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by James Bickford

Updated: September 30, 2022

vibes rolling papers brand review

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
$2.50 - $200.00
Customer Service:
Works with:
  • Herbs icon


  • Tobacco-free options
  • Affordable price
  • Burn evenly


  • Rice papers cost more than other

One of the problems with rolling paper companies is that it can be challenging to find ones that sell quality papers. Unfortunately, some put chalk and bleach in their products, which most smokers do not want in their lungs. Fortunately, companies like Vibes Rolling Papers are out there selling natural products.

What Are Vibes Rolling Papers?

This company was founded by Mr. Gliber Anthony Milam Jr. of California. He is also a rapper who goes by the stage name of “Berner.” He launched his product in 2018, and it has become very popular since.

The papers are made in France and then sent to the Dominican Republic, where they are processed and packaged. Why they have to be made in France and processed in the Dominican Republic is anyone’s guess. But that is how he does it.

The main reason to buy smoking paper from Vibes is that their stuff is made from hemp, rice, and ultra-thin paper. Each of these materials has unique advantages that improve the smoking experience. Additionally, they also have Cali rolling papers and rolling trays.

Hemp Rolling Papers

For a Traditional Experience

hemp rolling papers
$135.00 $


  • No unexpected surprises
  • Holds more herb than other materials
  • Slow-burning
  • Completely natural


  • Paper can affect taste of the weed

Hemp is the material best used by traditionalists. Hemp burns slowly and can hold more material than rice and ultra-thin papers. Also, the quality of hemp papers is consistently good compared to other materials. Most importantly, they use 100 percent natural hemp.

Vibes Cubano Rice Rolling Papers

Even and Slow Burn

cubano rice rolling papers
$96.00 $


  • Holds lots of herb
  • No burned paper taste
  • Even and slow burn
  • Easy to roll
  • Hemp options are also available


  • Paper can affect flavor

The advantage of the Cubano cones is that users can roll massive blunts. In addition, they can hold over eight grams of material, making them great for parties or very heavy smokers. Do not worry about the cones falling apart because they are very sturdy.

Rice paper cones are the slowest burning material available. They burn even slower than hemp and ultra-thins. This is the material for people who enjoy a slow and even burn so that they have time to enjoy their smoking sessions. Additionally, the amount of smoke from the joint paper is minimal, meaning the flavor of the weed is almost perfect. There is some taste from the paper, but it is barely noticeable.

Cubano cones are also made from hemp.

Vibes Ultra-Thin Rolling Papers

No Paper Taste

vibes ultra thin rolling papers
$105.00 $


  • No paper taste
  • Pure flavor
  • Ultimate smoking experience


  • Can be fragile if stuffed with too much bud

Ultra-thin blunt paper produces even less smoke than rice, enhancing the flavor even more. The result is a pure vaping experience and even less smoke than with rice.

Ultra-thins are the ideal products for smokers who want to taste weed and nothing else but weed.

The only problem with ultra-thins is that they are challenging to roll. They also tend to break being so thin. This problem is easily overcome by putting less weed into the joint.


Pre-Rolled Filtered Papers

vibes the cali
$4.00 $


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent airflow
  • Holds one to three grams


  • Flavor not as intense because of filter

These papers may be Vibes’ best product yet. They are pre-rolled, forming a cylindrical tube with a wide circumference. This makes it easy to load with herbs and increases airflow. Better airflow means longer and more comfortable pulls. As a bonus, each roll has a filter. Additionally, they have rolls that can fit one, two, and three grams of weed.

Rolling Trays

Mini Work Space for Rolling Blunts

rolling trays
$20.00 $


  • Different sizes
  • Good prices
  • Available in different colors
  • Beautiful artwork


  • Too much branding

Rolling trays are essential because they provide a working space for rolling blunts. Also, using them is cleaner than doing it on a table because the loose herb collects on the tray.

Vibes has several rolling trays available in different sizes and colors, and each has different artwork. Additionally, all of the trays are available at low prices.

Where to Buy Vibes Rolling Papers Near Me

Vibes Rolling Papers are sold at locations throughout the United States. To find their product, use the store locator application with a map on their website. Type your zip code in the field, and the app will automatically direct the user to the closest store with their products.

Little pins appear on the map. Click on the pin, and it will display the name of the store, address, phone number, and store website on the map’s left-hand margin. The customer can also scroll down the left-hand margin to look at other stores in the area.

Shipping and Returns

Vibes ships free of charge on orders over $50 to anywhere in the US. Their shipping carriers are USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

Customers can choose express shipping. If they select this option before 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, the order is shipped the same day. The order will ship the next day if placed after 2:00 PM. There are no weekend pickup or delivery options.

All orders are delivered in discreet packaging. Orders over $200 must be signed for.


Vibes Rolling Papers has a fair return policy. If an order arrives with something missing or incorrect, it must be returned within 30 days from the date of delivery. Undamaged products must be returned in the original packaging and unused. Damaged items can be returned, but they must be returned within 72 hours of receipt.

None of their products are covered by warranties.

Vibes Rolling Paper Customer Service Rating

They have excellent customer service policies. The best thing about them is that they have a phone number, allowing customers to solve their problems faster than is the case with email or live chat. Someone will answer the phone and resolve the issue or answer any questions you have.


Vibes Rolling Papers vs. ZigZag

zigzag brand review

ZigZag primarily sells the same product, joint paper, but they have a more extensive inventory. They have five product categories for cones and nine for regular papers. They also have paper made from rose petals of all things.

Unfortunately, ZigZag does not post all the contact information they should. They have a contact form and a postal address, but no phone number customers can call.

Vibes Rolling Papers vs. Rawthentic

rawthentic brand review

Rawthentic also has more product categories than Vibes. These include not only cones, paper, and trays but also tips, rolling trays, rolling machines, ashtrays, and more.

However, Rawthentic does not post a phone number on their site as Vibes does. Instead, they have a contact form. They will get back to you, but contact forms are not as quick as being able to call someone during business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Vibes Papers Made From?

    The papers are made from natural hemp and Arabic gum from Acacia trees. They are entirely free of chalk and chlorine.

  • Are Rice Rolling Papers Good?

    “Good” depends entirely on the likes and dislikes of the person using the papers. But the advantage of using rice papers is that they burn slowly and do not produce a lot of paper smoke.

  • Do Vibes Papers Have Bleach?

    Vibes weed paper does not contain bleach, chlorine, or chalk. They only have natural hemp and Arabic gum from Acacia trees.

  • Who Makes Vibes Paper?

    The supply chain originates in France, goes through the Dominican Republic, and then ends in various stores throughout the United States. The French make the papers, the Dominicans manufacture them, and the Americans sell them. It is a win-win for everyone.

  • How Much Herb Fits in a Cubano Cone?

    The Cubano cones can hold over eight grams. But the more herbs packed into the cone, the more difficult it is to keep the cone together.

  • Do Vibes Papers Come With Tips?

    The Cali papers come with tips, but Vibes does not appear to have tips sold separately.


The Positives

  • Pure flavor
  • Burn evenly
  • Tobacco-free options
  • It does not contain bleach, chlorine, or chalk
  • Affordable price

The Negatives

  • Rice papers cost more than other
  • Some flavors a little overwhelming

Final Thoughts About This Vibes Rolling Papers Review

There are many reasons to shop with Vibes Rolling Papers. For one, they sell a good product that comes in many variations (rice, hemp, and ultra-thins) and they have those big Cubano wraps for people who want to smoke huge blunts. They also have live customer service and reasonable return policies. Those are huge pros.

There are some areas where there is a need for improvement. They do not have as large of inventories as some of their competitors. Also, it would be nice if they had separately sold filter tips.

Other than that, this company is outstanding. If you use these products, please let us know what you think about them by commenting below.

Published: October 2, 2022

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