The Vuse Ciro: A Small and Noteworthy E-Cigarette


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: December 18, 2020

Vuse Ciro Review

Review Score: 89/100

Price Range:
Battery Capacity:
260 mAh
1.5 percent
E-liquid Capacity:
0.9 mL
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Slim, pocketable design
  • The battery lasts one to two days


  • Some flavors are not very strong

People who prefer vaping compact and lightweight e-cigarettes will like the Vuse Ciro. It is portable, which helps make the transition from smoking to vaping easier. It is also easy to use and maintain.

It is cost-effective, and the specs, like the 260 mAh battery and 0.9 ml of e-juice, make for unforgettable vaping sessions.

Vuse Ciro Review

The Vuse Ciro is a small device that looks and feels like a real cigarette. It is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for those who like to vape on-the-go. Its rounded body fits snugly between the fingertips, and when the vaping session is over, all that is left to do is put it back into a pocket or handbag. The fact that it has the look and feel of a real cigarette is excellent news for those who are switching from smoking tobacco to e-cigarettes.

A second reason to get the Ciro is that it is not that expensive when compared to larger mods and even some cigarette sized devices. It is a cost-effective option, as are the replacement pods that come three per pack and are available in five different flavors.

Vuse Ciro Review

The specifications for this vape are another thing in its favor. The 260 mAh battery gives it extended operating time, as do the 0.9 ml pods, which can last almost as long as the battery. The longevity of the pods and battery allow the user to vape all day without having to worry about a dying vape.

Kit Contents

Vuse Ciro Pack

The kit comes with a power unit and Vuse Ciro charger. Additionally, each kit comes with one flavor and three pods of that flavor. Customers can choose five flavors: original, nectar, menthol, fusion, and mint.


The price of the kit itself is quite affordable at $15.99. Prices vary depending on where it is bought, but that is the average price. The replacement cartridges are affordable, too, running at $14.99 for a pack of three.

We have put together a chart to show how it compares with similar mods:

The Vuse Ciro is quite competitive price-wise.


Vuse Ciro: $15.99
Juul: $15.99
Posh Plus: $9.99
Puff Bar: $9.95
Caliburn Uwell: $21.95

It is by no means the cheapest pod device, there are indeed less expensive options available, but the price tag is not bad considering the performance of this pen.

Internal Building Quality and Design

The build quality and design of the device is good. There are no issues with leaking, and the draws are perfect. The design is not only comfortable on the hands and fingertips, but it is aesthetically pleasing, too.

Battery Life

They put an excellent 260 mAh battery into the pen that lasts one to two days. An LED light lets the user know the battery’s status.

A Solid white light glows when it is charging from the threaded connection. When being charged from the contact port:

  • Red light when charging cycle begins
  • Orange/yellow when charging cycle is nearing completion
  • Flashes 20 times and glows green when ready for use

Vuse Ciro Cartridges

Each pod contains 0.9 ml of e-liquid. Plus, the Vuse Ciro’s nicotine level is 1.5 percent, which is the equivalent to a 15 mg bottle of e-juice. The flavors are of excellent quality, even though there are few selections. The mint, melon, and tropical pods are blended fruit-flavored; fusion tastes like fruit and cream; nectar tastes like summer fruit.

VD Vuse Ciro Melon Cartridges

Finally, the original flavor is tobacco flavored, making it an excellent choice for those transitioning from cigarettes. Each Vuse Ciro refill pack costs $14.99. The flavors are not bad, but some could be better. Each of them produces a decent throat hit and a decent amount of vapor.

How Long do the Pods Last?

The longevity of the pods, in addition to the battery life and excellent design, is another reason why these tiny vapes are so portable. Each pod lasts 10 to 12 hours. A pack of three can last three to five days, depending on how often they are used.

Are There Vuse Ciro THC Cartridges?

Not exactly, but the device is compatible with THC pods. There is no heat regulation, but the pen does the job.

Ciro Hack - How to Refill?

The life of the pods can be extended beyond the 12-hour limit if they are appropriately hacked. Since the tanks are made of plastic, the tip of a sewing needle can be used to poke a small hole into the area located beneath the mouthpiece. Using a syringe, the user can then refill the pod. The drawback to doing this is that the pods become prone to leaking when they are left on their side. Remember, a leaking cartridge can ruin a device.

How to Use the Vuse Ciro?

Ease of use is the primary reason to buy this vape. It consists of two parts, the battery and cartridge, so when it is taken out of the box, put them together. Then, charge the battery and then put it in the cartridge by twisting it in if it is not already in the device. Once these steps are complete, the device is ready to be vaped. Once the pod is expended, remove it from the device and throw it away.


There are no firing buttons. To turn it on, take a draw. The LED light will glow white with each puff.

Competing Products

Ciro vs. Solo

Both products are made by Vuse. It has the same exterior design as the Ciro, looking like a cigarette. It has a higher nicotine content than the Ciro.

VD Vuse Solo

There are some issues with this device, though. Some of the flavors are under strength, the vapor is ok, and there are issues with the battery related to charging. The connection does not feel secure, and it is a proprietary connection.

Ciro vs. Vibe

Vuse also makes the Vibe. It holds 2 ml of e-liquid and has 3.0 percent nicotine content, both of which are higher than the Ciro. It also has a 350 mAh battery, and it produces a respectable amount of vapor.

VD Vuse Vibe

Like the Ciro and Solo, some flavors are not very strong, but they are not all that bad. It has great battery life, and it charges quickly at 90 minutes.

Vuse Ciro Specifications

Capacity: 0.9 ml of e-liquid
Nicotine: 1.5 percent
Battery: 260 mAh

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • The battery lasts one to two days
  • Pods are good for up to 12 hours
  • Slim, pocketable design
  • Hackable pods
  • Draw-activated

The Negatives

  • Some flavors are not very strong

Final Words about the Vuse Ciro

Someone who is looking for a vape that is inexpensive and simple to use will appreciate what the Vuse Ciro has to offer. The specifications, such as the battery and e-juice capacity, give this little mod several advantages over similar mods in terms of portability and convenience.

If you have experience using this mod, we would like to know what you think. Please leave a comment detailing your experiences.

Published: February 19, 2020Updated: December 18, 2020

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  • Fred

    May 17, 2022 at 9:51 am

    It used to be good. Now price went up and the liquid is watered down. They don’t last long now. ?

  • Papa Sierra

    March 12, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    customers should be advised that there is no “vaping tip” on these – you just suck on the glass