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  • man using calculator to count taxes

    Pennsylvania State Law Cripples Local Vaping Industry

    A newly released law in the Pennsylvania state has proven to be a nasty hit to the local vape industry and its community. As it stands, the law places a tax on all vaping products amounting to a whopping 40%. The law was passed last year during summer, but it has not gotten into effect […]

  • next week

    The First Week of Being a Non-Smoker

    If you’ve made it past your first day quitting smoking, congratulations! The next week is likely to be the most difficult period within your quitting cycle, but you have the strength to overcome it. The first week in a non-smoker’s new life is the most difficult for them. It is a time when the psychological […]

  • stylish woman throwing hair back

    Cool-looking Lipstick and Mascara Vape Pens Will Make You Vape in Disguise

    As the feminist revolution is growing stronger, “Do you even vape bro?” doesn’t seem like a legit phrase for the vaping community anymore. What has the vaping industry got on the table for ladies? With the increasing number of females using different vape products, the vaping industry realized it has to become more inclusive. While […]

  • nicotine anonymous

    Nicotine Anonymous: 12 Steps for Cigarette Smokers

    What is it? Nicotine Anonymous is a non-profit organization that is structured around the vaunted 12 Step Program that helps men and women who are committed to living nicotine free lives achieve their goals through group support and recovery. Nicotine Anonymous takes its model of recovery through spiritual awakening and abstinence from the original 12 […]

  • two women and a man standing

    Paid to Vape: Researchers at John Hopkins University call for tests

    John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, will pay participants in their study to vape. What are researchers from this reputable institution hoping to achieve with this study? In the era of pseudoscience and fake news, it seems harder than ever for vaping to preserve its integrity. Since being introduced in the early 2000s, legislators and health […]

  • vaping is a good thing

    Any of These Vaping Memes Ring a Bell?

    Taking a break from serious subjects like health issues or law controversies does not mean we are stopping our fight for proper education and representation of vaping! On the contrary, sometimes humor, especially the irony and sarcasm can be equally valid weapons as activism. So, what is a better way to tackle a burning issue […]

  • Thief in a black mask with a flashlight

    Grand Theft Vaping in Canada – Vape Stores face Mayhem

    Three Winnipeg-based vape stores have suffered thousands of dollars of property damage and loss due to thefts that happened recently. Are vapers taking their passion one step too far, or something else lurks at the crime scene? Jeremy Loewen reported a break-in after someone broke through the glass at his vaping store located on Pembina […]

  • vape battery

    Did you know your e-cig might explode? Learn how to prevent it

    Nowadays, more and more people turn to electronic cigarettes, a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco ones.  However, are they harmless? When smoking in an old-fashioned way, there is no need to worry about exploding cigarettes in your pockets, or even worse, in your face. However, smoking is the world’s leading preventable cause of death. […]

  • pulling rope

    Battle of Tobacco Titans over the Japanese Market

    Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, and Japan Tobacco are fighting for the supremacy over the Japanese market with their smokeless tobacco heating products. “I like the uniqueness of a new product,” said one Japanese consumer. Which product seems to have it all? Given the fact that Asia is the birthplace of modern electronic cigarettes, […]

  • E-liquid bottles

    San Francisco – the first city to ban all flavored tobacco products

    San Francisco went full circle by proposing an ordinance to prevent local manufacturers and retailers from selling all flavored tobacco products. Is yet another battle between government and retailers on the horizon? On June 20th of the current year, San Francisco approved an amendment to its existing law. The effective law prohibits the manufacture of […]

  • cigarettes

    Even the Iconic Cigarettes are a Fashion No-No

    France considers to make a bold move and ban some of its most famous cigarette brands – Gitanes and Gauloises. What is the context behind this act, and what is in these products that make them attractive and repulsive at the same time? How did these cigarettes become so attractive? Is their attractiveness becoming a […]