Blinkers Vape Review: Diamonds in Every Disposable


by Vaping Daily Team

Updated: April 26, 2023

blinkers vape review

Review Score: 96/100

Price Range:
$35.00 - $80.00
Liquid Capacity:
Resistance Range:
around 1.6 ohms
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • The hard, sturdy polycarbonate exterior
  • The over-size liquid tank capacity


  • Not lab-tested

The Blinkers vape is a solid performer for its class and has a potent mix of THC diamonds and live resin in its 2g internal pod. The vape pen is draw-activated but has a button on its front to activate the battery and the pre-heat mode. It also has a small LED triangle on the bottom with the B logo imprinted on the shell. The internal tank is also visible from the outside, so you can quickly check the levels. The entire device looks like an oversized Juul since it’s thicker and longer than the Juul. This review will look at the device’s specifications, performance, and other details.

The Blinkers Live Diamonds Up-Close

blinkers vape review

The device contains 2gs of THC oil and an internal battery, so it has a little weight but nothing different from a typical JUUL device. The vape has smooth, straight lines for the length of the device but has a connected mouthpiece at the top. The mouthpiece is not removable, and there are no removable parts since the device is built to be disposable and rechargeable.

A liquid tank built into the device is visible through the outer window. You can also see the internal metallic center that contains the wick and ceramic core. For a disposable device, the Blinkers vape has exceptional vapor production. There are no buttons, and the vape is draw-activated, so every inhale produces a good amount of vapor.

The flavor profiles differ for each strain; some are stronger than others. There is no info on the terpene profiles in each strain, but there were hints of Myrcene and Limonene for the strains in the Hybrid category. The vapor feels warm and only decreases in volume and quality as the battery diminishes, which can take up to two weeks.

Different Types of Blinkers Flavors and Strains

has three strains, except the Hybrid category, which only has two different strains.

  • The Indica category has Apple Gelato Pie, Gelato Pie, and Horchata, which are heady strains that mix relaxation and stress-relief effects.
  • The Sativa flavors include Cherry Haze, Pineapple Haze, and Strawberry Cough and have the most intense, noticeable flavors. These strains produce more cerebral effects, making you focused and energetic rather than sleepy and tired.
  • The Hybrid flavors include Rainbow Runtz and Strawnana, which are fruit-based and combine the two effects of Sativa and Indica to produce unique results for each user.

The Look and Feel

The Blinkers vape has a built-in pre-heat function that you can activate by pressing the power button two times. It lasts up to ten seconds and lightly heats the oil in case it has frozen or hardened, which is typical. But the entire vape is self-contained, so there are no controls and no pods or tanks to remove.

The tank is internal and not accessible or refillable. Even though the battery is rechargeable via the bottom USB port, it can only be recharged once or twice before the oil is gone.

A fully-charged battery can last up to a week with low or moderate use, but it may be shorter with heavier use. When you have to recharge the battery, it can take up to two hours to fully recharge using the USB port.

Getting It Started

Besides the pre-heat function, the single power button on the device is only for activating the battery, which uses a draw-activated function, so you do not have to press the power button. You can activate the battery with five clicks. The thin LED on the tip of the vape will light up in different colors for five seconds.

If you want to recharge the battery, you must use a USB-C power cable to connect the battery to a compatible power source like an outlet or laptop. You cannot remove or refill the internal pod, so when the pod is emptied, you can throw the device away.

The Competition

Blinkers Vape vs. Torch Diamond THC-O Disposable

torch diamond vape review

The Torch Diamond is another rechargeable/disposable THC vape that uses a blend of cannabinoids and live resin terpenes for a super-potent formula. The Torch also has a small power button on its exterior that you use to activate the battery to use as a draw-activated vape. The vape has an all-ceramic coil, giving it a more intense flavor profile, but it holds the same amount as the Blinkers vape, 2.2g. The company offers vapes with several types of strains similar to the Blinkers vapes, such as Strawberry Gelato (Indica), Candyland (Sativa), and White Grape (Hybrid).

Blinkers Vape vs. HiXotic The Jeffrey Live Resin Disposable

HiXotic The Jeffrey Live Resin Disposable

Packed with several THC derivatives such as Delta-8, Delta-10, and THC-A, along with live resin diamonds, The Jeffery Live Resin disposable is a potent disposable/rechargeable vape. The device can hold up to 2mg of oil inside its exposed liquid tank, giving users a window on fluid levels. The vape also uses a ceramic coil inside, balancing MTL and DL vaping styles. It only holds 2mg, but it also comes in a variety of strains and flavors, such as Pineapple Express (Hybrid), Russelwreck (Sativa), and Mr. Nice Guy (Indica).

Questions Answered

  • Are Blinker carts good?

    Blinker carts have good build quality and come pre-filled with a super potent live resin THC oil that delivers immediate effects. It can also be recharged so you can vape all the oil left in the tank.

  • How long does a blinker last?

    Depending on usage, and other factors, you can use the Blinker for as long as there is oil in the tank since you can recharge the battery when it runs out.

Blinkers Vape Specifications

Liquid Capacity : 2.2gs
Charging Type: USB-C charging port
LED indicator:


The Positives

  • The hard, sturdy polycarbonate exterior
  • The over-size liquid tank capacity
  • The available amount of strains and flavors
  • The vapor production is better than most other rechargeable/disposable

The Negatives

  • Not lab-tested

Conclusion: Blinkers Vape Review: Strong THC Formula in a Rechargeable/Disposable Vape Pen

The Blinkers Vape is a solid performer pre-filled with a specially-formulated THC oil packed with live resin diamonds. The company offers the vape in several different flavors, all of which have unique profiles, even though it is hard to tell between them. They all produce different effects depending on the strain and taste, but the fact that there are so many different choices is a plus.

Published: April 26, 2023

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