iJoy EXO RTA Review

iJoy EXO RTA91100
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iJoy EXO RTA Review

Introducing the EXO RTA by iJoy

iJoy became the talk of the vaping world when it came out last year with the Limitless RDTA. It was undoubtedly one of the best RDTAs to have ever come into the market. This year, the company came out with quite a few standout devices. In fact, one of the most interesting is the iJoy EXO RTA.

The thing that makes the iJoy EXO RTA special is that it comes with two build decks. First, you get a Velocity-style, dual coil build deck. Second, you get a single coil build deck that looks like a cross between the single coil decks of the Ammit and the Merlin Mini. Besides these similarities, the thing that makes the EXO stand out from these two is that it comes with a tank extension. As a result, this will increase the juice capacity to an outstanding 6ml.

It might seem like the iJoy EXO just copied from the Ammit and the Merlin Mini. However, it is actually a great vape tank in its own right. To learn more about this innovative RTA, continue reading the rest of this review.

What’s in the Box?

[listleft ]

  • The iJoy EXO RTA with the dual coil build deck pre-installed
  • An extra glass tank
  • A chimney extension and 6ml glass tank
  • A single coil build deck section
  • Extra O-rings

[/listleft][listright ]

  • Extra post screws (Philips’ head)
  • Airflow reducer plug for the single coil deck
  • Three pre-made fused Clapton coils
  • Organic Japanese cotton for wicking
  • A Philips head screwdriver[/listright]

Specs and Features

  • You can use it in single coil mode or dual coil mode
  • You can use it in 2ml juice capacity, or 6ml with the included tank extension
  • Comes with a plug for the single coil deck for mouth-to-lung hits
  • Juice flow controls

What is the Look and Feel of the iJoy EXO RTA



The iJoy EXO RTA comes in either black or stainless steel. The base diameter of this RTA is a whopping 26mm. Also, without the tank extension, the total height from the base to the top of the included drip tip is just 45mm. This makes it a low profile RTA. However, seeing as it has a 26mm diameter, you might get a bit of an overhang if you use it on most single 18650 mods. In addition, this is also true in some dual 18650 devices.

Build Quality

They built the iJoy EXO RTA primarily out of stainless steel. Also, the machining on each part is impeccable. The threads are beefy and smooth, and the O-rings that are also quite strong. This way, it seals everything up nice and tight. The interchangeable decks are also beefy and mostly machined out of a single block of metal.


There is dual adjustable airflow at the bottom of the EXO and they have stoppers on both ends. The dual coil build section has the traditional bottom airflow holes. In this case, the airflow is underneath the coils for more flavor. On the other hand, the single coil build deck has airflow that is similar to the Ammit’s. There’s a large airflow hole underneath the coil and a block with holes that provides airflow that will hit the coils from the sides. This way, it will increase the airflow. As a result, it makes the single coil build deck chuck nice, thick clouds without sacrificing flavor.

The Build Decks of the EXO RTA

As mentioned earlier, the iJoy EXO RTA comes with two build deck sections. You get a single coil deck and a dual coil deck.

The dual coil build deck is your traditional Velocity-style, two-post design with dual bottom airflow. Nothing really special, in this dual coil deck, but it is easy to build on and can fit large diameter coils.

The thing that makes the EXO outstanding is its single coil build deck.

Unlike most of the other single coil decks out there, except perhaps the one on the Ammit, there are two airflow holes. There is one that’s directly under the coil. Then, there is another airflow slot coming from a block on the other side of the build deck. This way, it makes it so that air hits the coils from the bottom and at the side. As a result, it not only increases the amount of vapor produced, it also helps intensify the flavor of the vape.

The single coil build deck also comes with an airflow regulator. In fact, it’s like a short, stubby plug that has a small hole in the middle. You screw this into the bottom airflow of the build deck if you want a tighter pull. In my opinion, the draw with the airflow regulator installed is not really a true MTL draw. It’s more like a restrictive lung draw; the one that came with the Merlin Mini was a whole lot tighter.

In my opinion, the single coil deck on the EXO is much better in terms of flavor and vapor production. Therefore, it is why I didn’t even care about installing the dual coil build deck on mine.

My Vaping Experience with the EXO RTA

Installing coils

The two-post build deck design on both the single and dual coil build decks makes it easy to install coils. Therefore, they’re just like the standard Velocity posts. Here, you thread the leads into the holes and tighten down the screws. It literally took me minutes to install coils and wick them properly. This tank is ideal for beginners of rebuildables because there is not much of a learning curve. Building on either one of the build decks is a breeze.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The three-piece tank section of the EXO makes it quite easy to maintain. In fact, I could access the build deck even if there is still a bit of e-liquid in the tank. It’s because the glass is securely held in place by the chimney and the top fill section. Cleaning is also quite easy because I could disassemble everything by hand. The black finish on the EXO also holds up quite well in an ultrasonic cleaner. For example, I have has been through many cleaning cycles and the finish did not even fade.

Vaping Experience

The vape I got from the iJoy EXO RTA is quite amazing. Even on a single coil, the clouds that I get from it are huge and thick. Furthermore, the flavor, even with the extension tube for the 6ml tank, is amazing. It is definitely one of the best RTAs of 2017, and it is currently in my top five favorite vapes of the year so far.

Pros and Cons


  • Can run single or dual coils
  • Included tank extension increases the juice capacity to 6ml
  • Easy to build deck sections
  • You can configure it for mouth-to-lung draws
  • Easy top fill design
  • Smooth airflow
  • Flavor is on point

  • The post screws are tiny and easy to strip if you’re not careful
  • When you unscrew the top-cap you might take the top chimney section

Final Thoughts on the iJoy EXO RTA

Are you interested in buying your own Geek Vape Avocado RDTA? Then, I highly suggest that you give the iJoy EXO RTA a try? We have provided a couple of links where you can get the best deals for them.

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