Why You Should Oppose the New Bans on E-cigs

new e-cigs ban how to oppose

If recent events have taught us anything, it is that choosing the “lesser” evil is not the easiest choice to make. All humans have something called a survival instinct. This will protect us from getting hurt. As a result, we prefer to choose something that is harmless to our health and well-being. Therefore, choosing something harmful would go against our natural instincts.

Many people consider smoking marijuana to be a bad choice in general. However, its usage may be beneficial for certain health conditions. Consequently, when given a choice, people choose smoking weed over suffering from chronic pain.

Are E-cigs Less Harmful Than Tobacco?

Currently, there is a discussion about regular tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. The main argument seems to be which bad choice is the better choice. It seems that many people just cannot come to an end with it. They include the main stakeholders such as: lawmakers, health practitioners, non-smokers, and smokers. We know that electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine in vapor form. As a result, they instantly appear less harmful than the  combustion of regular tobacco cigarettes. But are they?

It is not a wonder then that many professionals are promoting the usage of e-cigarettes as a smoking alternative in an effort to quit the habit. They do appear to be a healthier alternative in some ways. However, in the US, the FDA is giving E-cigarettes a very hard time.

Lives of Many E-cigs Smokers in the Hands of Lawmakers

Many cities, like Austin and New York, have introduced laws on a ban on smoking e-cigs in public. On the other hand, many e-cigs users are actually people trying to quit tobacco. Therefore, the treatment of being a regular tobacco smokers might reverse their efforts. In the end, it might expose them to further risk.

E-cigs are certainly not 100% safe. Notably, there is a growth in quit smoking statistics among people using e-cigs. This is according to researchers from University College London and Cancer Research UK.

On the other hand, there is a recent shift in US policies regarding E-Cigs. It came from bans introduced by the previous administration. In fact, there seems to be more bans under Trump. This is still in discussion in the halls of many local and federal buildings. Consequently, this will put additional uncertainty to e-cigs.

E-cigs Users Still Have Hope

As with many demographics, E-cig users, especially those using them to quit smoking, need predictability. What they hope for is that this new shift will push forward rethinking of the Tobacco Control Act in a right direction. Governmental bodies have to make a valid agreement. This includes the Senate, Congress, Department of Justice, and the FDA. Many lives of smokers aiming to quit through e-cig usage depend on such agreements.

There are many question that remain. 1. What should be the main focus here and now? 2. Should we banish e-cigarettes entirely or to allow one of the few actually helpful tools in quitting smoking?

What is your take on these recent bans?

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