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Linx Blaze Extract Pen

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  • Battery
    900 mAH.
  • Dimension
    19 mm (Diameter) x 105 mm (Length)
  • Voltage
    Input: 5v
  • Works with:
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Clean Your Vaporizer with Ease, The Linx Blaze Brings the Convenience of Pre-Loading to Extract Vaporizers

Are you looking for an ultra-convenient way to pre-load your vaporizer for maximum ease of use? Are you curious about microdosing/controlled-dosing? Are you looking for a way to extend the life of your atomizers while eliminating breakage caused from cleaning and loading mishaps? Are you searching for that health conscious, portable vaporizer that’s discreet and provides incredible tastes and flavors? Look no further: Linx Blaze has what you need.

Back in February of this year, Linx Vapor launched the Linx Blaze. The Blaze was and still remains at the pinnacle of vaporizer innovation and style. It was lauded as the best vaporizer on the market. In the words of The Vape Critic, “Flavor and efficiency with both of these coils is basically the best you can get from a pen this compact.”

If this wasn’t enough, Linx has more exciting news. Introducing the Linx Budder Cups, the innovative glass concentrate cups, designed to elevate your vaping experience by allowing you to pre-load different strains for ease of use. These Budder Cups make clean up super easy while giving you the option to accurately microdose/control-dose your favorite extracts.

Pre-Load Your Favorite Strain and Make Clean-Up Super Easy with The New Linx Budder Cups

Loading a wax vaporizer in the great outdoors used to be an uphill battle. Not with the Budder Cups. Pre-load the Blaze cups with a mix of different strains and enjoy the full spectrum of flavors whenever and wherever. Cleanup is a breeze: simply submerge your Budder Cups in alcohol for around ten minutes and wipe clean with a cotton swab. The Linx Budder Cups can take you from wake and bake to sweet dreams in a snap.

Everyone who has used a wax pen knows the struggle of keeping the atomizer clean. Caution must be used when working around the heating element and beware: procrastination leads to a very sticky situation. Simply load the Budder Cup and drop into the Blaze Zero atomizer. It will maintain that fresh out-of-the-box look while minimizing atomizer wear and tear. A good, well maintained atomizer can last up to six months or longer.

Sure to be a fixture in tomorrow’s mainstream cannabis culture, microdosing/controlled-dosing is all the rage today. The option to take very small doses instead of giant rips seems appealing for those looking for a less intense, more controlled high. With the Blaze Budder Cups measuring in at .6 mm x .6mm, you can accurately microdose/control-dose your extract with ease while keeping your Blaze atomizer in pristine condition.

Linx Vapor is a SoCal based, health-conscious, and technology-driven vaporizer brand with a mission to expand the boundaries of the market today. As they continue to innovate, the introduction of the Linx Budder Cups is yet another way for them to thank their customers, allowing additional options to customize the vaping experience. Whether you are into microdosing/controlled-dosing or just want the convenience, this 8-cup set is a can’t-miss accessory for the Linx Blaze at $14.99. Learn more about Linx Budder Cups.

Experience the Dual-Atomizer Linx Blaze, The Best Wax Vaporizer Of 2020

If you are not familiar with the Award Winning Linx Blaze, here is a quick recap.

Inside the Blaze kit, you will find two atomizers: Ace and Zero. The Ace atomizer produces large flavorful clouds thanks to its patent-pending inlaid quartz heating element. Vape enthusiasts can attest to the bold and natural flavors that come with Quartz atomizer technology.

The Blaze Zero atomizer, on the other hand, is based on the award-winning Linx Hypnos Zero wax vaporizer. If you’re in the market for a quality-made, portable, reusable vaporizer for under $80, the Linx Hypnos Zero has you covered. Now with the Blaze Zero atomizer, you get a deeper chamber and a bigger ceramic plate. This means faster heat-up time and plenty of tasty vapor. The Blaze is a two-atomizer powerhouse that offers blazing-fast heat-up time and flavorful clouds.
Medium wrote,

“I’m confident in saying the Linx Blaze is the best wax pen of 2020. From flavor to vapor production, this thing is just that good.”

As always, the Linx Blaze comes with Linx signature features common across the entire Linx vaporizer line. You get the Medical Grade Stainless Steel construction, toxin-free air-path, and a one-year warranty.

It is this type of dedication—a constant pursuit of the perfect balance of value, experience, and innovation— that has put Linx Vapor on the map. Their range of award-winning, health-conscious vaporizers are proof of their commitment to the quality and craftsmanship they put into everything they make.

But wait, there’s more. This beast of a vaporizer has a new color: Onyx.

Darker than the depths of space, the new Blaze Onyx is beautifully brushed in obsidian, accented with chrome, and finished with that beautiful Linx logo. The Blaze is truly a must-have for all terpene lovers and connoisseurs alike. Learn more about the Linx Blaze here.

Where to buy Linx Blaze?

Linx Blaze — The Best Concentrate Vaporizer of 2020


Buy Linx Blaze directly from the Linx website.

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