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  • hand holding vaporizer

    The Vaping Congressman – Don Quixote Against the Plane Vaping Law

    California Congressman Duncan Hunter seems to be chasing clouds again, but what made him puff two vapes at the committee meeting? “Let me show you the problem I have,” Vaping Congressman said. In early 2016, during a Transport Committee meeting, rep. Duncan Hunter blew a cloud of vape, with his nearby colleagues obnoxiously waving away […]

  • smoking and weight

    Weight Gain and Smoking

    Weight gain is a significant source of worry for many people who are quitting smoking. It is enough of a concern that some people as if they cannot quit smoking because of it. Scott McIntosh, PhD, who is the associate professor of community and preventative medicine at the University of Rochester in New York, has […]

  • Tobacco-Facts

    Tobacco Facts – Everything You Wanted to Know

    About The Plant Tobacco belongs to the nightshade family of plants, and are wildly varied. Some, like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and some peppers, are common food items for humans, while others, like petunias, are ornamental. Nightshade plants contain high levels of alkaloids. In nature, these alkaloids work as a pesticide, and are a natural defense […]

  • stopsmoking

    6 Ways not to Join the Crowd During Smoke Break

    While there are certainly endless options on things to do while all of your family, friends or co-workers take that smoke break, there are definitely a few activities that can serve dual or triplicate purposes. Not only is it important to simply just resist the urge to join the others, but it is also important […]

  • Does the latest research on harm caused by e-cigs give any concrete evidence?

    E-cigs and Children: Are There Any Dangers?

    As with everything, the opinions on e-cigarettes are radically divided. Given all of our recent reports, new medical discoveries, as well as new laws, it seems opinions on this subject are opposing each other rather than finding a constructive meeting point. The burning question, however, remains unanswered. Are e-cigarettes a healthier alternative to smoking, or […]

  • Rockville citizens rebel against outdoor smoking ban

    No More Smoking on Outdoor Patios

    Following all of the recent smoking bans we’ve reported, one can say without exaggeration that the smokers’ world is shrinking. First, smoking was banned in public outdoor spaces; then in public indoor spaces and workplaces. Parks, recreational areas, and stadiums followed, but that isn’t the end to the legal push for a smoke-free environment. Eventually, even […]

  • What are the facts behind the claim that e-cigs cause bladder cancer?

    Farsalinos Strikes Back at E-cigarette and Bladder Cancer Research

    E-cigarette. One term and much ado about it. Too much, if you ask vapers. Not enough, if you ask lawmakers and some (but not all) healthcare practitioners. As of the past few years, immense number of studies, researches and publications have appeared on the subject. It seems that everyone wants to voice their opinion on […]

  • Should regular and e-cigarettes be treated the same?

    This City Newspaper has Some Strong Opinions on Vaping

    If you have been keeping up with our recent news, you would see a lot of noise about e-cigarettes. They have created some troublesome situations for lawmakers and health buffs. The original developer of e-cigarettes, Hon Lik, created these devices as a healthier alternative with the intent to fight smoking. The motivation came to the […]

  • light cigarettes - light on flavor but heavy on carcinogens

    Smokers of Light Cigarettes, we Have Something to Tell

    Researchers from Ohio State University, have shed some new light on the so-called light cigarettes. This is the result from their latest research project. Before diving into their discovery, let us investigate the distinction between regular and light cigarettes first. They have the name “light” for two main reasons. First, it is that the makers […]

  • new sales law

    Cigarette Sales Law has Boston Area Tobacco Retailers Incensed

    As long as there has been cigarettes, there has been a constant for smokers and nonsmokers. Like the Montagues and the Capulets, their disputes goes back generations. In recent times, the lawmakers have chose smokers of tobacco and electronic cigarettes as their targets. Cities and counties across the United States have banned smoking from most […]

  • E-cigs and hookahs targets of Louisville’s new proposal.

    Louisville is About to Make a lot of Smokers and Vapers Angry

    Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city with a population of about 760,000 people. It’s the home of the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the University of Louisville. In addition, since 2008, Louisville Metro’s Smoke-Free Ordinance has been in effect. It prohibits the smoking of tobacco in indoor public places and worksites. However, the problems occur […]

  • indoor air

    UC San Diego Study Shows Indoor Air Deadly

    You think with cars and factories, the outside air might be bad for your health. A University of California, San Diego study shows that indoor air can be just as deadly. Do you have any guesses why? Let’s investigate. Cigarette Smoke Damages Air Quality When it comes to indoor air, we might think that it […]