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V2 EX Series Electronic Cigarette Review – The Best Quality

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V2 EX Series Electronic Cigarette Review

V2 is one of the largest suppliers of electronic cigarettes. Operating all over the world you don’t have to browse for long before you find one of their products. Known for their simplistic and clean, high-quality designs with the V2 EX Series, they’ve really set to impress the people this time.

Beginners looking for an entry point into the world of vaping won’t be disappointed with the V2 Standard EX Kit. The price, performance, and build quality of the EX Series make this device the perfect starter kit for those looking to try vaping for the first time.

V2 EX Series Pros & Cons:

  • Clean Design
  • Great Battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Huge Variety
  • Limited Flavor Choice
  • Leak Prone design

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What They Deliver

Box Contents:

  • EX Battery
  • EX Series Cartridge Sampler
  • Express Charger
  • User Manual


  • EX Battery (280mAh, 4.2 volts)
  • EX Series Cartridge Sample (2 Flavors, 6 Cartridges, 1.2% Nicotine)

The Build & Features

The Design

V2 EX Series Electronic Cigarette

Given a sleek, metallic finish and available in different colors, this kit from V2 is a beauty to behold. Unlike other cig-a-likes that try too hard to mimic the look and feel of traditional cigarettes (and fail), this particular e-cig exudes style and grace.

It’s clear that V2 had one thing in mind when creating this device. They wanted to ensure they maintained a professional design and appeal a more professional audience. With the use of E-Cigs only by a slightly older audience, I believe it’s a great choice that they did this.

Size and Weight

Although I can’t give an accurate measurement of the length of weight I can confidentially say that it fits nicely in the hand with a perfect weight. The device itself is slightly longer than the majority of other E-Cigs, however, it still feels top quality. The device will fit in your pocket with no issues, you probably won’t notice it there!


In regards to features, at the end of the day, this is simply an E-Cig. It doesn’t burst at the seams with features and functionality. Its main purpose is to help people transfer from cigarettes. However, here are a few features that I feel are worth mentioning:

  • LED Battery Indicator – Not too common on other E-Cigs, the V2 EX Series offers an indicator to display the battery life on your device, this will let you plan your days a lot better with the device, without it simply running out of battery.
  • Huge Variety – If you’re purchasing one of the V2 EX Series, you will notice the V2 websites offers a massive selection, with many different bundles and options to choose from. You can select a huge advanced package for slightly more, or simply select the cheapest starter kit. There is a package for everyone.
  • Refillable Cartridges – Although it doesn’t advise you to do this, you do have the ability to refill cartridges. You can do this with any juice of your choice and works quite well. So, if you don’t enjoy the V2 selection of juices you do kind of have the ability to use everything else.

Using the V2 EX Series E-Cig


The device provides an incredible throat hit, which is a pleasant surprise for many users who have come to expect sub-par performances from vape pen.

The overall performance of the EX is a step above other similar kits, due to the redesign of both the battery and the cartridges.

The Quality of the Cloud

The EX outputs 4.2 V, as opposed to the standard 3.7 V from other vape pens. As a result, vapor production is more impressive than similar products from other brands. You will be able to create quite large clouds, however, the average user of this device wouldn’t really use it for the clouds. People looking for a similar experience to smoking will mainly use this device. A strong flavor would be a much better option for them. This device manages to provide quite a strong flavor, depending on the juice you’re using.

Battery Life

One of the problems with standard vape pens is the battery life. The Standard EX Kit improved on this by offering larger capacity batteries for longer vape times. The EX batteries measure just 100mm but last for about 300 puffs. Considering that the output is 4.2 V, which take in more power than regular 3.7 V batteries, the number of puffs on one charge of the EX battery is impressive.

One other thing that separates EX batteries from the rest is the use of battery indicators on the side of the device. These indicators light up to let users know how much battery charge is left.

If you’re looking to use the device quite a lot, but enjoy the simple design and easy to use structure, having 2 batteries would help you out a lot. V2 do not offer a portable charging pack for this device.


There is not many mentionable improvements that have been or they can make to this device. The V2 EX Series wasn’t made after another model, therefore they didn’t really have anything to build upon. The current structure, design, and features of this device are quite good for an E-Cig of this price.

The Competition

I can say with confidence, V2 do not have any issues when it comes to competition. Due to their size and a number of positive reviews they hold. For anyone looking into E-Cigs, they will more than likely not second guess purchasing from V2. For anyone new to the market just looking for a cool looking device, the V2 EX Series will probably win them over as well.

How To Use the V2 EX E-Cig

E-Cigs will not require too much assembly to get them in working order. However, there are a couple things you will need to be able to understand and complete to ensure you get the best experience when using this device.

Connecting a Cartomizer:

  1. Pick up your clear Cartomizer/Cartridge.
  2. Screw the Cartomizer/Cartridge onto the battery. Be careful not to tighten too much, and this could cause firing issues
  3. Smoke the device, when needed. Monitoring the juice levels if using the Cartomizer. If using the Cartridges keep a rough count on how many pulls you have (when purchasing cartridges they will estimate a total pull amount).

Refilling the Cartridge:

  1. Hold the cartridge upside down, showing the bottom end. This is the end that is against your lips when smoking.
  2. Get a small pin and gently push lever the bottom open, this should be easy due to the rubber texture
  3. This will expose the wick inside. You will then need to drop liquid straight onto the wick; it’s estimated to be around 20 drops.
  4. When refilling Cartridges please only do so if the manufacturer gives you the ability to do so. Do not force Cartridges open or fill with liquid not provided by the manufacturer.
  5. Put the rubber bottom back on.
  6. Take five dry pulls to help the liquid circulate in the wick.

Refilling the Mini Clear Cartomizer:

  1. The mini clear comes equipped with a scale on the side of the tank. This allows you to see when you should refill the cartomizer.
  2. Unscrew the tip from the top of the cartomizer.
  3. Take your E-Liquid and place it on the size of the tank, avoiding the hole in the middle. Fill up slowly until it’s at the top of the scale in the tank.
  4. Reconnect the tip.
  5. Take five dry pulls to help the liquid circulate in the wick.
  6. Allow it to stand for 5 minutes, before connecting to battery and smoking.

Charging the device USB Port:

  1. Connect the battery to the USB Charger.
  2. Place the charger into a USB port. The LED indicator on the USB Charger will have a red color if it needs more charging. It will be green if the device is fully charged.
  3. After the battery is full, remove the USB Charger from the port and then remove the battery from the USB Charger.
  4. Reconnect your Cartridge and enjoy.

Maintenance Instructions

When it comes to maintenance, there is not much you can do with this device. I would recommend occasionally wiping down the device to stop any build up of dust. It might also be worth it to occasionally clean the connector between the cartridges and the battery, to stop any buildup of dried juice.

Firing Instructions

If you are having issues with the device not pulling properly or producing any vapor. You must first check that the battery has a full charge. Plug it into the charger and check if the LED Indicators show green or red; if red, charge until green and try again.

If the problem persists, there could be an issue with the connector to the cartridge and battery. Check if the connection between the two has moved at all. Try a different cartridge or cartomizer. If the problem persists, you’ll need to find a tutorial on “Fixing Firing Issues on E-Cigs” there are plenty available online.

Preventing this is easy, ensure when connecting the battery to a cartridge you only tighten with finger strength. Do not over tighten the device. This will push the connection inside further than it should be; resulting in firing issues.

More information

You can find any additional information in the user manual provided with the device. It’s always recommended to check the user manual before going online for answers. Although the internet is great and filled with content, sometimes the legitimacy of the content is questionable.



For the price, this device is pretty great. With the choice of different options and packages, you will be able to find the best bundle for you.


The simplistic and minimal design of the V2 EX Series is a breath of fresh air, giving this device a really professional feel.


The overall performance of the device is quite impressive. Managing to find a good balance between battery life and vapor production to ensure you’re hitting high quality pulls whilst maintaining a long battery life.

The V2 EX Series has managed to keep up with the rumors, providing an increasingly high standard with their products. Catering to starter vapors and veteran vapors there is an option for everyone, so if you’re looking for a new starter kit or simply a reliable device for your day, be sure to check out V2s Website and grab the V2 EX Series from £40 today!

The EX Series from V2 Overview:

V2 EX Series
Vape Rating: 87/100 by

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