V2 Cigs – a Quick Guide to Popular E-Cigs

From its start as a small online retailer of e-cigs, V2 Cigs has earned its market leadership position. They are doing this by offering a variety of high-quality and high-value products. They range from e-cigs, vaporizers, e-liquids, and more. This transformation from a small-time startup to one of the biggest online vape stores took several years and many impressive products. In fact, some experts even grade V2 Cigs as the Amazon of vaping because of their wide variety and great customer service.

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V2 Cigs has two well-known products: the V2 Pro Series 3 and V2 Pro Series 7. Out of all of their vaporizers, these two are most commonly rated above all competition. They are two sheer examples of V2’s unique innovation.

V2 Cigs offers a full assortment of vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and related products, including:

  • A variety of eight different starter kits – for those who are still a bit unsure about the whole vaping process
  • Twelve different flavors and five different strengths of e-liquids
  • Pre-filled cartridges with two technology choices – also available in twelve flavors and five strengths
  • A broad range of batteries in various colors, four different lengths, as well as a choice between automatic or manual functions
  • Vape Pens – V2 is well-known for their V2 Pro line of vape pens allowing the user to upgrade to devices. In addition, you are able to switch between wax, e-liquid or loose leaf substances. In fact, you can do it all while using the same device, simply by swapping the cartridges
  • Accessories including lanyards and portable chargers.

Best V2 E-Cigarettes

V2 is a popular choice of retailer when it comes to purchasing e-cigarettes due to its high-quality V2 Ex Series and Classic kits. Each individual kit has its own perks. V2 can be a one-stop shopping location for all of an e-cigarette vaper’s needs. They come in various prices suitable for any budget.


V2 EX Series starter kit

V2 Standard Kit - EX Series

V2’s Ex Series comes with a perfect amount of EX line batteries and cartridges. It makes shopping for e-cigarettes so much easier since everything that an e-cigarette vaper needs can be purchased at one time in one place. This particular kit includes 2 batteries, 10 e-liquid cartridges, a wall adapter, an express charger, and a handy-dandy user manual. This kit’s batteries also come in a variety of fun colors, including opal, matte black, brushed steel, and rose gold. There’s a style for everyone’s aesthetic!

  • Gages on e-liquid containers to see how much juice is left
  • Leak-proof construction that makes transportation more reliable
  • No cleaning or maintenance of the atomizer required
V2 EX Standard E-Liquid Starter Kit

V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit - EX Series

The V2 Ex Series Standard E-Liquid Kit comes with 2 V2 EX batteries, the choice of a V2 Platinum 50 ml Bottle or 6-Flavor E-Liquid Sampler, a pack of EX blanks that includes three blanks, a wall adapter, an express charger, and a manual. This is a great option for a vaper who already knows what their favorite type of e-liquid juice is. However, it is also a great purchase for those who would like to try new flavors without having to purchase a large container of it and risk not liking and wasting it. The EX series is also known for producing thicker vapor.

  • Comes in four colors: opal, matte black, brushed steel, and rose gold
  • The longer battery can provide an average of 300 puffs per charge
  • More versatile e-liquid options that other e-cigarette kits offered by V2


V2 E-Cigs Standard Starter Kit image

V2 Classic Standard Kit

The V2 Standard kit comes with 2 classic batteries, 10 V2 classic flavor cartridges, a wall adapter, an express charger, and a V2 user manual. Vapers are allowed to choose up to two different e-liquid flavors to include in their kit, but they could get ten of the same kind if they would like to. The cartridges are very easy to use– they screw on and off of the battery when vapers want to change them out. Vapers can get an average of 150-250 puffs per charge, which is fantastic.

  • Great variety of e-liquid flavors to choose from
  • Heating element automatically activates when the vaper draws in air
  • Comes with manual batteries that offer great control and precision
V2-Cigs-Standard-E-Liquid-Kit image

V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit

The V2 Standard E-liquid Kit is slightly more expensive than the Standard Kit but comes with some added benefits. Similarly to all the other kits, this one comes with a wall adapter, an express charger, and a V2 user manual. This kit also comes with 2 traditional batteries, and a pack of EX blanks that comes with three blanks. What makes this kit special is its choice of included V2 Platinum 50 ml Bottle or a 6-Flavor E-Liquid Sampler.

  • Like the Standard Kit, comes with manual batteries that offer great control and precision
  • Batteries come in four colors: stainless steel, blue, black, and white
  • Only comes in standard or long lengths that provide maximum puffs per charge
V2 E-Liquid Express Kit image

V2 E-Liquid Express Kit

The V2 E-Liquid Express Kit is a great purchase for a beginner or an experienced vaper looking for a temporary e-cigarette. It’s inexpensive, yet still highly functional and customizable. Users get to choose between a manual or automatic battery. The battery only comes in white, but this white looks like a traditional cigarette and is actually the preferred color by many anyways. In addition to the battery, the kit also comes with a blank and an express charger– so those who purchase this kit should make sure they have their preferred e-liquid at home.

  • Great for high PG concentration e-liquids
  • Frequently goes on sale from its already low price
  • Great for taking with while traveling
V2-Power-Cig image

V2 Power-Cig

The V2 Power-Cig is like a different species of e-cigarette. Unlike the other e-cigarettes that V2 produces, the Power-Cig can provide up to hours of usage at a time. It produces insanely thick vapor. This vapor will not get thinner as the battery life gets lower thanks to its resistance to battery degradation. The Power-Cig can be used while being charged at home or in the car, but can also rely on its batteries to be used on the go. Its vapor is also always a comfortable and enjoyable temperature.

  • Comes with a pack of 5 V2 Classic Flavor Cartridges
  • Has a charging cord that is 7.2 feet long so vapers can vape from a distance
  • Produces thick, tasty, and smooth vapor

Best V2 Vape Pens

V2’s vape pens come in full starter kits for an optimal vaporizing experience. These starter kits provide both beginners and experienced vapers alike with the tools they need to get started with their V2 vape. These kits always include the necessary charging equipment for the vape pen, along with other bonuses, such as cleaning tools and instruction manuals.

v2 cigs series 3

V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen

V2 Pro Series 3 comes with an e-liquid vape pen built to be compatible with V2’s high-performance Pro Pods. It is capable of delivering direct throat hits and is lightweight and compact to make for easy transportation. It comes in a sleek black color and can charge in record time. Should the user choose to, they can purchase an additional charging accessory to speed up this time even more. It is also easy to load in new juice cartridges whenever they run out.


  • Comes with three free customizable V2 Pro Pack pods
  • Can vaporize dry herbs and waxes with a purchase of additional accessories
  • Long battery life and great price value for the industry
v2 pro series 3x dry herb vaporizer kit

V2 Pro Series 3x

The V2 Pro Series 3X kit packs a powerful punch. One of its highest regarded features is the users’ ability to adjust the airflow coming out of the unit. They can make it easier or give their hits more resistance, making the vape pen feel more like a cigarette.

The unit’s ceramic heating chamber keeps the vapor it produces clean, strong, and tasting as it was meant to. It is a huge step up from the Series 3 for those willing to pay some extra money.


  • Advanced airflow technology
  • LED battery sensor equipped with motion activation
  • Comes with a Series 3X atomizer sampler
  • Can be used with e-liquids, dry herbs and concentrates

V2 Dry Herb Vaporizers

v2 pro series 7 vaporizer Starter KIt image

V2 Pro Series 7

V2 Pro Series 7 provides for a blissful and intense vaping experience. It produces clouds capable of winning a competition without sacrificing flavor or cleanliness. For what users are getting, it comes at a fantastic price.

The Pro Series 7 is a 3-in-one unit capable of vaporizing dry herbs, waxes, and e-liquid juices. Additionally, vapers are able to customize the temperature settings on their vape to best suit their chosen medium and get the highest quality vapor from it.


  • Smart technology for heating mediums to their optimal temperatures automatically
  • Comes with a magnetic charging cord
  • Large storage capacity and extended battery life

Prohibited in the 5th Degree

Prohibited is V2’s sub-brand that is popular in the vaping community. They pride themselves in having the world’s most versatile and portable vaporizer on the market, and their ability to deliver a luxurious vaping experience to their customers.

prohibited in the 5th degree green

Prohibited in the 5th Degree

The Prohibited in the 5th Degree vaporizer truly does it all, and arguably the best in the business. The vaporizer is suitable for both dry herbs and concentrates, and is super easy to use. The cartridges are all magnetic so they pop in and out smoothly. Its conduction oven vaporizes mediums perfectly, and delivers tasty, smooth hits. This vaporizer can be used discreetly or can be used to make massive clouds and do tricks– it is up to the user.


  • In the 5th Degree comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Customizable voltage and temperature settings
  • Insanely fast heat-up time, but still delivers cool refreshing vaper

Best V2 Vape Mod

vapour 2 trinity

Vapor 2 Trinity

The Vapor2 TRINITY Vape Mod has a tank that is capable of holding up to 2 mL of e-liquid juices and fills from the top to make refilling easy for users wherever they are. The vaporizer is capable of producing wattage outputs between 5 and 40 watts, which is an impressive range for the industry. Between the customizable temperature and power settings, and the customizable airflow resistance of the unit, it makes a great product for both beginners and experienced vapers.


  • Comes with both a standard and a sub-ohm atomizer
  • Compatible with PG and VG blends
  • Customizable voltage and temperature settings

V2 Batteries

V2 batteries are amongst the best in the industry. The company prides itself on its ability to produce batteries that can completely charge quickly within 2-3 hours, and then hold their charge for a long period of time. They have a voltage of 4.2 volts, and on a full charge, a battery can last for an average of about 200 puffs, which is very impressive. Their batteries are customizable, as users can choose which length they would prefer amongst the three different lengths that V2 offers, as well as whether they prefer manual or automatic batteries.

V2 E-Liquids

V2 allows users to choose from a wide selection of flavors, including:

  • Tobacco flavors – V2 has a variety of more than 15 tobacco flavors for vapers to choose from. There are flavors created from robust Virginia tobacco plants alongside exotic tobacco flavors originated in the Middle East.
  • Menthol flavors – Menthol is a popular cigarette flavor that has been transitioned into a minty and refreshing e-liquid flavor. It keeps the breath smelling fresh, and makes for tasty and awakening vapor.
  • Fruit flavors – V2 provides many fresh and authentic fruity flavors for vapers who enjoy the taste of sweeter vapor and smells. A cool thing about these flavors is that they can be easily mixed with each other to create original flavors suited to the vapors unique tastes.
  • Specialty flavors – specialty flavors allow vapers to indulge in the tastes and smells of their favorite treats without consuming any calories. V2’s specialty flavors are very sweet and consist of pumpkin spice, peppermint bark, vanilla, coffee and more.

Additionally, users can also shop by e-liquid brands. This is because V2 offers a selection of brands from top manufacturers around the world.

How V2 Cares About Their Customers

V2 is famous for their live and knowledgeable customer service team. In fact, the company sees their Customer Service Team as a valuable resource. They make up the most knowledgeable employees in the vaping industry.

The Customer Service Team will be able to help customers with queries relating from shipping status to how to get the most out of the device they are using. And the best thing is that users can reach the customer service team in every imaginable way. Customers in North America, South America, Eastern Asia & Australia can reach out to the company via phone Monday through Friday. Other ways to get in touch include live chat and email.

Video Support

V2 Cigs has assembled a series of resources, including instructional videos to help users. From getting started, to how to select a battery, how to order an e-liquid sampler – it’s all right there on the website to help users out.

Shipping Services of V2 Products

V2’s variety of shipping options makes it a pleasure to order the vaping device. Their shipping options include both standard and expedited services. The standard shipping service is available for all orders. It requires no minimum purchase and is free of charge. Orders destined for APO/FPO, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico are not eligible for flat-rate shipping. Expedited shipping times do not account for the amount of time that the package will spend in transit. In addition, it also does not include the time needed for processing and fulfillment.

Users must take note that any orders placed before 18:00 EST with either standard or priority delivery services, will be fulfilled the following day. In addition, they will fulfill the overnight orders placed before 15:00 EST on Monday to Thursday on the same day. Orders placed after 18:00 EST on a Thursday will only be fulfilled on the following Monday morning.

Сustomers with destination addresses in Utah and Arkansas are prohibited from purchasing online electronic cigarettes and vapor products. The V2 team asks to visit their Store Locator to find an authorized V2 retailer in their area.

Orders Outside of the USA

V2 hosts international websites for faster delivery. In fact, there are more affordable shipping charges for those customers located in India, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

It is important to note that some countries restrict the importation of electronic cigarettes and related products. As a result, V2 abides by those laws where they physically operate. In any case, they will ship everywhere, except for the US embargoed countries. The customer should familiarize themselves with their country’s import laws. Otherwise, orders may result in seizures, non-arrivals or delays.

V2 has a vast amount of experience in shipping e-cig products internationally. They have a track record of successfully delivering merchandise to more than 100 countries. However, delays can always occur at the national customs offices. This is beyond the control of V2 Cigs.

Is V2 the Best Place to Get Your Next Vape?

There are so many online vape stores that keeping track of them all has become very hard. However, just like you have the peace of mind when ordering from Amazon as compared to some unknown company, you’ll be at ease when buying from V2 Cigs. Their prices are not the lowest, but they are reasonable. Their products are of high-quality, and they have a decent variety. However, their customer service is peerless. Do we recommend V2? You tell me!


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