The Wotofo Troll X: A First-Hand Look at This New RTA


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: August 16, 2022

Wotofo Troll X Review

Review Score: 94/100

Price Range:
$‎32.99 - $37.95
Tank Capacity / Type:
4.4mL / With Bubble Glass
Black, Stainless Steel, Blue Metal, Gold, Blue, and Rainbow
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Fits single and dual coils
  • Interchangeable airflow inserts
  • Two Clapton coils included in the kits


  • Wicking needs improvement

Starting Price: $ 32.99

The Wotofo Troll X is a 24mm RTA with a postless build deck and unique interchangeable airflow inserts that can be taken in and out without removing the coils. This is in addition to the bottom-controlled airflow.

It has a hardy build quality thanks to its stainless steel construction, and it can handle single and dual builds by securing the leads via side screws. The Wotofo Troll X is excellent for people who want something that provides an amazing vaping experience while being easy to work with.

Wotofo Troll X RTA Review

This tank is very well made, and it has a lot to offer. When vaping it, the first thing that sticks out is its excellent flavor. It is very accurate and gets the most out of every juice put in the chamber.

It is noticeably better in regards to flavor than is the case with many RTAs, especially when the airflow is tightened while the honeycomb insert is in the tank. It also helps to vape between 60 to 75 watts.

Vapor Production

RTAs produce a lot of vapor, and this one is no exception when paired with the right box mods. One draw from the Wotofo Troll X will enclose the user in a thick cloud of vapor.

A few more will fill the room in a dense layer of clouds. This is thanks to the two 0.33 ohm Ni80 Clapton coils included with the kit.

Opening the Kit

Wotofo Troll X RTA Starter Kit

In addition to the two 0.33 ohm Clapton coils, the package comes with several more useful accessories. There are:

  • cotton strips
  • two airflow inserts
  • a coil trimming tool
  • a screwdriver
  • an accessory bag
  • a user manual.

However, the best accessory is the 4.4 ml bubble glass.

Be sure to read the manual front to cover and back again before using the RTA. This is especially true for those who have never used an RTA on an unregulated box mod. If using it on an unregulated box mod, be sure to stay within the battery’s specified tolerances.

Building and Design Quality

The build and design quality is pretty good, although it could do without “troll face.” This new version is 24mm in diameter, made of stainless steel, and it has knurling on the base and the top cap.

The knurling makes it easier to take apart, and it sits flush with any box mod with which it is used. Sitting above all that is a very comfortable 810 drip.

Wotofo Troll X RTA Open

The chimney section is enormous, and it unscrews from the deck. The large chimney section gives users a good-sized build deck, giving them more room to work with the coils.

The parts are all well machined, fitting together quite nicely. The build is solid. As for the design, that is a pro for this tank as well. There is not much branding, save for the troll face on the chimney, and there are many colors from which to choose.

The Deck

Getting back to the build deck, as mentioned, it is very spacious, allowing it to support large dual and single coil builds.

  • There is still plenty of room for making them even with dual coils since the chamber is not overly compact.
  • The screws in the post are removed from the sides, and there is no trouble getting the head of the screwdriver into the drive.


Wotofo did an outstanding job with the airflow. It has an airflow control ring at the bottom with inlets that hit the coils directly via airflow inserts that spread the air all around the wires. This helps to improve the flavor of the juice.

The two airflow inserts are honeycombed and slim grooved, and they can be removed and inserted without taking out the coils. This is what the Wotofo website calls “push-pull switching.” It is one of the best features of the RTA.

This tank arguably has the most flexible airflow in the industry, thanks to those two airflow inserts.

The Peculiarities of Wicking With the Wotofo Troll X

Wotofo recommends using 6 mm coils, but anything between 5 and 5.5 mm will work, too. They may even work better because shorter wires sit closer to the airflow.

Wotofo Troll X RTA Coils

In addition, this will reduce the chances of leaking because of over combing wicking, which can be a problem because of the capillary action.

The leaking may sound like a deal-breaker, but it is not. It still vapes great. Just try to make those legs a little shorter than what Wotofo recommends while not over combing the wicking.

How to Use the Wotofo Troll X RTA: Step-by-Step Guide

This RTA is straightforward to use, and it is easy to figure out with the help of the manual, the tools in the kit, and some attention to detail.

First off, make sure to use the coil measurement cutting too. Measure the coils out to anything between 6 and 5 mm and cut them.

After cutting the wires, stick the leads into the deck and use the screwdriver to secure them while making sure the leg from each coil is in a different block.

Assuming that the battery is charged, fire the coils several times until they burn evenly.

Wotofo Troll X RTA Glass

When the coils cool down, insert the cotton wicking, and then trim them so that the ends extend slightly past the tank’s base. Once that is done, comb the cotton and push the ends into the juice well. Remember not to comb them too much, though.

When this is done, put the RTA together and prime the coils by dripping nicotine liquid onto the wicking and juice well. Allow five to ten minutes for the liquid to soak in.

Next, fill the RTA by pushing open the top cap and inserting a nicotine liquid filled syringe inside the fill port. Fill to capacity and then close the top cap. Give the liquid a few more minutes to soak in, and then start vaping.

Competing Products

Wotofo Troll X vs. Augvape Druga RTA

Augvape Druga RTA

  • These are both 24mm tanks with 810 drip tips and top fill ports.
  • But the Troll X has a push-open top cap to access the fill ports, while the Druga has a quarter-turn system.
  • Also, the Troll X has a larger juice capacity than the Druga’s 3.5 ml bubble glass.
  • Another significant advantage of choosing the Troll X is that it comes with two wires.
  • The Druga does not come with any coils.
  • Finally, the Druga only supports single coil configurations, not both like the Troll X.
  • Overall, Troll X provides more bang for your buck.

Wotofo Troll X vs. GeekVape Zeus X RTA

GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA 510 black

  • The Zeus X RTA is a very good tank with its own unique set of specifications that make it worth looking at.
  • Like the Troll X, it comes with two Clapton coils, it supports single and dual coil builds, and it has very high juice capacity, but slightly less than the Troll X’s 4.4 ml.
  • The Troll X has adjustable top airflow instead of a bottom airflow control ring like the Troll X. Also, it has three-dimensional airflow rather than two types of airflow inserts.
  • The only two significant advantages the Zeus X has are that it wicks better, and it comes with a 510 drip tip adapter.
  • Other than that, they are both outstanding tanks.

Wotofo Troll X Specifications

Diameter: 24mm
Tank Capacity: 4.4 mL
Tank Type: With Bubble Glass
Material: Pyrex Reinforced Glass / Stainless Steel Build
Threaded: 510 Connection
Colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Blue Metal, Gold, Blue, and Rainbow
Sliding Top Filling System:
Terminal Postless Build Deck: 4
PEEK Insulator:
Interchangeable Deck Based Airflow Inserts:
Bottom Airflow Control Ring:


The Positives

  • Fits single and dual coils
  • Interchangeable airflow inserts
  • Two Clapton coils included in the kits
  • Easy to insert the wires

The Negatives

  • Wicking needs improvement

Closing Thoughts on the Wotofo Troll X

There is so much to like about this RTA that it is impossible to mention everything. But, the main pros are that the build deck is easy to work with, airflow is excellent, and the package comes with plenty of accessories. This makes it one of the best dual coil RTAs available. The only con is that working with the wicking is challenging. But trimming the coils slightly shorter than what Wotofo recommends nips that problem in the bud.

If you have used this RTA and feel like commenting, you are more than welcome. Please leave your thoughts below in our comments section.

Published: August 6, 2021Updated: August 16, 2022

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