Tesla Carrate 24 RTA Review


by James Bickford

Updated: January 13, 2023

tesla the carrate 24 rta tank review

Review Score: 78/100

Price Range:
$29.95 - $48.72
Juice Capacity:
Construction Material:
Stainless Steel
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Innovative clamp style build deck – You can install crazy coils in the wide openings of the clamps
  • There are two 510 drip tips that come with the package


  • The threads on the top cap can be quite tight
  • The Carrate 24 only comes in a stainless steel finish

The Tesla Carrate 24 RTA is one of the latest in a rather long line of RTAs that Teslacigs have in their arsenal. Tesla always tries to outshine its preceding releases. This is what the company always does when releasing a new product. The Carrate 24 may look similar to other low-profile RTAs, but when you look at the build deck you will see just how different it is.

What’s in the Tesla Carrate 24 RTA Box?

tesla the carrate 24 rta tank starter kit

  • The Tesla Carrate 24 RTA with the Delrin wide bore 510 drip tip pre-installed
  • An extra glass tank
  • An extra stainless steel 510 drip tip
  • A bag of organic Japanese cotton for wicking
  • 2 premade Clapton coils
  • 2 spare O-rings
  • 2 spare Philips-head post screws
  • 1 small Philips screwdriver
  • A certificate of authenticity
  • An instruction manual

The Look and Feel

Design and Build Quality

As mentioned earlier, the Tesla Carrate 24 RTA comes in just one color. This is stainless steel. In some cases, this can be a con for some people as most would want to have at least two color options. However, the finish on the atomizer is excellent and the machining quality of all the metal parts are great. It means there are no burrs or sharp edges anywhere.

Size and Weight

tesla the carrate 24 rta tank review

Even though the Carrate 24 is a short RTA, it still feels solid in the hand. The tank has a diameter of 24mm at the base, which allows it to fit in most mods, even single 18650 ones. The Carrate 24 is also quite stout and low profile. It measures just 46mm from the base to the top of the included wide-bore delrin drip-tip. The tank itself can hold around 2.5ml of e-juice.


The Carrate 24 has dual adjustable bottom airflow, and the AFC ring has hard stops at both ends. You can adjust the airflow for wide open lung hits all the way down to give a tight draw (like a loose MTL draw). One issue that I had with the AFC ring is that you have to remove the atomizer from the mod if you want to adjust the airflow.

The Build Deck of the Carrate 24 RTA

The clamp-style posts on the build deck of the Carrate 24 are similar in function to that of the Goon RDA. There is a screw on one side that raises and lowers a piece of metal that will grab onto the leads of the coils. However, on the Carrate 24, they positioned the clamps vertically. As a result, this makes them look more like Velocity-style posts.

The great thing about the build deck of the Carrate is that it can open up really wide so you can use crazy coil builds. It can fit large wires like fused Claptons, Aliens, and twisted wires. However, the width of the build deck is not that wide. On the other hand, you can still get away with using 3mm diameter coils, and maybe around 6 to 7 wraps of 24 gauge round wire.

Using the Carrate 24

Installing coils

The build deck of the Tesla Carrate 24 RTA will take a bit of getting used to. This is especially if you are a beginner at building and installing coils. Although they had the build posts in such a way that they resemble Velocity posts, capturing the leads will take a bit of practice. With the Carrate 24 you have to hold both coils in place while you tighten down the clamps. This is unlike the Velocity-style posts where you can capture the leads one at a time. Experienced builders will not find building on the Carrate that hard. However, it might frustrate newbies.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Tesla Carrate 24 RTA has three major components. First, is the top cap portion (top cap and drip tip). Then, you have the tank section (top fill port and shaft, glass tank, and the chimney section). Lastly, there is the base section (build deck and AFC). Everything comes apart for easy cleaning; the tank section might be a bit of a challenge to disassemble. However, you can use a pair of needlenose pliers to hold onto the insides of the top fill ports. This way, you can easily unscrew it from the rest of the tank. One of the neat features of the Carrate 24 is that you can take out the base section without having the tank fall apart. This way, you will not spill juice everywhere.

Vaping Experience

The large bottom airflow, even when wide open, gives a slightly restricted lung hit. This is actually more to my liking. The amount of vapor that the RTA produces will depend on the kind of coil build you have installed. However, it surprised me when I used the included coils in the package. It is amazing that the Carrate 24 can chuck such voluminous clouds. The small chimney chamber also helped concentrate the flavor of the vape. Flavor-wise, the Carrate 24 performs similarly to the Moonshot and the Serpent Mini. They are both great for flavor chasing.

Tesla Carrate 24 RTA Specifications

Diameter: 24mm
Juice capacity: 2.5mL
Threaded top fill design:
Three-piece tank construction: Yes
Construction Material: Stainless Steel
Clamp style two-post build deck:
Large wicking holes:
Large adjustable dual bottom airflow:
Drip Tip: 510
Slightly protruding 510 pin:


The Positives

  • Innovative clamp style build deck – You can install crazy coils in the wide openings of the clamps
  • Wide open airflow – The bottom airflow makes the vape more flavorful. In addition, the wide openings will allow for chucking huge clouds.
  • There are two 510 drip tips that come with the package

The Negatives

  • The build deck is more for the intermediate to advanced vaper – positioning two coils at the same time can be tricky
  • The threads on the top cap can be quite tight
  • The Carrate 24 only comes in a stainless steel finish

Final Thoughts on the Tesla Carrate 24 RTA

Beginners at building and installing coils might want to try another RTA with a simpler build deck. It is because they made the Tesla Carrate 24 RTA for intermediate and expert builders. It is for those who love their crazy coil builds. The clamp-style build posts can hold thicker gauges of wire. Therefore, building coils that are 0.15 ohms or lower is definitely possible in the Carrate 24.

Are you looking for a low-profile RTA that can accommodate somewhat massive coils? Do you want something that has enough airflow for casual cloud chasing? Then, the Tesla Carrate 24 RTA is the one for you. If you want to get the best deal on your very own Carrate 24, here is a link where you can get it.

Published: May 17, 2017Updated: January 13, 2023

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  • james

    August 9, 2020 at 5:44 pm

    i have had 3 of the cerrate’s and love them the one i have now i’ve had for about 2 yrs i would really like to get my hands on a couple more of them. so if anyone knows where to find them leave a hint here plz

    • James Bickford

      August 17, 2020 at 7:10 am

      Hi James, thanks for writing. The Cerrate is a popular tank, so much so that it is out of stock at sites like Direct Vapor or ElementVape. You can check back in with the site in a month or two to see when it is available again or you can asked to be notified by email when it is in stock again. Hope that helps. Let us know if there is anything else we can do. Happy Vaping!

  • Gill

    January 7, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    Do you no measurement of replacement glass ?