Best Dab Pens — The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wax Pens

You may have asked yourself in recent weeks what dabbing was. You’ve probably heard it on the news, seen it on Facebook, and seen parody videos of people attempting the, now famous, dab dance. For those of you who don’t know, dabbing is a means of using a vape to get extra 90% THC extract from hash oils. It heats the materials just below their point of combustion to allow a vapor secretion, instead of smoke.


Below you’ll our list of the best wax pens on the market.

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Best Dab Pens to Vape on BHO

#1 Series 3 Vape Pen Kit from V2 Pro w/ wax cartridge

$59.95 (plus $24.94 for the wax cartridge)Can Vape On Waxes, Dry Herbs, and E-Liquids


series-3-vaporizer-kit-from-v2-pro-wax-cartridgeThis dab pen is as sleek as it is useful, offering a 3-in-1 experience, it’s the best wax vape pen on the market today!

It’s capable of using three types of content, and it handles dabs as amazingly as any full-size dab rig would. For it’s price, it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s stealthy, has amazing battery life and very effective with your materials!

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10% Off Coupon

You can also save 10% OFF your entire order (including our #1-rated dab pen)! Just click the Reveal Code button and apply the revealed code at the checkout to get 10% OFF all starter kits

#2 Keymaker Wax Vaporizer Pen from MigVapor

$39.95The Cheapest Dab Pen

Keymaker Wax VaporizerThe Keymaker wax pen is comparatively smaller, but don’t let its diminutive size fool you. This one is going to pack a wallop of a punch, if you let it. For its size (3/4in by 4.5in) it packs as much vapors as you could hope for in a dab pen of that size. Which is helpful because this pen is all about being discrete and having optimal mobile usage out of it.

Stylish as the V2 Series 3, this one is more about quick and quiet mobility. It’s not eye-catching and has minimal noise. It’s got a 360mAh micro battery which can charge anywhere from an hour to two. The heat up time is also an impressive 455 degrees Fahrenheit in 2-3 seconds for quick, succinct use. Keeping with this easy-to-use theme, the activation button is easy-to-feel and works like a charm. And while it isn’t dependent on looks, you can customize this little guy to either green, Spanish silver, or black if you want some customizable options for yourself. If you’re looking for something small and portable that doesn’t sacrifice power and lets you get in some unique, personalized touches, this is the wax pen for you at $39.95.

  • KeyMaker Dab Pen Specs:

    • 360mAh Micro Battery
    • Ceramic Plate for Herb Concentrates
    • 2-Seconds Heat Up Time
    • Low Resistance coils
  • What you’ll get in the kit:

    • 1 Key Maker Dab Vape Pen
    • 1 Ceramic and 1 Quartz Coil
    • 1 USB Charger
    • 4 Silicone Mouthpieces
    • 1 Dab Tool and 1 Gift Box

#3 Yabba Dabber Wax Vape Pen from MigVapor


yabba-dabber-wax-vape-pen-from-migvaporThis one doesn’t just have a catchy name; it’s also one of the best when it comes to combining technology and looks. The black design is sharp with a splash of bright green for a flare of color (which is also functional for battery and pull control). And it’s a nice advertisement for what this wax vape pen can do. The ceramic heating plate can cook the contents to anywhere between 400 and 455 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum vapors and has a strong 500mAh battery that will last you.

This advanced little machine is also compatible with dry supplements as well as concentrates for some very versatile use, depending on your preferences that day. It’s an all around great package with a fast charging time of under 2 hours and a 3 second heat-up time, max. With this dab pen you’ll get the charger, the manual, a ceramic coil, and a quartz coil for $42.95. 

#4 Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer


Dr Dabber AuroraThis wax pen is all about providing you with the best vaporizing experience from concentrates using low heat and some impressive technology. This one allows for customization of your atomizer for a completely unique, and completely satisfying, experience. You have a choice of the Dual Quartz Atomizer with a Quartz Dish, a Dual Ceramic Atomizer with a Quartz-Ceramic Dish, or a Ceramic Halo Atomizer with Quartz Dish. If you put that together with the comfortable ceramic mouthpiece and the satin finish on the device, you’ve got yourself a vape pen that’s not only stylish, but with plenty of room for experimentation.

Along with the dab pen you’ll get those three atomizers, a loading tool, a USB charger, and DrD Keychain, all for $99.95.

You can read our review of this vape pen here.

#5 G Pen Vaporizer from Grenco Science


g-pen-vaporizer-from-grenco-scienceThis wax pen is all about being user friendly. This is another one that puts its focus on portability and discreteness over flashiness, but without sacrificing functionality and power. First things first, this one is small. At 5in it’s small enough to slip into a pocket or bag for some quick, on-the-go use, coupled with an impressive battery life and healthy charging time.

It’s designed specifically for solid concentrates and utilizes a Dual Quarts Atomizer. It’s also easy to use, with quick cartridge loading and quick heat up for an easy, smooth draw. Further, this little guy has a lot less parts than other pens which means it’s easier all around to use, less to clean, and less to replace if you manage to damage any part of it at some point. Along with the vape pen you’ll get the battery, the coil, the loading tool, a charging kit, a user manual, and two glass containers all for $59.95. 

#6 MicroG Vaporizer from Grenco Science


microg-vaporizer-from-grenco-scienceThis is the even smaller, more portable on-the-go sibling of the G Pen above. It’s an inch smaller but billows out some serious clouds of vapor for your solid concentrates, comparable to a dab pen much bigger in size. It’s designed to vaporize the contents as quickly and as efficiently as possible, all while tucking away nicely into your jeans or jacket pocket. Like the G Pen, the loading is super user-friendly and designed to be able to be loaded on-the-go. It also comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that allows for two days of use at a full charge. The battery will also engage an automatic shut off to preserve life after a threshold of 15 seconds of continuous heating. With this one you get two vaporizers, two batteries, two coils, two mouthpieces, G Keychain with a micro loading tool, five mouthpiece sleeves, an A/C adapter with USB, a user manual, and two glass containers for $69.95.

How a Dab Pen Works?

While a normal vaporizer pen lets you use e-liquids, the dab pens are specifically designed to allow you to vape waxes e.g. hash oil. They have a special chamber, however, the rest of the pen is pretty much the same as a normal vape pen. It has a battery, a heating element, and a mouthpiece. The battery generates power, which is utilized by the heating element to generate heat and turn the wax in the chamber into vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the user.

Although, you may find several hybrid vaporizer pens (like V2Pro Series 3) which let you vape different materials such as e-liquids, dry herbs, and waxy concentrates, however, if you’re primarily going to use your pen for waxes, a wax pen is a sensible and affordable choice.

Best Vape Pens for Dabs, Waxes, and Concentrates are:

  • #1 Keymaker Wax Vaporizer Pen from MigVapor
  • #2 V2Pro Series 3 Dab Pen Kit
  • #3 Yabba Dabber Wax Vape
  • #4 Dr. Dabber Aurora
  • #4 Pax Era Dab Pen
  • #5 G Pen Vape Concentrates Pen
  • #6 MicroG Vape Pen
  • #7 KandyPens Galaxy
  • #8 #ThisThingRips R Series 2
  • #9 Dr. Dabber Ghost
  • #10 #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0

Before You Purchase Your Dab Pen…

So, what you really want to know is what are the best products to get your dab on? Below is a list of the best dab pens out there for 2016, gathered after a heated debate among all the experts on our team. If you’re looking to get into dabbing, or wanting to up your game, these wax vape pens are the way to go.

First things first, when hunting through a list of the best dab pens is to figure out what exactly makes a good dab pen. Even the most experienced coinsurer of vaping might get it wrong if you’ve been practicing all the wrong ways.

First, you need to decide if portability and discreteness are important to you, or effective technology. You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice one for the other, but depending on the purpose of a dab pen, one will be more prominent than the other. If being able to vape on-the-go during your hectic life is most important to you, then you’ll want to go for the small, discrete vapes in this list. But if you’re someone who plans on using the product in private without a care for public onlookers, then the power outputs and heating temperatures in the list below are going to be what you want to look for.

Then comes design. Though a fresh coat of paint shouldn’t be where you put all your money, it doesn’t hurt to have a good-looking device. Some of these do put some serious effort into how they look. While others are focused solely on the performance, like above, these aren’t mutually exclusive things, but something to think about as you’re going through. Some other small tidbits include battery life, heating time, and ease of use. So keep these things in mind as we peruse the top six dab pens below.

Final Words

As you can see, cutting through the thicket of dab pen options can be complicated and long. But there you have it and hopefully this list made it a little easier to navigate through: the six best bangs for your buck that you could get out of your dabbing experience. There’s a healthy mix here of advanced devices and excellent starts for beginners. It’s all about what you want to get out of your dab pens, whether it’s mobility or battery life, looks or customization, power or adaptability. No matter what you’re looking for or how much of a veteran you are to the dabbing world, choosing any one of the above dab pens is going to give you a satisfying experience for a great price.