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KandyPens, makers of the Prism and Prism+, the Rubi, and the Ice Cream Man have a new oil and e-liquid vape pen. The KandyPens Slim is a no-fuss vape pen. It is an ultra-compact, stealthy, pen-style vaporizer that is draw-activated much like the Juul and the Phix. It features a 0.5ml tank and a 510-threaded battery. The Slim’s exterior features a super-soft, rubberized casing. Users can make use of the Slim’s rounded tip as a stylus pen.

What Сomes in the Kit?

The KandyPens Slim is a simple, straightforward vape pen. It works with thin oils and e-juice, and it has no adjustable features. The mouthpiece is flat and plastic. It features a small air hole for inhalation. There are no buttons on the vape pen, as it is draw-activated.

It does have a stylus-type of the bottom, keeping with the overall, old-school vape pen or e-cigarette design. The top consists of a puny-sized 0.5mL tank that will let users vape at the maximum 200 puffs.

For a thin, portable pen the Slim does its job well. It does not create huge clouds, but it is not that type of device. It is more for discreet, on-the-go vaping. The best thing about the vape pen is the lifetime warranty that KandyPens offers. Any problems with the battery, and KandyPens will replace it for free.

What’s in the kit:

  • One KandyPens Slim
  • One USB charge
  • Two reusable applicator bottles

Taking a Look at the KandyPens Slim

The KandyPens Slim does not disappoint in the slimness department; it is remarkably light and extremely portable. The top section and bottom half of the battery are covered in the usual rubber satin finish that KandyPens is known for, as it is featured on most of their devices.

The battery has a 510 connection, but with only a 180mAh battery, it does not make much sense to attach anything else to it other than accompanying clearomizer on the Slim. The clearomizer is a lot like most early, clear atomizers.

The plastic mouthpiece is removable, and it reveals the plug as well as the fill hole where users put in their e-liquid or oils. Take off the mouthpiece and tank to charge the battery that gets screwed into the USB adapter that comes included.

There are no buttons on the Slim since it is draw-activated. There is a tiny, pin-hole LED light in the center of the device that lights up when users vape.

Getting the KandyPens Slim Started

The KandyPens Slim is a no-brainer type of e-cig. Charging time for it comes in at a record sixty minutes which was thanks in part to the small battery size.

Once vapers have the mouthpiece off, they can then grip the small plug that plugs the fill hole, take it out and fill the tank. Replace the plug, then the mouthpiece, and screw it back into the battery. Since the Slim has no firing or “on” button, all one needs to start vaping is to take a hard draw from the mouthpiece. Despite the small-capacity battery, the Slim lasts almost a day on a full charge. The flavor and cloud production are also impressive for such a small device.

A Vape With the KandyPens Slim

The KandyPens Slim does not look it can do much. But its ease-of-use and small frame hide a true cloud-making machine. With a full tank, the draw off of the mouthpiece is effortless. The unit does not get hot, and there are no dry or burnt hits.

With devices like the Slim that have no adjustable settings, users decide how much or little vapor to inhale. Vapers can alternate between taking short puffs or long hauls.

Vaping e-liquids is not as good as in other devices, but the thing about the Slim is not its vapor production. It is a stylish, trendy device.

Oil vapers who value discreteness and portability should enjoy this device much more than e-liquid vapers.


The KandyPens Slim vs. the Mig 21 Clear Fusion vs. the Trap 450 AIO

Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen Kit

The Mig 21 Clear Fusion comes with many different options and upgrades. It comes in at a higher price than the Slim, but there are many add-ons and extra features that users can get. The Clear Fusion has a higher-capacity tank at 1.3ml (bigger than the 0.5ml capacity of the Slim). It also features 380mAh batteries. The Clear Fusion comes in three different color options, but none match the simple and sleek design of the Slim.

mig 21

Trap 450 All in One Oil Vape Pen Kit

The Trap 450 oil vape pen features a two-piece configuration, a 1 ml tank and a 450mAh battery. The battery features a single-button for firing and operation. The on-board chip in the battery allows for three temperature settings.

Migvapor Trap 450 All In One Oil Vape Pen Kit image

With adjustable settings, a larger tank, and a lower price than the Slim, the Trap 450 seems like a good option. Only the Trap does not have the same lifetime warranty as the Slim.

The Final Word on the KandyPens Slim

Does the KandyPens Slim perform better with oils or with e-juice? Let us know in the comments section underneath about which medium the vape pen works best with.

The Slim is an easy-to-use, hassle-free device. It features simple functioning and a no-button design perfect for new vapers. The components all work well. The tank and mouthpiece are very well-designed.

The unit disassembles with ease and there is no need to clean or maintain it. The battery charges quickly with the USB charger, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. The question on everyone’s mind should be, does the warranty mean the battery will fail often or quickly or is it just good customer service?

KandyPens Slim Specifications

KandyPens Slim
Battery: 180 mAh
Battery Connection: 510 Thread
Tank: 0.5mL
Colors: Black
Price: $34.95

  • Pros:
  • Cons:
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Draw-activated (no buttons)
  • Good battery life
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Feels cheap
  • High-price

Where to buy KandyPens Slim?

kandy pens slim vaporizer

Buy KandyPens Slim directly from the KandyPens website.


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