Smokers of Light Cigarettes, we Have Something to Tell

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Researchers from Ohio State University, have shed some new light on the so-called light cigarettes. This is the result from their latest research project. Before diving into their discovery, let us investigate the distinction between regular and light cigarettes first.

Not That Light After All

They have the name “light” for two main reasons. First, it is that the makers consider them to have simply lighter, weaker flavor. The second reason lies in the fact that these cigarettes contain lower level of tar, nicotine, and other chemicals. They had their introduction to the market in the 1970s, and many smokers simply call them “Lights”.

The tobacco industry introduced for some reasons. First, it shows their customers that they care about people’s health. Second, it is for their profits by introducing a new line of cigarettes. It is like diet colas. For the past 50 years, smokers have been using them believing they are better than other forms of cigarettes just like the vapers of today are convinced that vaping e-liquids with nicotine instead of smoking is a safer bet.

Researchers from Ohio State presented some very different results. They have actually noted an increase rather than decrease in adenocarcinoma over the period of the last 50 years. Adenocarcinoma is the most common form of lung cancer. Firstly, it surprised the researchers with this outcome. This is given the fact that the number of people quitting smoking have reduced. By diving deeper into problem, they realized that the threat lies in the light cigarettes.

Ventilation Holes Source of the Problem

Light cigarettes have ventilation holes in the filter tip to dilute smoke with air. This is exactly what concerned researchers the most. 

The filter ventilation holes change how the tobacco is burned producing more carcinogens, which then also allows the smoke to reach the deeper parts of the lung where adenocarcinomas more frequently occur. Our data suggests a clear relationship between the addition of ventilation holes to cigarettes and increasing rates of lung adenocarcinoma seen over the past 20 years.Peter Shileds, oncologist

National Cancer Institute also defended the opinion that these cigarettes are not a healthier option just as the NCI has not endorsed vapes as a viable alternativet for cigarettes. In fact, they can equally cause cancer. The FDA have prohibited the companies from labeling their cigarette products as light. However, cigarette makers can still add these menacing ventilation holes to their products.

On the other side, another research project proved that quit-smoking meds can help patients with lung diseases.

It might say light on the package, but these cigarettes are heavy on cancer causing chemicals.

What does this mean for smokers? How should they react?

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