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VapeDynamics Hera 2 Vape Review

VapeDynamics Hera 2 Vape Review: A Touch-Screen, 2-in-1 Mod

VapeDynamics is back! You all remember the Cora, from only a few reviews ago. The Cora was a sleek, pen-like pod mod system that was simple to use and didn’t feature that many complicated add-ons. Now, VapeDynamics graces us with the Hera 2 (there wasn’t a Hera 1, the “2” refers to the Hera’s dual-use capability). The VapeDynamics Hera 2 is nothing to laugh at.

It promises a sustained and even vape of either your dry herbs or your concentrates. There is not much to the VapeDynamics Hera 2, aside from the touch-screen down the front of the device that acts as its primary control panel.

Vape Dynamics Hera 2 Review

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The only parts to take off or attach to the Hera 2 is the mouthpiece and the removable 2680 mAh battery inside the mod. The mouthpiece is necessary to swap out since each mouthpiece is attached to the distinct canisters used to vape herbs and waxes.

The materials inside of the VapeDynamics Hera 2 are top-grade. The heating elements in the device are a hybrid of stainless steel and ceramic that guarantees a very evenly vaped material once inside the chamber. The most notable feature of the Hera 2 is the touch-screen that lets you control the temperature precisely, and it also enables you to check your battery level and helps you switch between the dry herb and concentrates modes.

What’s In the Box

VapeDynamics also paid a lot of attention to how they presented the Hera 2 since it comes in an elegant and eye-catching carrying case with all of its necessary accessories inside.

VapeDynamics Hera 2 includes:

  • One VapeDynamics Hera 2 vaporizer
  • One dual chamber for herbs and waxes
  • One concentrate mouthpiece
  • One concentrate tool
  • One cleaning brush
  • One user’s manual

First Look Inside

The VapeDynamics Hera 2 is quite impressive. It stands about 110 mm, and it has a noticeable bulk that didn’t necessarily discount its potential to be a portable vaporizer, but I was skeptical about how easy it would be to use and carry around with me, despite the carrying case (thanks, VapeDynamics).

The touch-screen mostly dominates the device, and everything around the screen is either simple to use or disassemble without requiring an advanced engineering degree. Don’t be fooled by the Hera 2’s forward-thinking design and interface, under all that, it is still a remarkably easy to use the device.

The battery is removable and replaceable on the Hera 2 although there is no separate charging apparatus to charge the battery separate from the device. It falls right out after you swiftly snap off the bottom cover.

The mouthpieces are the only other parts on the Hera 2 that can be attached and unattached. If you are vaping dry herbs, all you need to do is to take off the mouthpiece and load the chamber that way. For concentrates vaping, you need to use the mouthpiece with the raised drip tip and then pack the wax or concentrate into the canisters underneath the drip tip.

The two different mouthpieces work well, and I found there wasn’t much loss of vapor quality when switching in between the two media.

Loading the VapeDynamics Hera 2

I was lucky enough to receive some concentrate a few days before I tested out the VapeDynamics Hera 2, so I could truly explore what this little machine is capable of. I used the Hera 2 first as a dry herb mod, and then I switched out the mouthpiece to vape my concentrate.

Like most other dry herb mods, the heating chamber for the Hera 2 is located directly under the removable mouthpiece. All you need to do to load the device is to remove the mouthpiece by snapping off the mouthpiece and then just filling the two divided chambers inside the mod.

The dry herb chamber itself is divided by a metal divider that allowed you to use either the ceramic side or the stainless steel side of the mod. Everything that gets put into the chamber gets vaped, so I don’t see how dividing one side of the chamber from the other served any purpose.

If VapeDynamics wanted to give you a bigger chamber, then the metal divider would not be necessary at all, so I was a little confused about the utility of this particular feature.

To load waxes or concentrates, you take your concentrates mouthpiece, snap off the top to get to the chamber underneath and you use your dab tool to smear on a grain-of-rice-sized portion of dab to get a good amount of cloud and flavor going. You replace the plastic drip tip of the mouthpiece and then once assembled, you snap on the complete mouthpiece onto the battery.

Using the Vaporizer

After I had loaded the Hera 2 for my dry herb session, I turned the device on by clicking on the firing button five times. The button I found was a little awkwardly placed on the side of the device, which made holding and firing the mod a little tricky.

But once the device is turned on, you can then fully access all the features the touch-screen controls. You might have to fiddle with the thing for a day or two just to remember how exactly to use it to enhance your vaping experience, but like most devices with touch-screens, the learning curve is quite small.

The temperature range on the Hera 2 is only between 350F and 450F with one degree differences in between those two goal posts. You can raise or lower the temperatures by hitting the up or down buttons also on display.

The touch-screen also lets you configure the vibration settings on the Hera 2, if that’s something you are interested in doing. You can also choose to vape on the wax or herb setting that is operated by, you guessed it, the touch-screen.

The concentrate mode, however, disappointingly locks in at a 450F, so there’s no variable temperature adjustment for wax vaping, which was a bit of a downer. And something a little hard to understand since VapeDynamics makes a huge display on how adjustable the Hera 2 is.

Vaping the VapeDynamics Hera 2

I set the Hera 2 on the dry herb setting, and I started at just little over 375F. Most great dry herb devices vape their material somewhere in between the 355F and 430F temperature range, so those were the benchmarks I was aiming for.

Once the VapeDynamics Hera 2 vibrated to show that it was ready, I took a sustained and eventually bountiful hit of my nicely cooked herbs. I inhaled for over ten seconds, while not noticing much of a heat register coming off of the mod.

But when I kicked up the temperature another few degrees I did notice the mouthpiece warming a bit. The concentrates vaping on the Hera 2 was adequate, but given the non-adjustable temperature settings for waxes on the VapeDynamics Hera 2 I was stuck at the highest temperature, 450F, which gave me a hotter, less flavorful vapor.

I would stick mostly with the dry herb capability of the Hera 2 since that setting offers more flexibility in achieving optimum flavor and cloud production.

How The Hera 2 Stacks Up

The Pax 2 is obviously the only other mod I could think of best suited to stack up against the Hera 2. The Pax 2, like the Hera 2, can vape two different media – herbs and waxes. The interchange between the two substances was achieved relatively easily by the Pax 2 since it features a “smart” mouthpiece that detects and protects against overheating.

Those kinds of state-of-the-art features are nowhere to be found on the Hera 2. The Hera 2 only includes these small canisters that lie directly beneath the mouthpiece, which made them hard to load and hard to clean.

For the relatively same amount of money, (around $150), the Pax 2 can easily transition between a dry herb vape and a wax vape without losing any of the flavor optimization.

The Good


The touch-screen was limited in what it could and could not do. It helped control the temperature, but only for herbs and not waxes, and it let you choose between the two media with relative ease. Other features were not so necessary, and therefore, unimpressive to me, like the vibration setting that only lets you decide when to make the device vibrate and that’s it.

Ease of Use

After taking a gander at the instruction manual and then playing with the controls on the touch-screen, it wasn’t that hard to get a handle on the Hera 2’s bells and whistles. It loaded easily enough, only the wax concentrates were not so easy to load and ultimately dissuaded me from using the Hera 2 as a wax pen.

Temperature Settings

Temperature settings are never necessary on a vape mod, but they can be a welcome addition to trying to get to your preferred levels. I liked that I could increase the temperature by individual increments, but I did not like that the range was limited to only a 100-degree difference.

The Bad


I mean, it comes as an added feature, for those curious about using the VapeDynamics Hera 2 to vape waxes, although I would imagine die-hard wax vapers would not be caught dead using a sub-par wax vape mod to heat their shatter.


Putting the mouthpiece directly over the heating chamber has its plus and minuses. You get a direct throat hit, but you might also singe the most sensitive parts of your lips to do so. I thought the Hera 2 could use a mouthpiece covering to protect from overheating.

The Takeaway

I was a little intimidated by the VapeDynamics Hera 2 at first. I thought it would be a hard-to-use complicated device since everything was based on the touch-screen. But I was relieved to find that it was not as complex as it initially seemed.

The parts that need to be changed and removed are few and far between. The dual chamber option between stainless steel and ceramic I found a little strange. I suspect that the heating elements combined would provide for a more flavorful and intense vapor production, and there was, but the overheating prevented me from going full force.

All in all, I think many other 2-in-1 devices perform better than the Hera 2, and for a price of over $200, I would see myself going with a cheaper, more focused device than spring for the Hera 2.

I give the VapeDynamics Hera 2 an underwhelmed 5/10.

VapeDynamics Hera 2
Vape Rating: 54/100 by


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