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Selection: 88%

Quality of Flavors: 92%

Value for Money: 95%

Our Verdict: Seduce Juice is yet another premium e-liquid brand that delights their users through quality flavors, selection and variation in their products, and great value for money. While some of their flavors are not as excellent as their top performers, they are still superior in taste and quality. Seduce Juice is a first-rate choice for vapers who want throat hit, flavor, vapor production, or a combination of all three. 

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Seduce Juice’s Best E-Liquids

Snake Oil

Creamy and fruityPrice: $15.99/30ml

snake_oil_seduce_juiceRanking on top of their charts, the Snake Oil is currently Seduce Juice’s most popular flavor. Surprisingly, vapers who come to love the Snake Oil are non-pear lovers but are captivated by the perfect blend of fresh pears with Seduce Juice’s signature cream underneath. This peculiar yet amazingly delectable mix is topped with a dash of coconut. Every aspect of this flavor is just right, complementing each other to deliver a great all-day vape with a choice of your preferred PG-VG blend (50-50 or max VG) and nicotine level.

White Walker

Refreshing, Cool MintPrice: $15.99/30ml

White-walkerSeduce Juice’s top choice for menthol lovers, the White Walker is a combination of five cool flavors that give out an ultimately refreshing vaping experience. As the White Walker ages or steeps, some of the flavors mellow down and blend even better with the rest of the e-liquid’s aspects. It gives you a smooth inhale of different mints as you inhale, feel a cooling sensation as you hold the vape in, and taste a lot of spearmints as you exhale.

Snake Eyes

Fruity and SweetPrice: $15.99/30ml

snake_eyes_seduce_juiceAs said in one of the reviews, Snake Eyes may be the most delicious yet least fattening dessert ever made. A bit exaggerated, really, but this flavor from Seduce Juice is another masterpiece in terms of blending the right amount of everything that it has. It is Seduce Juice’s ‘banana-cinnamon toast cereal, in their signature cream base with light coconut’. The taste is never too sweet and overpowering, but strong enough to delight any vaper who wants to get something out of their money, and experience what every label on their e-liquid bottle states. Like other flavors from the brand, Snake Eyes has a recommended steeping period of at least a week to let the flavors settle in and ‘ripen’ for optimum vaping satisfaction.


Fruity, and CrispPrice: $15.99/30ml

jezebel_seduce_juiceAnother popular flavor among a sea of remarkable options, the Jezebel is what the brand describes as ‘an eclectic blend of fruit flavors’. This e-liquid is a combination of honeydew melon and strawberries, with a more distinguished throat hit. The aroma and taste are both clean and delicious, as are fresh melons and strawberries, without any overpowering sweetness.

Exodus 7:20

Sweet, Juicy, and FruityPrice: $15.99/30ml

exodus_seduce_juiceSeduce Juice combined pomegranates, raspberries, and watermelon with a mild hint of wintergreen to create this refreshing treat for vapers with the sweet tooth. The fruit flavors perfectly blend with each other that gives a full-flavored inhale, while the wintergreen is subtle yet distinguishable on the exhale.

Snake Venom

Creamy and NuttyPrice: $15.99/30ml


Replacing Snake Oil’s pears with juicy peaches, the Snake Venom is a light and creamy peach vape with hints of coconut. There is no overwhelming aspect in this e-liquid as well, making it a suitable choice for all-day vaping without having to change into something less flavorful and awesome. By steeping for a week or two, the Snake Venom even becomes fatal—in a delicious kind of way, that is! Once you open the bottle, you will be astonished by the sweet peaches aroma combined with Seduce Juice’s signature cream that is as remarkable on the inhale.

Meet the Seduce Juice


Seduce Juice E-Liquids started in late 2012 with the mission to offer the most affordable yet best-tasting e-juices to the most flavor-sensitive vapers. Their company began concocting their e-liquids and testing them for themselves. Once they found their creations ready, they began selling their products through vaping parties and other marketing strategies. There, they had the opportunity to conduct more research, try out their flavors, and improve them based on the results. The outcome was positive, as they came up with their delicious e-juices today, which are continuously receiving positive feedback.

Bottles and Flavors

Seduce Juice offers each e-liquid in premium transparent bottles with childproof caps that hold the built-in glass droppers. For 15ml e-liquids, they have the plastic small nozzle bottles. For those who want to purchase large quantities of their favorite flavors, Seduce Juice has the Goliath 750ml version in a corked glass bottle. These oversized e-liquid bottles come with a safety band and are wax-sealed. Regardless of the size, each bottle of e-juice is sophisticated and labeled with the appropriate title and information. Seduce Juice uses images that represent each flavor, so you may expect to see some snakes and women on their bottles.

Seduce Juice e-liquids come in three VG-PG ratios: 50-50, Max VG, and 30-70. The 30-70 blend, however, is available only in 118ml bottles. Greater throat hit comes with the 30-70 blend while clouds of vape are the main reason vapers choose Max VG.

Additionally, Seduce Juice makes their selection even wider by offering seven different nicotine levels. They have the 0%, 0.15%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, and 2.4%. In testing the flavors offered by the brand, even the low 0.3% nicotine level was good enough to provide for a great throat hit.


Their flavors represent five categories: fruit, dessert, menthol, tobacco, creamy. However, there seems to be a halt to the production of their tobacco flavors, particularly the Jango, which was recently enhanced to the Jango V2, but is currently out of stock. If you are a tobacco lover who is not fond of fruit selections, then that will post a problem for you. Then again, for menthol vapers, Seduce Juice has a few of the strongest menthol juices on the market.

Regardless of the VG-PG ratio, Seduce Juice E-Liquids produce clouds of vape that are rich in flavor and strength. This even works excellently for low-end, entry-level vaping kits that normally do not produce sufficient or significant amounts of vapor. Of course, choosing the Max VG blend will turn your vaping experience into a quick journey on the clouds. The 30-70 blend will give you more throat hit and strength in the flavor.

Our Opinion

Seduce Juice takes pride in complete transparency in their products, which is why they provide some additional information on their website regarding the ingredients of their e-juices.

Apart from their 100% USA-made flavors that are remarkably delicious, Seduce Juice boasts of using only USP grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Their nicotine supply is sourced from a producer of pharmaceutical-grade nicotine in the US, which is closely located to their e-liquid laboratory. Thus, their blends are made of the freshest stocks of ingredients. Seduce Juice also does not use diacetyl and other harmful ingredients in their products.

To conclude, Seduce Juice is a noteworthy brand for vapers who want full-flavored vape with the right mix of components, throat hit, and vapor production. The size of their selection is mediocre, but the taste of each flavor is extraordinary. However, their tobacco blends are seemingly out of stock for too long. With such great flavor in their e-liquids, Seduce Juice should make sure to keep up with the demand in terms of production.

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