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V2Pro Series 3 Review – A Quality Vape Pen

V2 is famous for versatility and variety and make everything from minis to normal vaporizers. The V2Pro Series 3 is a 3 in 1 vape pen. It’s one of their most popular offerings to date. Let’s see how true the manufacturer’s claim that the Series 3 is all about high-quality and supreme performance is.

v2 pro series 3

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The new Series 3 vaporizer by V2 Pro, comes with a variety of new features, enhancing the vaping experience to the maximum. The Series 3 brings the user adjustable settings, compatible sub-ohm cartridge technology, and micro-drilled LED indicator lights, expanding upon the technology of the Series 3. The key selling point of the Series three is its compatibility with the three main vaping mediums i.e. e-liquids, dry herbs, and waxes. The V2Pro Series 3 is available from $99.99 directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Despite being one of the most sought after vape pens, it has its pros and cons – just like any other gadget under the sun, let’s take a quick look.

What are the Pros & Cons of the V2Pro Series 3?

  • Elegant, leak-proof design, which is fairly sturdy
  • Beats most competitors when it comes to value for money
  • The Pro Series 3 stands as the very first multipurpose vape ever designed from ground up
  • Magnetic components snap in place conveniently
  • The cartridge for the loose leaf is small, even for a vape pen. This is a minor hassle but refilling frequently isn’t fun.
  • The cartridges are not forward compatible and can’t be used with the newer models by V2
  • Only comes with one e-liquid cartridge, you’ve to buy additional cartridges for vaping other mediums

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The Starter Pack

For the first-timers, who may not have any idea of how to go about this new experience, V2.com sends users personalized starter packs which include your vaporizer, S3 Liquid Cartridge, S3 Sub-Ohm Liquid Cartridge, Interchangeable Atomizers, a user manual and a USB charger.

The Looks

The look and feel of the V2Pro Series 3 is sleek. The slim line makes the Series 3 portable and easy to use. The newly introduced variable temperature and voltage settings allow the user to manipulate the heat level, giving them a custom experience and a personalized taste. The temperature settings work uniquely; the device automatically adjusts according to the cartridge you insert.

The motion activated LED battery sensor displays the battery life, letting the user know in advance when it is time to charge their vaporizer.

What are the Specifications of the V2Pro Series 3?

The V2Pro Series 3 is 15 mm (0.59 in.) in diameter and 152.4 mm (6 in.) in length. It weighs 54 g (1.9 oz.) and has a liquid cartridge capacity of 1.6 ml. It uses 750 mAh battery. The user can adjust the Vapor thickness to 4 W, 7W or 12 W.

Battery life is good, being robust enough to last about 12 vaporizing sessions before it needs to be recharged.

The tank attachment is impressive. Unlike other tanks that leak, the V2 Pro does not. Leaks are a common frustration for many users. Clouds are not as massive as other e-cigarettes and tank combos, but the vapor it delivers is warm and satisfying to the user.

The V2Pro Series 3 also has a loose-leaf cartridge. The conduction oven 420 mm3 has three settings: 200°C, 215°C, and 230°C.The wax cartridge can take up to 500°C. Users can expect to get 800 around 800 puffs per liquid fill and 15 sessions per charge.

Which Features Sets the V2Pro Series 3 Apart?

The V2Pro Series 3 gives the user the ability to heat the wax, loose leaf products, as well as e-liquids. Interchangeable atomizers will help users find the perfect setting according to individual taste.

The V2Pro Series 3 is available in three colors: Crimson, Charcoal and Gunmetal and comes with a variety of choice when it comes to the metal mouthpieces – also available in different colors.

It’s a highly customizable pen. Most of the features of the V2Pro Series -3 are customizable. This includes adjusting the airflow, voltage, and temperature. The ceramic cartridges offer a fuller, consistent flavor. All of the V2Pro Series 3 line’s accessories fits on the 3 model, for those looking to upgrade.

All of the components connect magnetically, making it easy to use without the hassle of having to screw everything in. The LED indicator is discreet, just like the battery life indicator.

How Does the V2Pro Series 3 Compare to Other E-cigarettes?

The V2Pro Series 3 gives the user a fuller and consistent flavor, with a tighter draw. Not many others pens are three-in-on, let alone matching this little monster in terms of performance.

V2Pro Series 3

The V2Pro Series 3 heats up to operating temperature very quickly compared to other e-cigarettes. The automatic shut-off is set at 2 minutes, which is a short time. However, this conserves battery life. The battery recharges quicker than most other e-cigarettes – it will take about 75 minutes to be fully charged. Unlike most other vape pens, you can use the vape pen while it is plugged into the charger – thanks to the pass-through technology.

What is the Anatomy of the V2Pro Series 3?

The V2Pro Series 3 comes with the following components:

  1. Cartridge chamber that magnetically secures the cartridge;
  2. LED lights to indicate the activation status;
  3. Activation button which controls vapor production;
  4. LED perimeter that indicates the temperature;
  5. Metal charge port that connects to the magnetic head of the charge port.

Using the Series 3 First Time

The V2 Pro Series 3 is a unique device that can be used with e-liquid, essential oils, or dry herb content. Tanks and cartridges are connected to the V2 Pro via magnets. While easy to use, this proprietary magnetic connection means only attachments purchased from V2 Cigs and designed for the V2 Pro Series 3 will work.

The V2 Pro also detects which attachment is being used and will function accordingly. For example, if the loose leaf module is attached, the V2 Pro will function when the button is held for three seconds to pre-heat the chamber. It will then maintain proper vaporizing temperature until the button is held to shut it off again. This differs from when it is used as an e-cigarette, where the button activates the heating element to produce vapor. When the user lets go of the button, it will stop.

Even though the V2Pro Series 3 comes partially charged, it is important to charge the battery completely before initiating use. By plugging your V2Pro Series 3 into the metal charge point, which you can plug into the wall or your car charger, LED lights will flash to indicate that your device is charging. When the V2Pro Series 3 is fully charged, the LED indicator will be green.

The V2Pro Series 3 is designed to use while charging. However, give it 20 minutes or so before you start puffing.

Pushing the power/activation button three times will activate the V2Pro Series 3, allowing the user to start vaporizing right away. When taking a drag, make sure to press the activation button, for the V2Pro Series 3 to work.

The only little hassle when switching between the vaping materials is that you’ll have to switch the cartridge.

Maintenance Made Easy

Cleaning your V2Pro Series 3 is a wise practice as it not only keeps the flavor fresh but also ensures that your vape pen will last for a while. To clean an e-cigarette, you will need an absorbent paper towel, cotton swabs or pipe cleaners. Sticky residue or dust can be removed with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

The Bottom Line

V2 manages not only to juggle three different types of vaping at once but specialize in each of them. Furthermore, they make it the best it can be. It makes sure that each of the types of vaping they use is the best. Amazingly, they can somehow fit it into a tiny and cheap package.

If V2 Pro Series 3 keeps making affordable and great vaporizers, they’ll very easily be among the true top brands. I can say that this is one of the best vape pens I have ever used. Anyone that needs a starting vape or just wants an easier experience ought to try it out. Most vaporizers can’t pull off being 2 for 1 or even 3 for 1. They usually, have to just “stick to one” because they can’t pull off the quality of multiple times of vaping. However, the V2 Pro Series 3 has it all. Two thumbs up!


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