New York State Just Made a Ruling on Vaping

rules on vaping by New York
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The citizens living in the city of New York has just lost something that they have been enjoying. This is following the example of Austin, TX. Last Wednesday, the New York State Assembly had a discussion about  further restrictions on e-cigarettes. The session resulted in equal restrictions for regular and e-cigarettes usage in indoor spaces.

The new law will not allow vapers to use an e-cigarette in places where you cannot smoke. This includes bars, restaurants, offices, parks, and beaches. Retailers cannot sell tobacco products and electronic cigarettes to anyone under 21.The Electronic Cigarettes Law of NYC.

The bill is heavily supported by the members of the Assembly. This is because e-cigarettes might lead to an unwanted scenario of renormalizing smoking behavior.

New Yorkers have a right to breathe clean air free of toxins. It’s now up to the Senate to act to protect the health of all New Yorkers.Linda Rosenthal, member of the New York State Assembly.

E-cigarettes heavily popular among teens

The main concern lies in the fact that the number of teens using e-cigarettes is growing alarmingly . In between 2014 and 2016, the number of vaping high school students has doubled. The number of teens using e-cigarettes is exceeding the number of those consuming regular ones. This fact is no less concerning.

Furthermore, manufacturers present e-cigarettes as appealing alternatives to smoking. They do this by advertising the enjoyment of seemingly alluring flavors. Teens using e-cigarettes are more prone to start instead of quitting smoking. This is according to New York State Department of Health.

As in the case of Austin, not all New Yorkers are happy with this law. Retailers of vaping merchandise are deeply concerned. Their customers would not be able to vape in their stores. As a result, it may supposedly lead to a decrease in sales.

Currently, there is no discussion about toxins present both in cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Some may think that lawmakers are taking this too far. What do you think? Join this smoking hot discussion in the comments section below.

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