Oplus E-Liquid Review – How It Vapes

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Oplus E-Liquid Review

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Oplus wants to establish itself as a strong presence in the vaping community by bringing in clean and quality e-liquid for the growing community of vapers worldwide. In order to do this, Oplus faced a challenging task: turning around vapers’ negative impression of Chinese-made juices. In the past, vapers have complained about Chinese e-liquid’s synthetic alcohol taste, inconsistent flavors and questionable ingredients.

Oplus understands these issues and has made every effort to show that they make a different breed of vaporizer juice. They’ve brought to the market a slew of tasty e-liquid flavors produced a brand-new modern manufacturing facility located in Guangdong, China. This state-of-the-art facility boasts strict quality controls and a GMP Class 10000 certification.  It’s worth mentioning that Oplus is the only Chinese e-liquid manufacturer the strictly follows the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA). Impressively, Oplus is very insistent on transparency, even displaying the floor plan of the factory and location of their purification and humidity systems on their website.

All these upgrades in the manufacturing process have led to real improvements in the e-liquid. Gone are the artificial fruit flavors and stinky alcohol smell. Oplus wisely employs the services of a German flavor manufacturer, and the difference between the old and new flavors are night and day. The feeling and resemblance to cough syrup flavors are now completely gone.

Currently, Oplus is only producing “single” flavors—this means just strawberry and just banana, no strawberry-banana. In some respects this decision plays to Oplus’ advantage, but it has some drawbacks as well.

On the positive, each of the singular flavors is pronounced and potent, and the e-liquid can be enjoyed at any voltage setting with minimal disruptions to the taste. Any vaper leaning towards single flavors can fully enjoy his favorite flavor without any distractions. The bottles are made from pharmaceutical grade plastic with a tamper and child proof cap. The bottles are colored, not the usual clear glass bottle nowadays, while the e-liquid itself is clear and without any colorants.

But with the strengths of this approach, there are also some weaknesses. New vapers have developed a taste for sophisticated and blended juices with hints and tones of a slew of additional flavors such as bubble-gum, milk, nuts, and caramel. As these are hundreds even thousands of interesting flavor combinations, Oplus is missing out on a huge market of vapers looking to explore interesting flavors.

Oplus E-Liquid Review

Overall experience

We sampled all 29 flavors from Oplus, and our experiences were as follows:

The fruit line from Oplus comes on strong and full of flavor that greets you immediately on each draw. The flavor tastes exactly like what you would expect given the label. There are no surprises, which to some degree is nice, but sometimes a pleasant unexpectedness is rewarding, and that was lacking in these flavors. You can’t help but imagine what some basic combinations would taste like, because with these clear, full there’s a lot of potential for very delicious, multi-flavored e-liquids.

Tobacco flavors are also very solid across all 9 selections, with a special shout-out to the American Blend and Cigarro. The American Blend will sell very well with the newbie crowd that still prefer the bitter aftertaste of regular cigarettes. We would love to see a new tobacco flavor in their line-up that includes subtle caramel and nutty flavors, which would complement their main tobacco flavor very nicely.

The assorted flavors group has many dessert-based flavors that will appeal more to vapers that want to try and experience something new. Vanilla, butterscotch, and cheesecake are some of the flavors I liked the best, and I can comfortably imagine using these flavors all day long.

Oplus E-Liquid Review


Oplus is poised to become a major player in the rapidly growing vaping market, but taking the next step means starting to experiment with flavors and really seeing what exciting e-liquids they can produce.

Pristine manufacturing quality, a massive marketing drive and a solid e-liquid line up will be keys to their future success. Hopefully, Oplus fixes the flavor gaps with more complex e-liquid combinations that are unique to their brand.

With their stellar production facility, Oplus will trump many other e-liquid makers in terms of pricing and quantity. Their long-term sales experience with the vaping market is already a step ahead of the competition.

Time will tell of Oplus has succeeded in turning the around the mind-set of consumers, but for now Oplus has taken some big steps in the right direction.

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  • Jeff

    June 28, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Been in the vape/eliquid industry for a couple of years now and decided to venture out to China to visit some potential suppliers/parters. After multiple attempts in contacting O***s, they finally agreed to my visit. The experience was quite shocking to say the least..the supposed “factory” they claimed to have was something more of a makeshift garage..Sanitation was lacking in all manners (saw workers eating and drinking at the filling line, dirt and dust on the floor, machines were rusted, etc) Also, saw the majority of their inventory there was a product branded as “S******s” with “made in UK” labels slapped on…When I questioned the owner, Mr. Li, about some of my observations and concerns, his assistant quickly mentioned that they had a “meeting” shortly and asked that we continue our conversation through email…Very questionable company and business practices…Thought I’d share my experience with the community and for anyone looking to work with or even use their products, I would be very cautious!