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    Top 5 Vaping Stories You May Have Missed in August

    Our monthly news roundup is for the benefit of vapers like you. Our goal is to collect interesting vaping news on everything you would be interested in, such as legal, industry and entertainment news. Not only will we have serious topics but also some entertainment. Researchers from Philadelphia have investigated the effects of added flavors […]

  • 7 Great Quit Smoking Resources to Help You

    Trying to quit smoking is one of the toughest things many people will ever do. It is difficult to overcome the addiction and completely kick the habit, but it can be done, as proven by the millions who have done so before. When you are trying to stop smoking, you should know that you do […]

  • Air travellers queue at immigration control at Suvarnabhumi International Airport

    State of Vaping in Thailand.

    Do you like Muay Thai kickboxing? I do! My class is planning a trip to train with some of the masters. Naturally, I wondered about the state of vaping in Thailand and if I could take my e-cig with me. No one in my class knew the answer. None of us have ever been there. […]

  • vape queen of the month

    August Vape Queen of the Month: Vote now for your Favorite!

    Blonde, brunette, playing hockey or the clarinet, all girls presented in this voting has something in common, and it is vaping! All of them deserve, to become Vape Queen of August, but only one will get a crown. Help us find out who will get this title!  @misaliaa Post udostępniony przez MALAYSIA ? Unicorn ? (@misaliaa) […]

  • quit-smoking

    A Guide to Having ADHD and Quitting Smoking

    Smoking and ADHD seem to go hand in hand. That is, people who have ADHD are twice as likely as those who do not to take up smoking. And it is harder for people with ADHD to quit smoking once they have started. This comes down to the fact that smoking can help with focus […]

  • providing clean air

    You Will Hardly Believe What East Point, Georgia did About Smoking

    This Wednesday, May 31st , is World No Tobacco Day. To mark this occasion, the City Council and mayor of East Point, Georgia, held a vote on smoking in their municipality. As a result, they have voted in favor of a smoking ban. What does this mean for the residents of this suburb of Atlanta? […]

  • Men with beard in sunglasses vaping

    How To Vape: A Quick Guide For A to Z Vaping

    If you are wondering how to vape then we have a lot to talk about! With all of the different ways to vape, we need to figure out is what type of vaping is going to be right for you. There is standard vaping, which is the easiest and most basic style. Then you have […]

  • antismokinggroups

    Anti Smoking Groups: The Full Guide

      Throughout the world, more and more groups are organizing in an effort to change tobacco laws. They range from grassroots organizations to huge players that work on a global scale. Most of them focus on cigarettes and the health problems they can cause in both the smoker and of those in contact with secondhand […]

  • cinnamon

    Cinnamon and Quitting Smoking – Does It Really Do Any Good?

    People will try just about any method they can think of to quit smoking successfully. That’s because it is so difficult to quit, and many people experience different symptoms from others who have tried to do the same thing. Some methods work for some people but not for others, whether Cinnamon and Quitting Smoking – […]

  • smoking

    5 Silly Reasons People Start Smoking

    Major efforts to curb tobacco use have long been underway. Even before the most recent, major public ban was enacted, restaurants and other establishments had no smoking signs in place to cater to both sections of their public. Despite major studies that have shown that smoking causes an incredible number of deaths, at the rate […]

  • easywaytostopsmoking

    Review of Allen Carr’s “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking”

      Allen Carr’s book “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking” has sold millions of copies and is considered a real tool to help folks quit smoking. Here is Quit Smoking Community’s review of Mr. Carr’s book. IS There An ‘Easy Way’ To Quit Smoking? According to one author, yes. Allen Carr rocketed into the self-help […]