex-smokers. These vapers often like vapes that taste like the cigarettes and cigars they used to smoke.

The other flavors are excellent, especially strawberry cream, frozen grape, and pineapple ice.

It is so great that they have many flavors, but it would have been nice to include a coffee-flavored vape. Big con right there.

Internal Building Quality and Design

The design is excellent. It looks sort of like a cross between some short and stumpy highlighter and a credit card. This design makes it easy to conceal in a palm or put in a pocket without any inconvenience.

The best thing about the design is the mouthpiece, which is wide and flat and fits between the lips perfectly. Also, it provides an excellent mouth-to-lung draw.

The build quality is outstanding too. There are no strange noises, rattling, dry hits, or anything else that detracts from the vaping experience.


This disposable vape has an excellent battery that puts out 1,000 puffs. It provides a steady amount of output as long as it is under the maximum puff count.

One thousand puffs are about where you want your disposables to be. Anything less and it does not last long enough. But something going well over 1,000 is way too much.

How to Use the Mega Vape Disposable V2

Disposables are easy to use.

The only thing the user has to do is open the package, take the vape out, and take a pull from the mouthpiece. Taking a drag turns the vape on because these are draw-activated vapes.

Just keep taking pulls off the vape until the nicotine liquid depletes. When that happens, throw it away.

Obviously, these are the best vapes for beginners because there are no firing buttons, airflow adjustment, or coils to worry about.

Competing Disposable Vapes

Esco Bars Mega Disposable

pastel cartel esco bars disposable e-cigs review

The Esco Bars Mega is an excellent device, but the Mega Vape is better in several areas. The Esco has a lot of great flavors, but it does not have a tobacco-flavored vape. However, the Esco is good for 5,000 puffs for those who like that sort of thing, and they can be recharged. But, they do not come with a charging cable.

Puff Bar Flow Disposable Vape

Puff Bar Flow Disposable Vape

The Puff Bar Flow is also an excellent device that compares very well with the Mega Vape. They last for 1,800 puffs, which is not a bad count either, and they come in 21 flavors that include tobacco. However, these disposable vapes are much more expensive, costing around $20 per device. But considering the puff count and the number of flavors, that price is worth it.

Mega Vape Disposable V2 Specifications

Type: Disposable
Puff Count: 1,000
Nicotine Liquid Capacity per Bottle: 4mL
Number of Flavors: More than two-dozen


The Positives

  • Excellent line of flavors
  • They have a tobacco flavored vape
  • Outstanding form factor and build quality
  • Nice mouthpiece
  • 10 vapes per pack

The Negatives

  • No coffee vapes

Final Thoughts

These are excellent vapes. What more can be said?

They have high puff counts and excellent flavor, and they come in packs of ten, making them one of the most economic options available. Individually, they sell for under ten bucks. That is a terrific deal.

Also, they have a tobacco flavor. Not enough can be said about that.

However, we have to fault them for not including a coffee-flavored vape. If they had a coffee AND tobacco flavored vape, this publication might have ranked these guys as the number one brand of all time.

If you like these products or absolutely hate them, please leave a comment below.

Published: May 5, 2023

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