Joyetech Riftcore Duo Review: Consider the Game Changed


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 21, 2022

Joyetech Riftcore Duo desktop

Review Score: 85/100

Price Range:
Gold, Black, Blue
Juice Capacity:
26.0 x 47.0mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Innovative design
  • Very easy-to-use


  • Unknown wattage limits and range

Starting Price: $ 19.95

The Joyetech Riftcore Duo is a coil-less RTA that has no build deck, but the tank uses two, vertical, ceramic-based heating plates to heat and vape e-juice. Users place a wedge of cotton, or whatever wicking material they prefer, in between the two plates, which is all that vapers have to do to “wick” their coils, even though there are no coils.

The Riftcore Duo replaces the traditional build decks of past RDAs that used wire coils and tricky deck configurations to create next-level vapor. The Riftcore Duo also features a threaded top cap and a 3.5ml e-juice capacity.

A Closer Look at the Riftcore Duo

The Joyetech Riftcore Duo does not fit the traditional RDA label, mostly because there is nothing to build or rebuild. The Riftcore Duo is that rare tank that neither uses pre-built stock coils or user-built rebuildable coils. It has the same exterior appearance as any typical atomizer. Inside, though, the Riftcore Duo is years ahead of other atomizers in its class.

Joyetech Riftcore Duo desktop

The main selling point of the Riftcore Duo Atomizer is its coil-less configuration, which will be discussed later. The rest of the tank features a standard stainless steel and glass construction with the device using a 3.5ml Pyrex glass section in between the steel top cap and coil base. The base of the tank has a diameter of 26mm (1.06”) and it stands at just under 50mm tall (47mm to be exact).

The Pyrex glass has a slight tint to it, but users can still see inside the Riftcore Duo Atomizer. The chimney has a wide-base and narrows at the top, but the base has a few slits to let e-juice into the inner chamber. The rest of the interior of the Riftcore Duo has knurling on the top and bottom sections so users can easily disassemble the unit and take it apart for easy cleaning.

What’s in the Box

The Joyetech Riftcore Duo comes fully-accessorized so users do not have to worry about not having all the necessary parts or pieces. As the device uses new technology, the kit comes with useful tools like cotton pads, and a measuring plate so users can correctly measure out a cotton pad to match the deck’s dimensions.

joyetech riftcore duo kit

Here’s the full listing of what comes in the Riftcore Duo kit:

  • One x Riftcore Duo Tank
  • One x Cotton Pack
  • One x Measuring Plate
  • One x Allen Key
  • One x Pair of Tweezers
  • One x Warranty Card
  • One x Warning Card
  • One x Spare Glass
  • One x Bag of Screws and O-Rings

The Look and Feel

The Riftcore Duo RTA keeps a standard tank configuration on the outside, even though it uses a completely coil-less and post-less build deck that users do not even have to build on. The Duo has standard features like a removable 510-drip-tip as well as a push-back top cap that makes the tank very user-friendly.

Joyetech Riftcore Duo

There is only a replacement glass in the kit and not an expander glass, which would’ve been appreciated. Still, the 3.5ml e-juice capacity is decent enough to last for a good amount of time. The glass expands slightly out from the base and top cap so it is not completely straight. The drip tip has a slightly narrower tip and expands out at the bottom. The o-rings grip the mouthpiece very well and it is easy to remove while not falling out all the time.

How-to-Use the Riftcore Duo

The Riftcore Duo functions like a lot of sub-ohm or even RBA tanks. It has an easy-to-fill configuration, while the airflow control feels tight and easy-to-adjust. There is not much else to use the tank that you would not find on any other atomizer. The Riftcore Duo is even easier to use than many other rebuildables as users only have to measure out their cotton and insert it into the two plates.

joyetech riftcore duo open

This simple functionality is thanks to the deck’s advanced, innovative design. Filling the Riftcore Duo RTA is simple. Wicking the plates is also easy thanks to the measuring plate that Joyetech included in the kit. Users need only place it across the included cotton pad to measure out a piece with the ideal measurements to fit in between the two plates.

Apart from filling the Riftcore Duo RTAand wicking, there’s not much else to using the Riftcore. Even cleaning it is simple. With the cotton wicks removed, users can simply dry burn the plates at a low wattage (between 10-30W or as low as your device can go). Doing this removes any residue or condensation or build-up left on the plates. Listen for the sizzling sound when cleaning. When the sizzling stops that means the plates have been cleared of any build-up.

The Anti-Build Build Deck

The interior build deck of the Riftcore is all-stainless steel. It has four hex-screws positioned around the deck to keep the plates in place, but they are only removable with a grub screwdriver. And there is also no need to remove the screws, as the plates are supposed to be maintenance-free.

The plates themselves ohm-out to between 0.3 and 0.25ohms, which means their wattage range can go from anywhere between 50-100W. Joyetech has themselves published an article stating how exactly the two plates work. They mention that the plates are ceramic-based, and use “molecular heating” to heat any cotton wicks inside evenly.

This is borne out by doing a simple dry-run, where you can see the plates flare out from the center and then evenly turn orange as the glow expands. Joyetech tried to reassure vapers about the safety of these new heating elements, as some reviewers complained about the chemical composition of the plates and their potential danger.

According to Joyetech, the plates are much safer regarding heavy metals and carbon elements, than typical metal wire coils. The company also claims that the plates are meant to last a lifetime so they are not subject to degradation like a typical wire coil build would be.

Taking a Vape

The Riftcore Duo, despite its simple but innovative configuration, is more a treat for direct-lung vapers rather than mouth-to-lung vapers. The Duo features a user-friendly interface that can be easy to wick, but the resistance of the plates makes them ideal for high-wattage and sub-ohm vaping.

The triple airflow slots are also proof of the tank’s cloud-making capabilities. Users can let loose and keep the airflow slots wide-open or partially open depending on their preferences. While the e-juice capacity is under 4ml, the amount of juice that enters the chamber is enough to saturate the cotton, without guzzling it unnecessarily.

The Competition

Joyetech Riftcore Solo

The Joyetech Riftcore Solo is the pared-down version of the Duo, as it uses only a single RFC heater on its deck rather than two. The Riftcore Solo also features an easy-to-use build configuration where users need only insert a cotton pad to wick the plate.

joyetech riftcore solo

The design is very similar to the Duo, but the single plate is more for mouth-to-lung vaping as the maximum recommended wattage for the 3.5ml tank is only between 25W-35W.

Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA

The Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA is a reviewer-designed rebuildable atomizer that can hold up to 4.6ml of e-juice but comes with an expander glass that can raise the capacity to an astounding 7ml. The RTA uses a clamp-style, two-post build deck made entirely of stainless steel. The wide area of the deck allows for single and dual coil configurations.


The Pharaoh RTA also features a unique airflow system that uses both dual top and bottom air slots to provide any coil build with full coverage. The RTA also features a stainless steel exterior and comes pre-installed with a wide-bore Delrin drip tip.

Joyetech Riftcore Duo Specifications

Joyetech Riftcore Duo
Colors: Gold, Black, Blue
Thread: 510
Coils: 0.45Ω
Size: 26.0 x 47.0mm
Max Juice Capacity: 3.5mL
Materials: Stainless Steal & Glass
Self Cleaning Feature : Yes
Coil-less design: Use 2 RFC heaters instead of traditional coils
Adjustable Airflow: Bottom airflow

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Innovative design
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Great flavor production
  • Life-long guarantee for the heating plates
  • Great direct-lung tank

The Negatives

  • Unknown wattage limits and range
  • Resistance is also unknown

Conclusion: A Look Into the Future

The Joyetech Riftcore Duo is a step in the right direction, as it both revolutionizes tank atomizers while making them much simpler to use. With its easy set-up, anyone can get RBA-level flavor and cloud production by simply installing a pad of cotton in between the two plates. It’s that easy.

The rest of the Riftcore Duo also lends itself to being user-friendly. The top cap has a simple, push-back design, while the triple bottom airflow allows for increased airflow at the user’s discretion. The tank has the distinction of being unlike any other RDA out there, while also being one of the easiest to use so that even new users can vape it.

Published: August 14, 2020Updated: October 21, 2022

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