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  • miley cyrus

    Miley Cyrus Wrecks on How to Quit Smoking Weed

    The Pop lifestyle is more than just music and fashion. The teenage idol formerly known as Hannah Montana is now much more famous for being a controversial Pop sensation. Miley Cyrus knows this very well. In recent years, Cyrus has been known for smoking marijuana. However, what made her wreck the ball and quit smoking […]

  • helping smoker

    Why Is Joining a Quit Smoking Message Board a Very Good Idea?

    You might be one of those people who think they can quit smoking on their own. You could be right, but keep in mind that most people who try to quit smoking don’t succeed- not on the first try anyway. And that’s because they don’t have the support they need. They try to go it […]

  • How the latest research on quit smoking meds affects treatment of lung disease?

    The Amazing Discovery on Quit Smoking Medications

    At the University of Edinburgh, researchers have made an amazing discovery. They found out that certain medications that help addicts quit smoking can have benefits for those with lung diseases as well. At first, doctors defended the opinion that these medications might cause heart diseases or depression. Some of the further damages that scientists believed […]

  • Can Khloe's suspicious spliff cause an international legal scandal?

    Khloe Kardashian Caught With Marijuana-like ‘Spliff’

    Following the recent controversy with getting caught smoking in The Metropolitan Museum of Art at The Met Gala, it seems that some celebrities cannot give it a rest.  Khloe Kardashian surely is famous for her modeling career and appearance in the famous show Keeping up with the Kardashians. However, this time Khloe caught the media’s […]

  • Did you know how much damage smoking in a museum may cause?

    Celebreties Did Not Know The Risk Of Secondhand Smoke In A Museum

    What the Eurovision Song Contest is for music, the Met Gala is for fashion. This year, the extravagant event was showcasing a fashion history exhibit by Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo. It was happening at the world renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The event presents the most innovative achievements in the studies […]

  • Will-Austin-City-Council-Ban-Public-Vaping

    Austin, TX Council Discusses Whether to Put Ban on E-cigarettes or not

    As several news platforms have been reporting, major changes are awaiting smokers across the US. According to the Plymouth Herald, new restrictions on e-cigarette capacity and liquids contained in it are about to come into effect as of next week. However, across the pond, alongside numerous U.S cities, in Austin, Texas, The Austin City Council […]

  • Nicoderm CQ Nicotine Patches: A Review

    People who are trying to quit smoking attempt to do so through various means. The nicotine patch (an example of nicotine replacement therapy) is a way to help the body adapt to the fact that a smoker has stopped smoking. It works by partially replacing the nicotine that would have otherwise been gotten from smoking […]

  • cessation programs

    Smoking Cessation Programs: An Overview of Methods and Programs

    Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. (about 20%) and possibly anywhere in the world where smoking is common. Half of all smokers who don’t quit will end up dying from smoking-related ailments. Harmful chemicals contained in cigarette smoke number in thousands and some of them are carcinogenic and can be […]

  • Magical Butter Review – Does it Really Work?

    Do you love marijuana-infused butter, but hate making it because of the annoying prep time, far-reaching strong smell and tormenting cleaning up after you’re done? If yes, you need to consider Magical Butter. This comprehensive MagicalButter review will get you acquainted with the machine, its pros and cons and everything in between that you need […]

  • Become an FFS Online Facilitator and Help Quitters to a Smoke-Free Life

    Help Quitters on Their Journey to a Smoke-Free Life | Freedom from Smoking Do you have the motivation, discipline and sense of responsibility to help people who want to quit smoking? Or are you involved in health education or health care? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could become a great […]

  • — The Best Place to Buy Mods?

    Any vaper should know that choosing the right brand and device is not enough to guarantee a satisfying vaping experience. There are too many players in this growing industry, and not all names and companies involved in selling e-cigarettes are sincere in whatever they say in their ads. Therefore, it is equally important to find […]

  • The Nursing Times Debunks Anti-Vaping Claims

    With the rise of vaping as a legitimate healthier alternative to smoking, many anti-vaping groups grow louder each day. However, though most of their anti-vape stories are poorly researched, mainstream media still pick them up. The Nursing Times gives a strong counter to their pseudo-science. Everyday, whether via social media, traditional media, television, and even […]