KandyPens Slim Review: Slim Pickings

KandyPens, what are you doing? You were riding high for so long with the Prism and Prism+, the Rubi, and the Ice Cream Man and now you’re just bringing me down. First, you came out with the sub-par (for KandyPens) K-Stick that I knew just from the title would be underwhelming.

Kandypens Slim Review

And now with the equally uninspired Slim, you are trying to make a device that has been surpassed ten times over by the like of the Juul, the Phix, and even your own Rubi. Keeping in line with the KandyPens design philosophy, the Slim does look beautiful.

It does have a stylus-type of the bottom, keeping with the overall, old-school vape pen or e-cigarette design. The top consists of a puny-sized 0.5ml tank that will let you vape at the maximum 200 puffs.

The Goods Inside

Don’t expect to get a lot from the KandyPens Slim package; there’s not a lot. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • One KandyPens Slim
  • One USB charger
  • Two reusable applicator bottles

Just One Look

The KandyPens Slim does not disappoint in the slimness department; it is remarkably light and extremely portable. The top section and bottom half of the battery are covered in the usual rubber satin finish that KandyPens is known for, as it is featured on most of their devices.

The battery has a 510 connection, but with only a 180mAh battery, it doesn’t make much sense to attach anything else to it other than accompanying clearomizer on the Slim. The clearomizer is a lot like most early, clear atomizers.

The plastic mouthpiece is removable, and it reveals the plug as well as the fill hole where you put in your e-liquid or oils. You take off the mouthpiece and tank to charge the battery that gets screwed into the USB adapter that comes included.

There are no buttons on the Slim since it is draw-activated. There is a tiny, pin-hole LED light in the center of the device that lights up when you vape. The rounded bottom of the Slim recalls those e-cigs of yore, but I didn’t see a need to have it included in this model.

Getting the KandyPens Slim Started

The KandyPens Slim is a no-brainer type of e-cig. Charging time for the Slim came in at a record sixty minutes which was thanks in part to the small battery size.

Once you have the mouthpiece off, you can then grip the small plug that plugs the fill hole, take it out and fill your tank. You replace the plug, then the mouthpiece, and screw it back into the battery. Since the Slim has no firing or “on” button, all you need to start vaping is to take a hard draw from the mouthpiece.

The Test Vape

I still had some Blue Honey from the Vape Dudes, so I poured in the most I could, and started taking draws. I mean, it was sufficient.

The criteria you usually use to determine a product’s worth gets thrown out the window with something like the Slim. You take it almost like a break from all the hassle and complication of box mods and any other complicated device.

I enjoyed the Slim mostly as a curiosity, and as something pleasing to myself. I was just vaping like an average person, and not a vape reviewer, so I wasn’t looking for faults or positives and negatives, I was just enjoying a vape. It would be like asking a smoker to review the cigarette they smoked during their smoke break.

You can’t. It just does what it does, and you appreciate it for that brief moment, in those three minutes it’s your best friend, but when it’s finished, you have no problem tossing it away, or crushing it into the ground with the toe of your shoe.

I didn’t crush the Slim into the ground with the toe of my shoe, but when it ran out of e-juice after the 70th or so puff, I just put it down, unimpressed, but grateful.

Liking It


The Slim lives up to the KandyPens reputation of a beautiful pen. It’s fetching, and the rounded bottom gives it a distinct, stylistic edge.

Ease of use

It doesn’t get much easier than this; if you know how to pour, or have ever used a screwdriver in your life, or if you know how to pour a Screwdriver, then using the KandyPens Slim will be second nature to you.


I may have seemed underwhelmed by the Slim a few paragraphs ago, but the Slim does not try to overwhelm you. It tries to be your vape companion. It gives you what you need without asking too much from you. And it gives well.

Not Likin’


You can’t fault a device for something it didn’t have when it was never meant to have those things, but if there is a lot something doesn’t have, like the KandyPens Slim, then it should be much less than almost $40.

End of the Story

I could have faulted the Slim for a lot of things. I could have said it needed more, like larger e-juice capacity or a more powerful battery. But, the fact that it didn’t have them didn’t bother me all that much.

I don’t think there was a lot of ambition behind the Slim, which is what should I really be faulting. I expected a bit more effort from KandyPens, and just like with the K-Stick, I don’t know why KandyPens decided to cheapen their brand by releasing items that are not up to their (usually) high standards.

And for a device that costs close to $40, I was doubly insulted.

I give the KandyPens Slim a finger-wagging, head-shaking 6/10.

KandyPens Slim
Vape Rating: 65/100 by

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