DipStick Dipper Vaporizer Review – the Two-In-One Dab Pen

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Dipstick Dipper Review

DipStick Dipper Vaporizer by Dipstick Vapes is an innovative and portable, multi-functional dabber for concentrate vaping that enables you to dab on the go. DipStick used all technological upgrades while creating the DipStick Dipper. The sleek design makes it look like an ordinary pen. The product appeared to be a good buy for those who prefer concentrates over other materials for vaping. With this device, you don’t need any additional accessories. Just dip it in the stuff, and you’re good to go!

This is one of the most interesting vaporizers that we have seen, as it allows you to vape directly from the dab dish. The vaporizer is made of a high-quality material and allows you to make both small puffs and large clouds. No matter whether you are a beginner or an avid vaper, this device will allow you to get the most enjoyment from vaping.

The DipStick Dipper Features

  • Portable vape pen, which is compatible with waxy oil concentrates
  • Excellent Quartz Crystal Atomizer, which allows for loading as a traditional Vape Pen while offering powerful draws as a real dabber
  • Dipped Pen solved issues that come along with packable pens as messes, clogs, and leaking
  • It offers excellent flavor comparing to other dab devices

What’s Included in the box

  • Dipstick Dipper Vaporizer
  • Loading Tool
  • 2 Vapor Tip Atomizers (Ceramic Tip with Ni CoiL)
  • Dual Quartz Crystal Atomizer
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Cleaning Swab

Dip or Rip?

Before this product was out on the market, we had to make a difficult choice, when picking up a dab pen vaporizer. There were either cumbersome e-Nail devices or those regular vape pens for concentrates (and maybe herbs). It was not so easy to clean it up, and mouthpiece would usually clog up after a few drags. To put it simply, it was a mess. But now that we got our DipStick Dipper dab pen, the difference is cosmic. It costs about $150, which is totally reasonable. The design is sleek and smart. The device is made of solid quality materials. It is very easy to use and maintain.

You can use the DipStick Dipper as a regular vape pen and as a dipper. For dipping, you will need a little bit more of a concentrate put in some kind of jar. Regarding the flavor, the result is awesome. So, the product is definitely worth trying.

Choosing Between the Two Modes

The only thing that can ultimately obscure the general look of the device is how smoothly and flawlessly it works. This product may be compared to Micro G or CloudV devices regarding design and operation. The DipStick Dipper provides maximum convenience to the user, whether replacing or charging the battery or vaping itself. To replace the battery you simply need to remove the magnetic mouthpiece, unscrew the battery cover and place battery in a special section. The battery charges for 20 minutes or so, which is awesome. After placing it back, insert the mouthpiece, and the device is ready to use.

What’s good about Dipstick Dipper, is that it has two modes: Vape Pen-style and Nectar Collector-style.

The device size is just slightly over 5 inches and is very portable. If it’s fully assembled with battery, Dipper Pen weighs only 93 grams. It features familiar to users standard technology of 5 clicks to turn it on/off, so we are not going to talk about this part of the operation process. The mechanism has the function of automatic shut-off for safety purposes meaning that the battery life increases. Another cool detail regarding portability: vaporizer has a small port for lace, such as those used in mobile phones or portable MP3 players. Now you can take it anywhere!

How the Dipstick Vapes

Vaping the DipStick Dipper feels very smooth: the unit produces smooth and clean vapor. What you get is the maximum flavor without any toxic combustion compounds. With each inhale, the vapor does not bring a feeling of decreasing consistency or density, which is a very good sign. If you prefer thick clouds, feel free to enjoy these without any restrictions. The standard kit includes two containers for smoking mixtures, which are very convenient to use and carry. After your vaping is done, turn off the vaporizer and put the cap on the DipStick Dipper. However, there is one thing that upsets us: a battery that runs out quickly if you prefer long vaping sessions. The manufacturer has done a great job trying to fix the battery problems that were seen on the previously released devices. This device is supplied with more powerful battery, so we have to admit that this a minor drawback among all the pluses this device has.

Two in one: the DipStick Dipper Modes

A Nectar Collector

With the DipStick Dipper, you can collect that wax just like a honeybee. Even the smallest dab will be enough to make a decent hit. The tip works fine for a few sessions in a row without any clogging up. Even though, after some time you might want to buy the new one (after you use two tips that are delivered in the kit). For the most efficient nectar collecting, we found that you need to place the tip straight down.

There are 3 heat settings on the nectar collector: basically, it gives you the option of Hot, Red Hot, and Lava. Make sure you are using a glass container (which was not included in a standard kit) because it’s very hot.

A vape pen

To vape it like a pen you will need to do some replacements. Screw the mouthpiece on the top of the atomizer, also place there a double coil atomizer. After this, pick the desired temperature mode, switch it on and start vaping! You can play around with temperature setting that fit best for every concentrate. But as the practice shows, for most of them, the green one (which is a Medium mode) fits best.

A Brief Conclusion

DipStick Dipper Concentrate vaporizer has all-in-one: convenience, performance, and style. It is unique in the way how it supports your need for dabbing. At the same time, it gives you an almost ideal combination of nectar collector and vape pen, all in one device. It is still a new product, so might be overpriced.

This device will be a great boon for the party, as it will allow non stop vaping. Therefore, we suggest buying a vaporizer because it is very cool to use, even in spite of all the above-described disadvantages. Thanks for reading and as always, keep on vaping!

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