Louisville is About to Make a lot of Smokers and Vapers Angry

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Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city with a population of about 760,000 people. It’s the home of the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the University of Louisville. In addition, since 2008, Louisville Metro’s Smoke-Free Ordinance has been in effect. It prohibits the smoking of tobacco in indoor public places and worksites. However, the problems occur with electronic cigarettes and hookahs. These devices are not explicitly registered in the voting of the Ordinance in 2008.

Equating E-cigs and Tobacco again?

It is for this reason that Louisville Metro Council decided to expand the enforcement of the Smoke-Free Ordinance. The solution lies in making a simple revision to the language in the current ordinance. This is according to the Council. With such a change, the use of e-cigs and hookahs can face restriction in public indoor spaces. Unfortunately, this is where there is already a ban on smoking and tobacco use. This means that, once again, vapers will be pushed in the same areas as the smokers. Moreover, it is yet again one more law to equate e-cigarettes with tobacco.

Currently, 14 communities in Kentucky already include electronic cigarettes in their smoke-free laws. Meanwhile, 11 communities in Kentucky include hookahs in their smoke-free laws. This is according to Department of Public Health and Wellness. Additionally, over 30 local sites in Louisville have proactively prohibited the use of electronic cigarettes and hookahs indoors. They include private businesses, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, sports facilities, and entertainment venues.

Ray of Hope for Vapers

However, not everything is so cloudy for vapers. They will be able to taste the samples of their desired flavors as customers at the vape shops. However, these samples must not include nicotine.

The city’s mayor, Greg Fisher, seems to be one of the rare legislators sensitive towards both non-consumers, and consumers equally.

Improving our city’s health is a top priority for city government, and I’m pleased that an ordinance to add e-cigarettes to the city’s smoking ban has moved forward. This compromise by the Metro Council committee will help improve health by limiting second-hand smoke while also being mindful of vape and hookah businesses.Greg Fisher, Mayor of Louisville

Right now, Louisville is in the middle of implementing a new Ordinance. At the same time, Boston has their tobacco retailers smoking mad about their new ruling. Do you think it is fair to equate vaping to tobacco smoking? Where do you think these laws will happen next?

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