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  • New Vaping Tax in Washington DC

    Beginning October first, all vaping products in Washington D.C. will be subject to 67% excise tax. What does this mean for vapers and vape store owners alike? The Washington D.C. local government will start applying a 67% excise tax to all vape products starting October first. The tax will be implemented to keep e-cigarettes in […]

  • Half-Million Brits Switched to Vaping Last Year

    Research done at King’s College London has shown that the percentage of ex-smokers who have switched to vaping has increased from 4.5 percent last year, to 6.7 percent this year. In raw numbers, there are now 2.6 million vapers in the country this year compared to 2.1 million in 2014. These results show how people […]

  • How to Prevent Children from Starting Smoking

    Most adults, smoking or non-smoking, agree to the fact that smoking is not for children. Even the heaviest smoker obviously feels bad about seeing a young child smoking his or her lungs out. There is a reason for a legal smoking age in almost all countries all over the world. Similarly, there is a multitude […]

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    Former WHO Director: Stop War on E-Cigs

    After Public Health Officials in England recommended using e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to cigarettes, former Chief Health Officer and Cabinet Director at the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr. Derek Yach threw in his support with an article in the online publication ‘Global Health Now.’ In his article, Dr. Yach talks about how there has […]

  • Quit Smoking Methods Success Rates: How Effective are Your Options?

    Smoking is very addictive, and it is powerful enough to keep you puffing despite the many hazards it brings your health. For decades, many different studies have shown how cigarettes directly affect a smoker’s body. Additionally, it brings danger to those who inhale second-hand smoke, and come in contact with third-hand smoke. Overall, it is […]

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    What’s A Vaping Robot?

    The e-cig industry has been growing at an exponential rate for the past few years. One of the fruits of that advancement is the vaping robot. The question is, what is it for? Two words that e-cig users probably don’t expect to hear until further on in the future: vaping robot. It sounds straight off […]

  • Irish Gov’t Will Not Ban Vaping in Offices and Bars

    The Irish Government has approved the drafting of legislation to regulate e-cigs, but will not have them banned in enclosed public spaces. A spokesperson for the Department of Health said, “Although e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, they do contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance which is the driver for cigarette smoking. “Hence, there are legitimate […]

  • The Real Deal Behind Campaigns against Vaping

    With the invention of e-cigarettes and vaporizers, alongside with the continuous clarification on the harmful effects of smoking, tobacco cigarette sales have substantially declined during the past couple of years. Subsequently, a chain of anti-vaping campaigns has been launched, smearing the once-heroic image of vaporizers as an effective smoking cessation tool. What is behind all […]

  • Thieves Are Now Targeting Vape Gear

    As the popularity of vaping increases, so too the demand for it. Many vapers start out with cheap cig-a-likes, eventually upgrading their gear to more expensive devices. Mods can range from as little as $20 to as high as $5000. With the value of e-cig mods skyrocketing, especially for “unicorn” models, it is only a […]

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    Women Smokers More Likely to Vape

    Vaping has long been assumed as dominated by men. This was true a few years ago but in a survey done earlier this year by vaping brand VIP, 53 percent of users today are female. It is also suggested that overall, women smokers are more likely to take up vaping than men. Whether this is […]

  • How Vaping Can Help Mental Health Patients

    Another reason why vaping should be universally adopted as a harm reduction tool is the fact that those who suffer from mental health problems have a use for nicotine. Studies have shown that the effects of nicotine help fight the symptoms of depression, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, ADD, and dementia. This is believed to be the result […]

  • Philip Morris Pushing Its Own Alternative Cigarette

    Last November 21, 2014, Philip Morris released its alternative cigarette, the IQOS. It is described as a hybrid between traditional and electronic cigarettes. Instead of e-liquid, the device uses real tobacco refills – called HeatSticks – that are heated, rather than burned, to produce vapor. So far, the device is in its testing phase, and […]