Velare Luxury E-Liquid Review – A Perfect Vaping Choice

Velare Luxury E-Liquid92100
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The Velare Luxury E-Liquid brings you a sophisticated, clean and stylish E-juice. It offers more than just a good looking bottle. This hand mixed and glass-aged e-juice is a year in the making. They are putting time in to make one of the most delicious flavors on the market.

The Product & Design

Velare, Six years in the making. It’s hard to tell where this product actually came from, the only information provided is that it’s 6 years in the making. Hosting a glass-aged bottle and a hand-mixed juice the Velare is sure to stun with its design and flavor.

The Cloud & Taste

When first taking a pull from this magnificent flavor, you’ll have a greeting from a subtle hint of vanilla. Following the vanilla will be Velares unique rich and smooth crème. Then, you will get the tiniest extract of enticing maraschino to finish off the vape with a bang. The company wanted to stun their customers with vaping pleasure. I certainly think they managed that.

The Velare Luxury E-Liquid Experience

The overall experience with this juice is outstanding. It comes in a wide variety of nicotine ratings. You can choose from 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Velare can guarantee they have the perfect balance of nicotine and juice for you. The vapor production is amazing. The e-juice will produce huge dense clouds when using the correct wattage, all the while managing to provide an exciting and vivid flavor.

Pricing and Availability

You can pick up your Velare Luxury E-Liquid for $29.99 from the Velare VIP Website. As mentioned above, the liquid comes with 5 different nicotine strengths. Notably, they are all the same price. This product is a premium liquid. In fact, they produced it in small quantities. Therefore, it’s always worth checking if it’s in stock. Grab it before it’s gone.


The overall quality of the Velare Luxury E-Liquid is outstanding. It’s refreshing to see liquid producers focusing on the container as well as the liquid. This is something that has started to fall behind across the board. This Velare Liquid manages to keep its promise of premium quality throughout the product. In summary, they are delivering some of the most intensive flavors found on the market.

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