The Top 5 Best Vape Bags

Top 5 Best Vape Bags

Vape bags are the go-to solution for vapers who want to keep their vaping gear intact while it is in transit. Vape bags offer users the protection and portability of a backpack but made specifically for carrying fragile vape cargo like fully-filled, glass tanks or scratch-prone mods and batteries.

Top 5 Best Vape Bags

1. Vaultz Liquid Locker

Vaultz Liquid Locker

Product Features

  • Height: 12 inches
  • Width: 4.75 inches
  • Depth: 1.25 inches
  • Standout Features: Combination lock, nylon construction, elastic bands to hold the e-liquid containers
  • Colors available: Black

The Vaultz Liquid Locker is a heavy-duty nylon vape bag that not only lets you organize your vaping gear but also safely stores it. No matter if you are storing your vaping gear or, medication containers, it can come in real handy. Just stash everything in the bag, lock it up as it adds an additional layer of security to keep it away from kids and pets.

The Vaultz Liquid Locker has 10 elastic straps to secure your e-juices and other accessories. The patent pending locking zipper uses the zipper pull as the latch for a sturdy combination lock pad. The lock instructions are included and are easy to follow. The case can perfectly fit your backpack, drawer, purse or glove compartment. Available in black, this vape locker costs $34.99, which might be a little more than anything else on this list, but the build quality, elegant design, and level of convenience it brings to the table make it well worth the price.

2. FoxVape Ego Travel Case

FoxVape Ego Travel Case

Product Features

  • Height: 7.5 inches
  • Width: 6.5 inches
  • Depth: 1.5 inches
  • Standout features: 3 pockets, heavy canvas, protective Velcro strap, speed clip for hanging on jeans
  • Available Colors: Black

Looking for something really handy and not too noticeable, you can try the FoxVape Ego Travel Case. It is one of the best vape bags available on the market because of its small size and unique, innovative design. It is made from durable woven polyurethane and is so small that you can easily put it in your jeans’ pockets. Well in the sense of protection, we cannot really say the FoxVape offers as much extensive protection as other popular cases. However, the idea is to provide one single storage abode for your e-cigarettes and your other accessories.

They designed the case to keep your e-cig, e-liquid and other accessories in one place. There is a stretchy side pocket meant to hold the e-liquid bottles and a small zipper section at the front for storing coils and accessories. The main compartment, which is meant to fit a box mod, is wide, deep and has a Velcro strap to hold it. It costs only $ 18. 03.

3. Coil Master Kbag

Coil Master Kbag

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 14×8.3×2.5 inches
  • Made from Polyurethane material
  • Side netting
  • Woven lattice style strap
  • Color: Black

When it comes to the biggest names in vaping accessories, there is little argument about the standard that Coil Master brings to the table. They are one of the top players in the vaping industry. Therefore, the Kbag is one of their most sought-after items. The Kbag is made from a hard Polyurethane material and is almost the size of a laptop case. Needless to say, this big boy is for serious vapers.

It features a strong zipper, and you will see a large piece of netting on one side of the case. The other side has a woven lattice style strap – the signature style of Coil Master. You can stretch the woven lattice style strap to accommodate virtually any vaping hardware. It can hold two large box mods, two double battery cases, six bottles of e-juice, and even the coil building kit. You may still have a little extra space to fit in some more accessories such as your cleaning tools. What sweetens the deal is the bag is available for $19.49-$25.99 from different sellers.

4. Smok Alien Silicone Sleeve case

Smok Alien Silicone Sleeve case

Product Features

  • Height: 86mm
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Width: 46mm
  • Compatible with Smok Alien Silicone 220w Box Mod only
  • Great for those who want to add customization to their device
  • It adds an extra layer of protection to your device

For those who have the Smok Alien Silicone 220w Box Mod, you would not want to say no to Smok Alien Silicone Sleeve case. This protective silicone sleeve case can protect your Smok Aline from any wear and tear that can result from prolonged use. It also provides an extra layer of protection just in case you drop the device. You can find it available in a wide variety of colors.

The case can only hold your mod, and nothing else. Personally, I am not a big fan of cases and rather prefer a bag. However, this can be a blessing or a curse depending on how much vaping gear you carry around with you. It costs under $5, which is cheaper than most cell phone cases.

5. Vape and Wires

Vape and Wires

Product Features

  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Width: 3.5 inches
  • Made from Polyurethane material
  • Two half pockets inside
  • Carbon fiber skin finish
  • Water resistant
  • Color: Black

It is one of those vape bags that resembles a sunglass case, but it is a bit bigger. It can easily hold two bottles of e-liquid and a box mod. If you have vape pens in your collection, the case can house them too.

Each side of the case has half pockets; two on one side and one on the other side. These pockets are well stitched, and the best thing is that they are stretchy. As you fit your vapes, they will not move. So, those who travel a lot and are looking for a small case or bag to hold their vapes, this one is for you. Both pockets face the same direction. For some reason, the pockets in the earlier version of the case were misaligned. One of the interior pockets was upside down. Because of this, things could fall out of the pockets inside the case while in traveling. So those who had troubles with the earlier version of the case will not have to worry about that design flaw.

The outer body of the case is made from hard polyurethane material and is decorated with a carbon fiber skin. The case is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. So, if you spill some liquid, it will not ruin the case. However, just don’t take it with you while scuba diving. It is the cheapest option on the list and ideal for those on a budget. It costs $9.99 only.

Final Words

Vape bags are not for frequent travelers only, but also for those who like to keep their stuff organized. By discussing the five best vape bags, we have tried to make your endeavor easy. Use this guide as a reference, do a quick analysis on your own and then select the one that best suits your preferences.

Keep in mind the build quality, size, design, and finish of the bag before picking a bag. Don’t forget to test the zippers and the elasticity of the netting and straps. They should be stretchable and strong enough to lock in your hardware. If they snap, your vaping gear will be like a coin in a soda can. Putting in a little effort and choosing the right bag can go a long way to making your vaping experience more fun, for many years to come.

Published: July 4, 2017 Updated: April 7, 2021



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