//V2 Cigs Review – A Quick Guide to Popular E-Cigs
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V2 Cigs Review – A Quick Guide to Popular E-Cigs

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V2 Cigs Review – The Amazon of Vaping World?

From its start as a small online retailer of e-cigs, V2 Cigs has earned its market leadership position. They are doing this by offering a variety of high-quality and high-value products. They range from e-cigs, vaporizers, e-liquids, and more. This transformation from a small-time startup to one of the biggest online vape stores took several years and many impressive products. In fact, some experts even grade V2 Cigs as the Amazon of vaping because of their wide variety and great customer service.

The one quality that we particularly love about V2 is that they are not afraid to innovate. Despite the lack of powerful mods in their arsenal, we think they’re the most comprehensive online store for vapers. They offer products to those who are new to this world or want to enjoy powerful vape on the go. In addition, their offers range from disposables to starter kits to prefilled cartridges to amazing e-liquids. As a result, we can say the company offers the best of everything.

However, it’s their two flagship products, the V2 Pro Series 3 and V2 Pro Series 7 that rate them a notch above the competition. They are two sheer examples of innovation. There are rumors that the company is on the verge of launching the V2 Pro Series 9. There have been images popping up on the Internet, and they look totally dope. But, we can only wait until these rumors become a reality.

Broad Variety of Products

V2 Cigs offers a full assortment of vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and related products, including:

  • A variety of eight different starter kits – for those who are still a bit unsure about the whole vaping process
  • Twelve different flavors and five different strengths of e-liquids
  • Pre-filled cartridges with two technology choices – also available in twelve flavors and five strengths
  • Broad range of batteries in various colors, four different lengths, as well as a choice between automatic of manual functions
  • Vape Pens – V2 is well-known for their V2 Pro line of vape pens allowing the user to upgrade to devices. In addition, you are able to switch between wax, e-liquid or loose leaf substances. In fact, you can do it all while using the same device, simply by swapping the cartridges
  • Accessories including lanyards and portable chargers.


EX Starter Kits

Customers can build their e-cig kits with V2 EX cartridges and batteries. The EX cartridges offer a 400+ puff count, viewable e-liquid levels, and a rich flavor. You can customize the batteries by using one of five designer patterns. Each of them comes with a stylish matching cartridge sleeve. Choose between:

  • V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit – EX Series
  • E-liquid kit with the full range of EX options

Classic Starter Kits

This kit is one of the most customizable kits in the industry. As a result, they allow the customer to choose between two battery lengths and twelve flavors. In addition, there is a manual or automatic feature on the battery. Choose between:

  • V2 Standard Kit
  • V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit
  • V2 Power-Cig


As with the e-cigs, the vaporizers also come in starter kits for an optimal vaporizing experience. Choose between:

V2 Pro Vaporizer Kits

  • V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Kit
  • V2 Pro Series 3x Vaporizer Kit
  • V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Kit

VOID Vaporizer Kit

  • XEO VOID Vaporizer Kit which offers sub-ohm technology for VG compatibility.

TRINITY Vaporizer Kit

  • Vapor2 TRINITY Vaporizer Kit with interchangeable sub-ohm atomizers and variable settings.


V2 allows the user to choose from a wide selection of flavors, including:

  • Tobacco flavors
  • Menthol flavors

  • Fruit flavors
  • Specialty flavors

Additionally, users can also shop by e-liquid brands. This is because V2 offers a selection of brands from top manufacturers around the world.

Seamless Shopping

The shopping process on the V2 Cigs website is fast and seamless. As a result, they offer a quick checkout for registered customers. They have optimized their website for desktops, phones, and tablets. Therefore, they are making it extremely user-friendly.

Video Support

V2 Cigs have assembled a series of resources, including instructional videos to help users. From getting started, to how to select a battery, to how to order an e-liquid sampler – it’s all right there on the website to help users out.

V2 Cigs: Customer Service

V2 Cigs Brand Logo

V2 Cigs is famous for their live and knowledgeable customer service team. In fact, the company sees their Customer Service Team as a valuable resource. They make up the most knowledgeable employees in the vaping industry.

The Customer Service Team will be able to help customers with queries relating from shipping status to how to get the most out of the device you are using. And the best thing is that you can reach the customer service team in every imaginable way. Customers in North America, South America, Eastern Asia & Australia can reach out to the company via phone. Other ways to get in touch include live chat, email, and traditional mail.


V2 Cigs offers a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty on most of their products.

Loyalty Program

V2 Cigs uses programs like Refer-A-Friend. Here, they offer a comprehensive loyalty program in which with every purchase, a customer earns Vape 4 Free points. One can redeem these points for V2 products. As spending increase, customers will also receive automatic discounts or other benefits.

How Shipping Works

V2’s variety of shipping options makes it a pleasure to order your vaping device. Their shipping options include both standard and expedited services. The standard shipping service is available for all orders. It requires no minimum purchase and is free of charge. Orders destined for APO/FPO, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico are not eligible for flat-rate shipping. Expedited shipping times does not account for the amount of time that the package will spend in transit. In addition, it also does not include the time needed for processing and fulfillment.

Their estimated shipping dates are, as expected, based on different factors. They include the destination address, shipping option, and processing time V2 Cigs needs to assemble the items for shipment. They calculate the delivery estimates by adding the processing time to the number of business days that it will take packages to travel from V2 to its destination address. They also based this on the shipping speed that the customer selects.

Users must take note that any orders placed before 18:00 EST with either standard or priority delivery services, will be fulfilled the following day. In addition, they will fulfill the overnight orders placed before 15:00 EST on Monday to Thursday on the same day. Orders placed after 18:00 EST on a Thursday will only be fulfilled on the following Monday morning.

Orders Outside of the USA

V2 hosts international websites for faster delivery. In fact there are more affordable shipping charges for those customers located in India, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

It is important to note that some countries restrict the importation of electronic cigarettes and related products. As a result, V2 abides by those laws where they physically operate. In any case, they will ship everywhere, except for the US embargoed countries. The customer should familiarize themselves with their country’s import laws. Otherwise, orders may result in seizures, non-arrivals or delays.

V2 has vast amount of experience in shipping e-cig products internationally. They have a track record of successfully delivering merchandise to more than 100 countries. However, delays can always occur at the national customs offices. This is beyond the control of V2 Cigs.

Sometimes, the customs officers might seize your package. In this case, it is the buyer’s responsibility to contact customs and request to have the package returned to V2. V2 can’t process a refund for destroyed packages, or packages that remain in the hands of customs in a different country. Once V2 receives the package, they process it as a returned package. After, they will contact the customer to provide additional information regarding a refund. However, they will not refund the shipping costs and discounts used at the time of you purchase.


There are so many online vape stores that keeping track of them all has become very hard. However, just like you have the peace of mind when ordering from Amazon as compared to some unknown company, you’ll be at ease when buying from V2 Cigs. Their prices are not the lowest, but they are reasonable. Their products are of high-quality, and they have a decent variety. Okay, maybe they might be short by a couple of powerful vape mods. However, their customer service is peerless. Do we recommend V2? You tell me!


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