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  • Are E-Cigs a hacking tool or a safe smoking alternative?

    You Will Never Believe What Strangers can do With Your E-Cigs Now

    With recent global ransomware attacks, the world’s trust in technology has been a bit shaken. It’s a fact that we rely on our computers and gadgets in a big way. As a result, these concerns surely are valid. This is especially worrisome with all the data we keep in our devices. Recent demonstrations have shown […]

  • Meet the latest participant in the fight against electronic and tobacco cigarettes.

    Buffalo Bisons Stamps out E-Cigs at Their Stadium

    Since its start in 1877, Buffalo Bisons have become one of the most successful minor league baseball teams ever. Their alums include names like Connie Mack, Manny Ramirez, Johnny Bench, and Matt Harvey. You will find their home stadium, Coca-Cola Field, in the city of Buffalo in upstate New York near the Canadian border. Currently, […]

  • cigarette packages

    How This Hack Helped Australia Reduce its Smoking Rate

    Believe it or not, smoking is the number one most preventable single cause of death in the whole wide world. One trick seems to be a helpful tool in battle against smoking. You might call it a designer’s solution. Furthermore, it seems to be working in a country like Australia. How did Australia do this? […]

  • chainsmokers

    The Smoke behind The Chainsmokers

    What have you been listening to lately? Is it Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, or might you be listening to the Chainsmokers? In any case, have you ever wondered what might be the story behind the name of your favorite band, or artist? Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Lana Del Rey are examples of some artists that […]

  • What County lawmakers will do to protect young lungs.

    The Latest Place That got an E-Cigarette Ban From Albany

    As of Monday, a New York county instituted a new ban on e-cigs. This ban refers to county-owned parks and recreational areas of Albany County. This is after the Albany County Legislature placed a ban on tobacco and e-cigarette usage from the these public spaces. They called the law, Local Law “A”. This law prevents […]

  • Should the government keep their hands off our E-cigs?

    Why You Should Oppose the New Bans on E-cigs

    If recent events have taught us anything, it is that choosing the “lesser” evil is not the easiest choice to make. All humans have something called a survival instinct. This will protect us from getting hurt. As a result, we prefer to choose something that is harmless to our health and well-being. Therefore, choosing something […]

  • This week in vaping and smoking news

    Weekly Overview: New Discoveries and Laws

    Over the course of the last week, we brought you news about the latest in science. There were some innovative and interesting studies in the field of medicine. All of these studies had surprising research outcomes. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, surprised us all with their amazing discovery.  Firstly, we believed it to […]

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    New York State Just Made a Ruling on Vaping

    The citizens living in the city of New York has just lost something that they have been enjoying. This is following the example of Austin, TX. Last Wednesday, the New York State Assembly had a discussion about  further restrictions on e-cigarettes. The session resulted in equal restrictions for regular and e-cigarettes usage in indoor spaces. […]

  • e-mails

    Will Quit-Smoking E-mails be as Effective as Medications?

    More and more healthcare practitioners have recognized the usage of technology as a beneficial factor in various treatments. It is not a wonder then that telemedicine is growing as a promising practice in treating the patients. The core value of telemedicine is that professionals provide proper education and proper healthcare to those in need of […]

  • Do cardiovascular diseases differentiate between regular smokers and social smokers?

    It Is Possible that You Will Quit Social Smoking after Reading This

    There is a great misbelief that only regular smoking induces damage to human body. Lighting even one cigarette will leave an unhealthy mark on your body. It doesn’t matter whether you are regular or occasional smoker. Even exposure to secondhand smoke can lead to a fatal outcome. This is according to a new study. There […]

  • How will the public react to a ban on vapnig in public spaces?

    New Outcome in Austin’s E-Cigarette Ban

    Lawmakers from the city of Austin, Texas, have finally reached a decision on their discussion about a possible e-cigarette ban. This is following its recent session, held on last Thursday. Austin City Council Members have been discussing the possible virtues of completely banning the e-cigarettes from public spaces. On Thursday, they held a vote. The […]

  • Is telemedicine the new anti-smoking savior?

    Can Telemedicine Contribute to Smoking Prevention or not?

    There are a number of ways that healthcare facilities use to help people quit smoking. In fact, it’s amazing just how many ways there are. However, they are all successful to a certain extent. A recent Dallas, TX based study has discovered that telemedicine can be a highly promising practice. Its convenience and effectiveness proved […]