G-Pen Gio Review: Grenco Science Takes Aim at the Era

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The G-Pen Gio is a slim, portable vape device that uses pre-filled pods to vape alternative liquids. The liquids can be either THC and CBD-dominant strains. The Gio works a lot like the Pax Era. Both devices have low-profile, discrete sizes, and designs.

Like with Era pods, G-Pen has partnered with fillers throughout the country (only in legal states) to fill the pods that are for exclusive use with the Gio device. The Gio device comes in several different colors and styles, but the pods are only available through authorized sellers and dispensaries in legal states.

A Closer Look at the Gio

The Gio battery is a small, ergonomic battery that features a top-loading pod bay. The physical design does not borrow from any similar device but instead looks like other Grenco Science devices like the G-Pen Pro and Elite. Like those other Grenco Science units, the Gio features grooves and curves that fit well into the mold of any hand.


The device does not have a screen or even buttons, as the device is air-activated. Users need to install a Gio pod to begin to use the device. The battery section does feature a sturdy zinc alloy build, but it is still very lightweight and fits perfectly into a pocket or bag. And as there are no buttons, there is no need to worry about misfires.

The only visible design accent on the battery is the iconic “G” logo representing the brand, which also has a backlit LED. The LED acts as a battery life indicator as well as showing when the battery has been recharged. The battery also features a USB charging port at the base so users can recharge the battery, and also take advantage of the cell’s pass-through charging feature.

What’s in the Gio Kit

The Gio is a stand-alone device and, like the Pax Era, comes only as a single unit with its compatible pods sold separately.


The pods are sold via licensed shops and dispensaries where recreational items are legal. Grenco Science has a store locator on its website where you can find Gio pods or you could drop by your local dispensary to see if they have them there.

Here’s what is in the Gio kit:

  • One x G-Pen Gio battery
  • One x Micro USB cable

The Look and Feel of the Gio

The Gio device has little to it other than its power source. The Gio unit features an internal 180mAh battery that uses USB charging and also features pass-through charging. The device has two grooves running along its sides that make it more comfortable to hold. But the device has no buttons, and only a small “G” logo in the center that shows battery life and when the device is charging.

The device has a pod bay at the top, where users install the pods. There is no magnetic connection, but uses can insert the pods down until it is snug in place. There is also no “click” noise when the pod is installed. Users only need to make sure that the pod is completely covered and the marks line-up with the lines on the device.

Getting the Gio Ready

Users should charge the Gio before using it. The battery is only 180mAh but it takes over two hours to charge, which seems like a lot of such a small capacity battery. The front-facing “G” LED will stay solid when the battery is full. Users can also vape and charge thanks to the pass-through charging feature.
Once the battery is charged, users can insert any Gio pod into the device. The Gio, like the Era, only accepts the proprietary pods made by Grenco Science. The company has partnered with fillers in states like Colorado, Nevada, California, and Oregon to fill the pods with oil extract made by companies in those respective states.


Installing the pods is easy as well. The pods can only be installed one way, which is with the “G” logo on the pod facing the same direction as the “G” on the device. With the pod in place, users can take an inhale from the sloped, silicone mouthpiece on the pod, which is similar to the mouthpieces on other Grenco devices like the Pro and Elite.

Vapor Quality

The Gio battery has a small capacity but it is capable of putting out enough power to produce sizable clouds, without sacrificing the flavor profile of the oil extract. The terpenes of each pod are something that the fillers are responsible for so not every inhale is going to taste or smell the same.

The vapor quality for the pods, which hold 0.5g of liquid, also depends on the ingredients each manufacturer includes in their liquid. Most, if not all, pods use a mixture of high-quality extract along with PG and VG for easier vaporization, but some companies may use other materials, so a lot depends on which extract maker you choose.

Powering the Gio

The battery on the Gio can last for at least one or two, ten-puff sessions. The pods can last for around 200 puffs, giving its 0.5g capacity so the battery will probably run out long before the pod does. But with pass-through charging, users can keep the device lasting as long as the pod. The device has a five-second cut-off feature that prevents users from taking long hauls.


There is no variable voltage or other power settings on the device. There is also no airflow adjustment and there are no ways to control the power of the vape other than how long you draw from the mouthpiece. There is no on/off switch on the Gio either as it is air-activated, so it is very easy-to-use.

Finding Gio Pods

The pods for the Gio device are proprietary so you cannot find empty or refillable pods for sale. The Gio device also only accepts the pods made for it, so you cannot use other branded pods. Grenco Science has licensing agreements with several high-profile fillers in states like Colorado, Nevada, and California that fill the pods, which are then sold via licensed shops and dispensaries.

Grenco Science even includes a Store Locator feature on its website so users in legal states can find local shops and dispensaries that sell Gio pods. Each filler uses a proprietary oil extract so THC or CBD-concentrations, as well as flavor profiles, and strain quality vary between each grower.

The Competition

Pax Era

The Pax Era 3 was not the original pod-style vape for oils and liquids, but it was the first from the famed Pax label. The Era uses a battery/pod combination that is specifically designed to vape alternative extracts and liquids. The pods are not refillable or reusable and are filled by authorized growers and extractors operating in legal states.

pax era oil vaporizer image

The Era has a no-button design and its pods can hold 0.5g of liquid extract. The pod uses silica wicks that are double-sided. The battery has a 250mAh capacity and uses a USB cable for recharging.

Davinci IQ

The Davinci IQ is a dry herb vaporizer that uses a removable 18650 cell and uses an all-ceramic zirconia bowl for vaporizing. The chamber is bottom-loaded, and the vapor path leading from the chamber to the mouthpiece is all ceramic zirconia.

DaVinci IQ Gunmetal

The device has a single power button, as well as two touch buttons that make up its control panel. The IQ uses a series of preset temperatures but uses precision temperature control with a downloadable app.

Conclusion: G-Pen Gio Review: The Start of Another Era?

The G-Pen Gio is a response to devices like the Pax Era that makes vaping liquid extracts very straightforward. The Plug n’ Play functionality of the Gio, Era, and others is especially appealing to new users who may not have a lot of familiarity with dabbing or liquid concentrates in general. The Gio takes this somewhat-new-world for the uninitiated and makes it as easy as taking an inhale from a simple device.

The vapor quality of each pod is different. It depends on where you buy your pods from, but no matter the strain, concentration, or quality of the liquid inside, the Gio manages to make very good vapor.

The cloud production is small, however, but the unique terpenes (if it is a terpene-heavy strain) comes out in each inhale and exhale. The battery life is short, but with pass-through charging available users can puff indefinitely.

G-Pen Gio Vaporizers Specifications

G-Pen Gio
Battery Capacity 180mAh
Pod capacity 0.5g
Build material Zinc alloy
Heating element Wickless, all-ceramic core

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Easy-to-use
  • Cost-effective
  • CBD-only pods available at Grenco Science website
  • Pass-through charging
  • Air-activated design
  • Portable and discrete
  • Ergonomic chassis
  • Low vapor production
  • Not available everywhere

Where to buy the G-Pen Gio Vaporizers?


Buy the G-Pen Gio Vaporizers directly from the Vapor.com website.


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